5 Beginners Tips on How to Get Better at Playing Lol

League of Legends is still one of the most popular multiplayer games and holds first place according to many statistics. We will present you with some essential information that will help you better understand the League of Legends. If you start this game without prior information, your playing can be disastrous and will result in undesirable consequences. Our advice is to keep reading. You will learn how to manage spatially well, what teams and heroes there are, and many other useful tips.

1. Wild Rift map

Source: leagueoflegends.fandom.com

As a beginner, it is important to know everything about the map. This means that you should focus on its appearance and the important locations on it. Solo Baron is marked in purple and you will notice it as soon as you enter the game. This location is recognizable by the symbol of Baron Nashor. If you are planning to stay in this location, you need very durable champions. The main task here is to achieve success during a team fight. Pay attention to your opponents, because they love to play aggressively, which means that you can be outnumbered. Solo Mid location is reserved for champions. They will try to establish dominance over each other, but will also provide assistance to teammates.

Here you will mostly find Majs, and sometimes Assassins who will eliminate neutral units very quickly. The main threats to the players are the opponents from the Jungle and the Baron. They will probably try to kill you and make your party more difficult. If you are lucky, there will be a player next to you who can withstand a lot of damage, so you will not become the main target. You will recognize the duo Dragon by the blue color and the symbol of the dragon, and here you will notice Kerry and Sparta. Players often like to play with Blitzcrank, Janna, Nami, and the like. Lastly, Solo Jungle is another location that requires objectives for your team in the river and jungle.

2. Different player positions

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Of course, it is important that you know the map in order to get along well. However, that is not the most important thing you need to know. It is important to be instructed in the bases of teams, but also the heroes you choose for certain positions. You will find team bases in the lower-left corner and the upper right corner. The main goal is to bring down the opponent’s base, at least one. This will clear your way to the nexus. In addition, the inhibitor needs to be destroyed. Your role mostly depends on the hero you choose, but also the part of the map you approach. Top are the heroes who are mostly chosen for Summoner’s Rift. Meads are very similar to top heroes, and the only difference is that they are in the second position. Dmg is done through magic.

The jungle is for free souls because such heroes are not tied to a path. They walk through the jungle and kill creatures that are there or enter other paths to help their teammates in battle. Attack Damage Carry aims to collect creeps, gain higher levels and take as many items as possible. Support is another role in the bot position, but they are responsible for a lot of success in the team. We can say that they are the logistical support of the team.

3. Errors League of Legends players often make

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If you want to become great in this game, it is important that you learn from other people’s mistakes. These are some of the most popular mistakes that players make. For example, it is not that hard to raise an account to level 30 and play ranked, but that is not enough. And that is also very time-consuming, so you can save time and start having fun right away if you visit aussyelo.com and buy one lol account. But the point after that is in the analysis of the division, and after that, you need to understand why you are there. Don’t blame other players but concentrate on yourself and your game. Otherwise, you can even withdraw the same account several times, and make the same mistakes each time.

Leavers or AFC players are the first things we will focus on when it comes to frequent mistakes. Every player has some flaws, it’s time for you to recognize what your main problem is. Kills are not the only source of gold and experience. You can achieve the required advantage by striking the last blow of the minion. The match took place on the whole map, not just where you are at the moment. Set up guards to protect yourself and the rest of the team. Also, if you notice the movement of opposing players, warn the rest of the team about them.

4. You work on your own mistakes

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While other people’s mistakes will be of great benefit to you, you will learn best from your own mistakes. So swallow your pride and pay attention to your mistakes. Start working on them, because otherwise, nothing will change. Even though you have a good level of kills and deaths, you are not worth it if you lost a match. After each game, think about what you did better than last time. Streams can help you a lot. As long as you stick to this, you will win more games.

5. Creeps

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Always keep your distance from your opponent and always settle behind your creeps. They are computer-controlled characters, and they serve as a shield for you. It will block the upcoming dmg. No matter where it comes from, you can always hide behind your creeps. However, their lives are not eternal, so pay attention to that. Otherwise, you can stay outdoors. Even while attacking towers, use faithful creeps. They’ll be able to take the bullet from the tower for you. Creeps are different because there are also super-creeps that are much stronger than ordinary ones. They also destroy towers faster and have more health.


Don’t forget that knowledge is half the job done. So, information plays a big role in your game. If you want to really have fun in the most interesting game, find out all about the map, positions and roles that each player occupies. Also, find out about certain rules of the game so that you don’t wander through the whole game aimlessly.