Intensive IELTS Speaking – A useful IELTS Speaking self-study book

One of the most popular Speaking test books nowadays is IELTS Intensive Speaking. The book provides useful topics, questions and answers for learners.

But for whom is this book, and what is the specific content?

Below, Wiki Study English will review you in detail about this special Speaking self-study material. This book cover here:

IELTS Intensive Speaking
IELTS Intensive Speaking

1. Which band is IELTS Intensive Speaking for?
This is a document that gives an overview of the Speaking test and a design that is easy for beginners to learn by this skill.

In short, books for band 3.5-4.0 IELTS and above for self-study and practice speaking section.

2. Review the details of IELTS Intensive Speaking
Commenting on this book from a student who archives 8.0: “This is a book that I appreciate, providing sample answers for all 3 parts of Speaking and vocabulary source, useful tips. It’s useful to say you can apply it. ” 

So specifically, what does the book offer?

Book design is divided into 4 chapters in which:

  • Chapter 1: Overview of the Speaking test
  •  Chapter 2: Things to watch out for and prepare for the Speaking test
  •  Chapter 3: Questions and samples for 3 parts
  •  Chapter 4: Summary of vocabulary and sentences used in Speaking.

In addition to the section 1 overview that provides an overview, the following sections are extremely helpful.

As you can see, in Part 2, the author provides the points for the exam such as the answer is too short, the way to use it is, the sentence is wrong, does not focus enough for 4 criteria for the examination… The following are some things to do when preparing for the exam before the exam, in the exam, at the end of the exam …

Besides, the good tips for all three parts of the exam are shared by the author, which helps you apply questions in the 3 parts at the back of the book. Read more & Download Link