How to Spend Money


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

People should spend money on things that last a long time, such as an expensive piece of jewelry, and not spend money on short-term pleasures like vacations.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


One of my aunts constantly invests in jewelry yet never goes on vacation or has fun. I do not understand her. I feel that people should spend their money on short-term pleasures than on investing it in jewelry or other things.

People should always live for the present. After all, you could die anytime, so why bother saving for a day that might not ever come? People need to enjoy their lives. They can do this by spending some of their hard-earned money on a vacation, a sports car, or even a computer. My aunt is the perfect example of someone who ought to do this. I cannot recall the last time she took a trip anywhere. She always says she is saving her money “for a rainy day.” However, she is seventy, and that rainy day has never come! In my eyes, she is just an unhappy woman who does not know how to enjoy her life. She could make herself feel much better by spending money on herself instead of just saving it.

People should also remember that they can always make money. If a person needs some money, all he or she has to do is start working. Even retired people can find jobs that pay them decent wages. In this day and age, making money is simple. One way is through the stock market. Recently, more people have started buying and selling stocks. Some are making fortunes while others are making good amounts of money. These people are confident they can make money anytime they need it. So they are not afraid to spend their money either.

People should think short-term, not long-term, when it comes to spending money. They should take care of themselves for the present. They should also realize they can earn money anytime they want. Because life is so unpredictable, everyone should live for today, not tomorrow.

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