Check your vocabulary for Living in the UK by Rawdon Wyatt

Check Your English Vocabulary for Living in the UK: All You Need To Pass Your Exams

Check Your Vocabulary workbooks are aimed at learners of English who want to build vocabulary in a specific area. Check Your Vocabulary for Living in the UK is a new title in the range which focuses on the everyday English vocabulary required for would-be British citizens and people for whom English is a second language who want to live, study and work in the UK.


Check your vocabulary for Living in the UK by Rawdon Wyatt
Check your vocabulary for Living in the UK by Rawdon Wyatt

Like all titles in the Check Your Vocabulary range, Check Your Vocabulary for Living in the UK will comprise quizzes, word games, and puzzles that help teach and build vocabulary in a stimulating way.

This book has been written for anyone coming to live and/or work in the United Kingdom, and who wants to:

  •  test and develop their knowledge of the keywords and expressions that they might need or encounter on a day-to-day basis.
  •  learn about different aspects of the United Kingdom, including its history, politics, laws, rules, institutions, and way of life.

The book contains exercises that present the vocabulary and information in a lively and interesting way. Crosswords, quizzes, gap-fills and other tasks mean that you will test and develop your knowledge in an active way.

When you use the book, you should not go through the exercises ‘mechanically’. It is better to choose areas that are of particular interest, or areas that you feel would be particularly relevant to your needs.

The exercises are accompanied by a full key at the back. This not only gives you all the answers but also provides you with a lot of other information that might be useful.

It is important to record new words and expressions that you learn. Try to develop your own personal vocabulary ‘bank’ in a notebook or file. Review the words and expressions on a regular basis so that they become a part of your ‘productive’ vocabulary.

You will find it very helpful to use a dictionary when you do the exercises. A good dictionary will give a clear definition of words and expressions, show you how they are pronounced, and give sample sentences that show how they are used in context. The Macmillan English Dictionary (ISBN 978-0333-964828) is particularly recommended, as it also provides a lot of background information on the United Kingdom and its various institutions.

Many of exercises and questions in this book are based on the things you will need to know if you are going to take the Home Office Life in the UK Test. The UK Home Office produces a very useful book called Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship (ISBN 978-0113-413027), which we recommend as a reference source. You might also like to consider the British Citizenship Test Study Guide, published by Red Squirrel Publishing (ISBN 978-0955-215919), which contains typical Citizenship Test questions.

One further resource and one that would be particularly helpful when using this book would be a detailed large-scale map of the United Kingdom. These are usually available from the travel section of any well-stocked bookshop.

While you are using this book, you should note that national rules and laws are constantly changing and evolving, and while the information in this book was correct when it went to print, there may have been changes since then. You can keep up to date by checking the website, which provides public service information from the UK government, and includes useful directories and links to online services.

This book is not an official text relating to the Home Office Life in the UK Test. For further information about all aspects of British Citizenship and the Life in the UK Test, visit

Please also note that this book is not intended to provide advice of a statutory or regulatory nature, nor is it a statement of the law. For advice and assistance regarding employment, health and social welfare, legal and other matters, contact should be made with an appropriate body, such as Citizens’ Advice.

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