7 Jewellery Rules Every Man Needs To Know

Unlike women who see jewellery as an extension of their own personality, men have an approach that is rather more stringent. More often than not, the choice of jewellery that they wish to wear doesn’t really look aesthetic in the strictest sense of the word. They usually have a two-way approach to wearing jewellery. Either they hardly put on jewellery because they consider it as an alarming sign of emasculation or they overdo it because it is seen as a status symbol.

Well, jewellery does not work like that. This is a shoutout to all the men out there who wish to wear jewellery and choose not to give in to the gender norms of society. Apart from this guide, check out digitaljounal.com to know more about men’s jewellery and make informed decisions accordingly. Make the right choice and love yourself a little more!

Here is a guide consisting of seven rules that tells you everything that you might need to know before you hit any jewellery store.

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1. Being Minimal Is Key

Showing off and being pretentious or obtrusive does not ensure the best first impressions. Choosing any jewellery merchandise that has its brand name flashed on it can be very unpleasant and unwanted. This logic can be implemented as far as you are not concerned with people knowing what your standards of living are.

Flashing a brand’s logo and name or unrestrictedly talking about how expensive your jewellery is can put off many people as guessing that you have deep-seated insecurity will come as common knowledge to people.

Since jewellery is the first thing that people catch onto since it is often metallic and shiny, it is important to prefer less over more. Try complementing the jewellery with your clothing. Remember that even if the colour of your clothing is based on pastel shades, wearing simple metallic jewellery can amp up your look magnificently and be just the thing you are looking for.

It is also important to learn how jewellery is assigned to particular day and evening times. If you are a beginner, definitely start with something simpler and you will definitely grow into it. Check out this extensive list of minimalist watches on TeddyBaldassarre.com

2.  Less Is More

It is important to keep this one aspect consistently primary while you think about jewellery. Jewellery should reflect and radiate the emotion you are feeling. Quantity should definitely never be a concern since jewellery does not sit well with your look until it best complements your dressing style or your state of emotion. Always remember that jewellery is an emotionally extended version of you.

The infamous Coco Chanel often used to say that always look into a mirror one last time before you leave for anywhere and then discard the one thing off that can be construed as ‘extra’. This means that if you already have jewellery like an expensive watch or ring, you can keep everything else on the mellow side of things. You will get a hang of it once you see jewellery as an accessory to your emotional and mental profile and not just as things that you can put on to soothe your ego or insecurities.

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3.  Size Is Important

It is important to consider the right size which can proportionately suit the size of the body part where the jewellery is worn. Again, more often than not using oversized ones talks volumes about your personality and it can be very unfair if your clothing and jewellery make you look unwelcoming or unreachable. Rings, watches, and necklaces are jewellery that is vulnerable to fall prey to this category of cons. People can be misconstrued as drug lords or gaudy without getting to know you. Minimalistic tendencies are always a welcome and pleasant sight.

4.  Jewellery Should Complement Body Types

If the proportion of your body is bigger and thicker, go get yourself a thicker ring or a watch and it would do you no damage. Your jewellery can be substantially bolder if your body type allows it. The general thumb rule is that jewellery should complement body types accordingly. But hey, these are not hard and fast rules. if you want to go extra, do not let us stop you.

5.  Jewellery Should Be Personal

If you are in a phase of life wherein you do not particularly know your style, need jewellery for special occasions such as your birthday or wedding, or your situational existence needs you to simply want to change your look because that is sometimes that one thing you need, you can always avail help from designer stores which can provide you with custom jewellery. Have a sit down discussion with one of the designers there who can help you navigate your ideas and put in efforts to know your personality to create the best-themed jewellery for you. Try not to focus on the materialistic side of things and knowing what you do not particularly want can be a great start in this journey.

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6.  Your Clothing And Jewellery Should Be Similarly Themed

This is a simple one. Wearing all kinds of metal is not a solution. If you have some metal in your clothing, try to match the colour of the metal with all the other accessories you wear for the day. You need not put off your wedding band to simply match because you greatly identify with what it represents. Its significance should supersede all else.

7.  Always Be Occasion-Ready

Don’t you think it is anyway simply rude to draw all the people’s attention to oneself at a funeral gathering? Rather than paying respects and being obeisant to the deceased, simply putting on flashy clothes or wearing the wrong jewellery can really speak volumes about someone’s personality. Trying to be humbly dressed is the best way to attend job interviews. If you wish to look successful on an occasion such as a business meeting and get together, do not refrain from wearing your most expensive watch.

Wrapping Up

It is important to mention here that this guide is not the ultimate prescription to finding your best look. Try to listen to your inner voice and whatever may be your style or quirks, be confident to pull it off!