3 Pros And Cons Of Buying Fake Yeezy Sneakers

There are a lot of counterfeits operating in the market. It is challenging to tell which one is real if you have an untrained eye and do not buy branded products that often. However, if you wish to buy Yeezy sneakers, there are so many fake pairs currently moving in the market at the speed of light. Almost every branded product has a fake counterpart being traded in the market.

You might wonder why fake products exist in the first place. It is mainly because a lot of people cannot afford the original ones. Therefore, fake Yeezys can provide a sense of fulfillment and involvement to people who are not privileged enough or financially capable to purchase the original pair. This logic applies to most branded products.

It doesn’t matter whether the products are from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Nike; there are fakes that dilute the market and mislead the consumers who wish to purchase the original ones. However, the financial inability to buy something is not the only motivation behind fakes being manufactured.

Sometimes a product is so rare that people manufacture fake counterparts to sell it to high-end clients by claiming it to be “the one.” However, people need to be wary of such sellers and authenticate a product’s originality by obtaining an authenticity certificate or looking for signs that prove a product’s genuity.

Fake Yeezys have become all the rage, thanks to the reasons stated above. However, as a responsible buyer, you must understand the benefits and repercussions of buying fake Yeezy sneakers. Therefore, here is a list of the pros and cons of purchasing fake Yeezys.

Pros of Buying Fake Yeezys

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  • Cheaper Price

Obviously, one of the reasons fake Yeezys are manufactured is that they could be sold at a lower price. Therefore, individuals who cannot afford the individual pair can get their hands on the fake ones and claim it to be the original pair to bridge the affordability gap in society. Fake Yeezys at a more affordable price is all the rage since it enables individuals to flaunt their style at a reduced price.

  • You don’t feel as bad if you mess up.

Yes, another pro of buying a fake Yeezy is even when you mess up, you won’t feel as bad. It doesn’t matter if your shoe got ripped or you stepped down right into a puddle. You didn’t spend a lot of money when you bought them; therefore, you don’t have to feel as bad. Apart from this, the guilt of ruining the original pair is unbearable.

Just imagine you bought the latest pair from the most limited edition Yeezy collection, and it got ruined by accidental rain. You will be lying if a drop of tear doesn’t stroll down your cheek, followed by endless wallowing and sleepless nights. Getting an original pair and having it ruined by something uncontrollable can mess up the most stable person who is not even in love with their Yeezys.

  • Experiment More

Now that you have saved enough money by not buying the original pair, you can experiment more with that money and buy two new counterfeit pairs that complement your outfits. Once you have purchased a fake Yeezy, pair it with different outfits and dazzle even the dullest occasions.

Everybody hates repeating their outfits. However, what if we tell you that you have a great chance to show off your sneaker collection as you steal the spotlight of the event? Wouldn’t you want to grab it in a heartbeat? It is what buying a fake Yeezy can do to you.

Cons of Buying Fake Yeezys

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  • False sense of Financial Responsibility

You must understand the financial spot buying an original item can get you in. Consider the cost of original Yeezys. Since the trainers are manufactured in collaboration with Adidas, they would obviously be priced incredibly high, sometimes at even thousands of dollars. Therefore, buying a pair when your financial situation doesn’t allow you to get one can lead to a false sense of financial security, prompting you to make bad decisions.

  • Getting Called Out

Imagine a scenario where you put on your fake Yeezys, tell everyone you bought it straight from the store, and just when everything is going seamless, and you are getting the traction you need, someone from your group of friends calls you out on the fake pair you are wearing. Consider how uncomfortable the whole thing can get.

From making jokes to being the joke, your fair pair can deteriorate the situation pretty quickly, causing you to feel ashamed or even make bad decisions in rage. Getting called out is embarrassing as it is, but on a pair of shoes you told everyone were brand new, just bought from the store; you can lose friends or even your face at a party pretty quickly.

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  • Poor Quality

There is always a difference between a fake and an original pair that only the owner knows deep within their heart; the quality of the sneakers. Since you know you have bought a fake pair, the poor quality comes with the reduced price and shady manufacturing. You will not find your original Yeezy sneakers getting ripped or the soul of the shoes coming off when you step out in different weather.

The quality and service come with the price you pay, and you will not get both if you purchase counterfeit products from a shady vendor. Apart from this, the original store will provide you a guarantee for the shoes and would even replace the pair if you encounter any difficulties once you wear them outside.


Many people mull over whether to buy fake products or purchase the original ones from the store. However, a majority of that decision comes down to what is your budget. If you have surplus money to spend, you can even go with buying the authentic product. However, if you don’t have the money and buying a fake pair can give you a false sense of fulfillment, go with it; however, exercise caution because it does come with its cons.