5 Ways Augmented Reality is Improving the Healthcare Industry

The one industry that has to improve constantly is the medical one because we are all dependent on it, and still, there are diseases that have to be treated in new ways or find cures for some that there is none. In the past, people have suffered from conditions that today can be solved with a simple pill or a procedure, this is just an example to see why is that progress important in the future, so people don’t suffer from conditions that are happening now.

Since we live in the digital era where everything is done with the help of technology, we have to think forward and think of ways how can we implement AR into the medical field and how can that improve it and help the staff and patients as well. That is the topic of today’s article and we will look through some ways that are known for now.

Img source: pexels.com

It can help with the learning process

Learning medicine is one of the hardest things that anyone can do because it requires a lot of effort and time spent to do that. Instead of learning through atlases, students can use AR to see the whole body and learn about their location, structure, and function with visuals that will make this whole process easier.

For example, the app AR Anatomy is great for this purpose. It gives a really precise look at all systems and you can even see them healthy or affected with some pathological conditions as suggested by Catchar. The company is founded by Dan Zaitsev and it has helped thousands of businesses and AR developers to achieve their goals. sing the Catchar marketplace, you can hire professional developers, collaborate with them and securely pay online.

Helping with taking blood samples, starting IV’s and other blood work

Finding the perfect vein to take all the blood samples that are necessary can be a hard job sometimes. That is why, using AR will help nurses to find them easily on any part of the body, and do their job more efficiently, and easier. That will improve their experience at work, but it will also improve the patient’s stay at the center.

It offers assistance with showing nearby hospitals

If more people start using AR, equipped with their glasses or on any other way, when something terrible happens, they can use their voice to give the command so the AR can show hospitals that are near where you can go and get help.

Img source: pexels.com

Patients can offer their point of view

Sometimes it is hard for the patient to explain what is going on, so using this tool can help the doctors get diagnoses easier and start with the treatment faster. New moms tend to have a problem while feeding their child, so doctors can see where the problem is and they can guide the whole process.

It can assist the doctors

This is maybe the most important thing that shows how important the AR can become in the future because it can be used as a tool to help doctors, and surgeons as well when performing the operation. The assist can be in a way where it shows precisely where the structures are so additional complications can be avoided.


Since this is a relatively new tool it is understandable to be skeptical about it, however, there are situations where it can be really useful and it can improve the field completely both for the personal and for the patients.