Emphasis on Personal Appearances and Fashion


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Nowadays, people put too much emphasis on personal appearances and fashion.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


These days, everywhere I go, I notice people looking in mirrors at themselves or purchasing the latest fashions. They are trying to look as good as they can. People in modern society focus very much on how they look.

First of all, good-looking people tend to get more advantages in society than those who are not attractive. For example, I recently read a survey about attractive people in the newspaper. It noted that good-looking individuals both men and women get jobs more easily, get promotions faster, and also earn more money than average-looking people. In addition, good-looking people are more likely to get away unpunished when they make mistakes than average-looking or bad- looking people. The reason is that people are more tolerant of the mistakes of attractive people. These are examples which clearly show how much looks are emphasized in modern culture.

Second of all, television shows stimulate people to get more interested in or even to become obsessed with their looks. Whenever I turn on the TV, I see beautiful actresses and handsome actors. A huge majority of actors and actresses are very good-looking individuals. Most of them have had plastic surgery on various parts of their bodies. This has served to enhance their good looks. In fact, many actors and actresses do not bother hiding the fact that they have had plastic surgery. On the contrary, they are quite open about how these operations have improved their looks and, therefore, improved their careers. This encourages regular individuals to get plastic surgery themselves in the hope that they too may become more attractive.

Contemporary people are very concerned about fashion and looks. Attractive individuals have more advantages at their jobs than average-looking people. Also, actors and actresses encourage others to become interested in how they look. Our society has definitely become a very looks-obsessed culture.

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