All You Need to Know about TOEFL iBT Speaking Section

The TOEFL iBT Speaking section has been considered by many test takers to be the hardest one, considering its format and timing. While it may pose a big challenge for you to achieve a high score, it does not mean that a high score is impossible (as many people tend to believe). If you understand very clearly what is required from the tasks and study with clear objectives in mind, you can surely achieve your target score, no matter how high it is.

Structure of TOEFL iBT Speaking Section

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Top 10 Speaking Tips for the TOEFL iBT® Test

Top 10 TOEFL Speaking Tips

1. Find friends with whom you can practice speaking English – the more confident you are with speaking English, the easier you will find the TOEFL® speaking section of your exam. Need friends to practice with? Find friends on English, baby!

2. Choose questions from the end of English, baby! lessons and imagine this is the free-choice section of your TOEFL® speaking exam. Plan your response by preparing what you will say for your introduction as well as three supporting ideas. You should aim to do this at least three times a week – the more you practice, the easier you will find responding to questions with limited time to plan your response.

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