6 Tips on Why Intranets are The Secret to Improving Frontline Employee Experience – 2024 Guide

When it comes to boosting your business and taking it to the next level, the employee experience is one of the most significant things you have to work on. The people represent your company, and they are the first ones clients get to meet. In some cases, the quality of your services and goods may not matter if frontline works don’t work perfectly together to attract new customers.

You can implement numerous methods and techniques to improve the employee experience, and one of them is the intranet system. In this article, we will introduce you to it and tell you about some of its most important benefits.

What is an intranet system?

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Simply put, an intranet system is a private network used only by the workforce. It enables them to communicate easily, share important information within a few seconds, and access files and documents. Yes, companies have been using this network for a few decades now, but we have to emphasize that the design of this system has come a long way. It isn’t just a depository now. Instead, it includes several crucial features that motivate people to be more engaged. To learn more about these features, visit the AgilityPortal website.

Why is it vital?

Many people would argue that intranet cannot be that significant today due to all technology developments. However, this is not completely true. Yes, there are several other tools and networks you can use, but here is a list of reasons why intranet is still very much relevant.

1. Boost communication

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Naturally, the first thing we will discuss is the communication between your employees since it receives the greatest benefit of this network. When it comes to this feature, the system includes a design that is very similar to LinkedIn platforms. Each employee gets their own profile, which consists of the name, photo, job title and description as well as the name of their team. This way, workers can get to know new colleagues quickly, access their essential information, and of course, use the platform to message them. It goes without saying that they can also use email, voice messages, and other similar means of communication, all in one place.

2. Better collaboration

Since this software enables people to communicate quickly and easily, at the same time, it also promotes their collaboration. This can lead to new innovations, products, and even upgrades of the existing services. People can easily share ideas with coworkers from other departments, get their feedback and start working on them.

At the same time, they can work on the same files simultaneously and see the latest changes almost immediately. This way, they will immediately understand what needs to be done to improve your company and customer experience.

3. Build company culture

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Nowadays, companies try to nurture this contemporary and unique culture. One of their goals is to remove the traditional hierarchy between employees but instead focus on each person in their team. They want to celebrate every success because every single one is important. They want to praise their workers for a job well done and just make them feel like an essential part of the team. This is especially important because people want to feel appreciated, and it is a great method to motivate them to continue with their good work.

Once again, this is when an intranet app comes in. Due to the fact that it facilitates communication and offers several features, it is a great platform for managers and other employees to share the success stories of their colleagues. It may not be enough to praise a person in private. Instead, make sure that everyone hears about their effort. This will not only make them feel good about themselves, but it will also motivate others to do better.

4. Easier access to information

Now, when it comes to frontline workers, they must stay on top of everything that is happening. As already said, they are in direct contact with clients, and they need to be able to convey the latest information and details. If they cannot do that, people won’t have a very good opinion about your business. How could they if they cannot learn everything they need to know?

This app is also a platform that enables everyone to post updates and new important information within a matter of seconds. It means that the frontline workers will learn everything the moment you notify them. The network is sort of a messaging, social app of its own, meaning that everyone will get messages and notices immediately. Obviously, the same thing applies to important documents and files they can access and share among themselves.

5. Improve employees’ attitudes

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Unfortunately, not many managers and business owners understand how vital it is that every single person in a company has the best attitude toward their employers. Yes, they work for you, but you also have to make sure they feel like a part of the team.

This platform is specifically created for them. It will become their new digital workspace. As already mentioned, each individual can customize this app and their profile, meaning that it will provide them with a sense of belonging. They get to determine the feature they will use and adjust them to their own liking.

6. Improved productivity

The last advantage of implementing this system is, of course, improved productivity. Upon reading the previously described benefits, this one is fairly obvious. Nevertheless, let us summarize. First of all, employees will be able to complete their tasks quicker since they will have all the necessary details at their disposal at any time. Similarly, they will have more time to work on new projects and innovations, and due to the communication feature of the app, they will be able to share ideas with others easily. Lastly, you will create a tight community where people will have a sense of belonging, which will be an incentive for them to work harder and collaborate with colleagues from every department.