Are Parents the Best Teachers?


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Parents make the best teachers.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


I have heard it said that there are no better teachers than parents. This is very true. In fact, parents definitely make the best teachers.

The primary reason I feel this way is that parents spend more time with their children than anyone else. This gives parents more opportunities to instruct their children. From birth until kindergarten, at least one parent is with the child virtually twenty-four hours a day. This let parents become familiar with their children and be aware of their children’s learning habits, making them excellent teachers. When I was young and had trouble doing my homework, my parents always assisted me. If I did not understand something, they knew exactly how to explain it to me. I remember often thinking, “Why didn’t my teacher explain it this way?” My parents were definitely aware of how I learn things. This made them excellent teachers for me.

A second reason is that parents can tremendously influence their children. Children traditionally look up to their parents and imitate them. In fact, children often come to think like their own parents. Studies show that children frequently share the same religion and political thoughts as their parents. So parents should be able to set good examples for their children. For example, they can use decent language, show sympathy and generosity toward others, and read a lot. These good examples encourage their children to act the same way. They are teaching by example. This is exactly what my parents did. When I was young, I learned much by watching their actions and copying them.

For these reasons, I am sure that parents make the best teachers. They spend the most time with their children, so they know how to teach them. And they can most easily influence their children. Even though I am still fairly young, my parents have taught me more than anyone else I know.

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