8 Creative Ways To Add Neon Lights To Your Room Walls

Neon lights offer you incredible versatility when it comes to creative home lighting. This means that you can make a lot of changes to your home without doing anything. All you need to do is opt for these lights. Best of all, these lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also choose different lights and colors. In this way, you can realize many imaginative ideas that will contribute to the visual appeal of your home.

For example, you can place them behind a TV screen and achieve a background glow. You can also place them as picture frames, next to stairs or near mirrors. In addition, they are an ideal option in the kitchen for the purpose of lighting the work surface, but also with other cabinets in the house in order to improve their appearance. There are plenty of creative ways you can use neon lights, and we’ll point you to some of them.

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1. Use neon signs

One of the leading trends is decorating with neon signs. This trend is mainly applied in living rooms and gives them a great effect. In this way, you can totally rearrange the look of the room. You don’t have to opt exclusively for long or short captions, as it can be just a sign or a combination of both. You can choose whatever you like, as you can see at diyneonsign.com, there are endless possibilities. This is an opportunity to add a touch by adding some bold shape and light color. Your boring space will suddenly become very unusual and attractive. For all those who like non-traditional and fun, neon lights are the perfect choice.

2. Make a contrast

When it comes to labels, it’s important to highlight them further with color. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate shade. You will find it by considering the color and nature of the wall you plan to decorate. We are sure that you would not like your sign to merge with the wall, because then you would not achieve anything for the saints.

Instead, choose something that will make a great contrast. For example, black walls are now a must have. Use a dark part of the room and put a sign on it in a gentle shade. No matter which shape you choose, it will look magical on a surface like this. You will get a perfect contrast between light and darkness, and everyone will notice your impressive message.

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3. Achieve subtlety

If you prefer simplicity and want something unusual then we have a subtle hint for you. Focus on the sign, which is very simple, but put it in a room that will emphasize its beauty. For example, opt for a room that has neutral tones. You can also opt for smaller rooms, because the bold lighting will make it look bigger than it really is. This will give the sign a sharp focus while at the same time looking subtle.

4. Replace the dining room lighting

This is a place that always needs extra lighting. If you want to renovate a space or add something that will make it attractive, neon lights are the right choice for you. It’s definitely the modern stamp you need. You can choose any place, because the options are endless. You just can’t go wrong. For example, these places can be great for parties. If you make them often, decorate it with cool lighting and raise the fun to a higher level. This way you will achieve a trendy and boo chic look.

5. More colors

If you want to redecorate a neutral room, you need colors. You actually need a lot of color. That’s why neon lights are a great choice, because with a bold sign you emphasize a room that no one would otherwise notice. It will have a better effect than wallpaper or painted walls, because you can’t go wrong with the choice. For example, choose different lights and place them in several places. We are sure that she will get a unique look. Intricate shapes of neon lights are ideal for this occasion.

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6. Add a little charm

Neon lights will help all women to decorate the room in accordance with their nature. Decorate your room with neutral colors by adding a discreet sign. Choose one word or sign, let it represent you or your personal space. It is best for it to also be in a neutral tone and to match the rest of the interior. Paint should flow along the sofa or other piece of furniture. This way you will achieve an elegant look of the room with a bold inscription or shape.

7. Achieve a cohesive look

If you have white walls, add a white inscription on them. This is an even better option for small rooms, because it will look bigger and more complex than they are. It would be ideal to have white furniture as well, because that way everything will work much better together. It is an opportunity to keep your decor extremely simple and elegant, but to achieve a cohesive look with a shimmering white sign. This will give the room meaning and become the center of focus.

8. Place a neon sign in the bathroom

A simple statement with powerful neon lights will fit perfectly into a monotonous space such as a bathroom. In this way, you will bring a unique twist and make the space more modern and pleasant to stay. For example, opt for some bold colors and a cool inscription that will make your guests feel at home. It is also a good option if you often spend time bathing in bubbles, because you will create the perfect ambience.

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Neon lights are definitely one of the leading trends when it comes to home decorating. No matter what decor you have, neon lights will fit perfectly with it, because you can find them in different variants. They can be fun, modern or different. So, you can opt for a soothing phase or a very striking neon shade.