Science Class Made Mandatory in College


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

All universities should require students to take a science class even though their major has no relevance to this field.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Some colleges have no science requirement needed for students to graduate. I would never go to those schools. I believe it is important for college students to take at least one science class even if their major is completely unrelated to it.

It is crucial that people know how the world works. Science can help explain things to people. It does not matter if the students take biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, or any other science. By learning any science, people can start unlocking the world’s mysteries. Too many people believe the junk science and silly theories they read on the Internet. If they knew even a little science, they would know that much “science” people write or talk about is wrong. Additionally, since modern society relies so heavily on science, people ought to know how a computer works, what makes a plane fly, and why the stars shine at night. Knowing things like these makes the world more understandable.

College students also must have well-rounded educations. They should not be allowed only to take classes in their majors or ones they like. Without a science requirement, most non-science major students would avoid taking it. This is not good for a balanced education. As for me, even though I dislike most sciences and do not want to major in one, I think I should take at least one class since it is useful to learn about other subjects. Attending college is a great opportunity to enhance one’s knowledge in all fields. Science is an important one, and all students should therefore have to take it.

Every university should require its students to take one science class prior to graduating. Students need to understand the world better, and they also require well-rounded educations. While I do not always do well in science classes, I still plan to take at least one when I attend college.

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