Are Cheap Sunglasses Dangerous for Your Eyes

Fashion is something most of us hold dear and being fashionable today is difficult and not at the same time. Some people tend to throw anything on and call it fashion while others try to put everything on in some sort of special way and harmony to be called fashionable.

Now there are layers and parts to every piece you put on yourself and if only one thing is off it may be a total disaster. What most people overlook when it comes to accessories are sunglasses. Some see it as important to your overall look while others don’t. it comes down to the occasion and your personal preference. What we have to tell you is that a good pair of sunglasses is seen as a necessity as much as a good wristwatch or a hat, so think about that.

When we mentioned a good pair of sunglasses we didn’t say it just because. Having cheap and knockoff sunglasses will not only be bad for your image but your eyesight as well. This is why we have this article today that will tell you all about cheap sunglasses and whether they are bad for your eye health. in some cases we miss anything you can click here and find about this topic a lot more.

Having a good pair of glasses is important and we know that sometimes a good pair is really expensive and to most, it may not be that easily accessible but there are reasons that you need to consider when buying sunglasses.

Reason one is to use

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What are you going to use those glasses for? Are they a gimmick and a thing to complete your afternoon or evening attire or will they be for your protection?! If you buy cheap sunglasses to complete some sort of look that will be utilized at those night outs with the boys/girls then we see nothing wrong in them and we believe that your eyes will not suffer because of it. Some do wear eyeglasses only when going out which is why they try to find a lot of different mid to low priced ones that they will wear once or twice and either forget about them or most likely lose them on their crazy night out.

If for any reason you are buying cheap sunglasses and thinking about protection than, please think again. Sun’s rays or UV light that hits your eyes is bad for them. If you buy cheap pair of sunglasses that are made just to be a cheap knock off of some brand like Ray-Ban or Oakley’s then be sure that those who made that pair of glasses wasn’t thinking about your eye safety at all. People tend to believe whatever is written on a product and they will blindly advocate that what they write, they must abide by.

That couldn’t be more wrong, especially when we are talking about 5$ Ray Ban knockoffs. Do you think that anyone can make a 5$ sunglasses that 100% blocks UV rays?! I don’t think so. If you care about your eye protection in the sun or if your medical condition asks for additional UV protection then cheeping out on sunglasses is a bad way to go. Your eyes are important and they should be treated in such a manner. You don’t have to go for the most expensive brand out there, just look around, there are mid-priced sunglasses that offer more than good UV protection.

Reason two quality

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Now when it comes to the quality of any product that has a price range of $1 – $15 there is not that much to expect, right?! I think that it is obvious to anyone around, especially those that already shopped for any kind of product priced in that range. These are things that can aid you momentarily and that is it we don’t expect for products priced at few bucks to last more than few months, tops. That is another problem with these cheap glasses.

The quality of materials is bad and thanks to that they are so cheap. There were never a decent pair of sunglasses made for a dollar. Those are the types of goods you expect to break soon and that you will need to replace soon. Bad quality means you will buy them more often and when you add up every pair you bought in a year or two then you just might have bought a decent pair of sunglasses and be OK with them for a couple of years, utilizing their real protection factor.

The thing that can hurt your eyes in cheap sunglasses, besides all the UV rays coming from the “lenses” is the lack of good vision. Sometimes these cheap sunglasses feel all plastic including the “lenses”. That is because they most likely are. The problem with plastic lenses is that they get hot, make your eyeballs sweat, get distorted and impact your vision through the lenses. This is both bad for your vision and your safety, especially if you drive a lot and wear these. Eye strain is something you shouldn’t take on lightly and it is something that you should avoid if you want to preserve your eyesight as much as possible.

Reason three impacts safety

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Here is another safety concern, but it isn’t directly tied to your eyesight, well it is but in a different way. It is hard to explain but we will try, keep reading. Whenever you opt for a cheaper variant of any type of sunglasses brand you are directly risking your eyes in any sort of crash, direct face impact or anything similar for that matter. Sunglasses just like anything else are designed to either shatter or break a certain way if there is a direct impact on the region of your face involved. Whether the lenses of your cheap sunglasses are plastic or a real glass ask yourself if you are involved in a crash, god forbid, and experience any type of trauma to the face will your glasses protect your eyes or simply shatter and possibly end up in your eyeballs.

This is a bit scary to talk about and to even imagine, but it is a thing that has been happening and a thing you have to have in mind when buying sunglasses, or any other glasses for that matter.