6 Reasons Why Online Voting Competitions are So Hard to Win

A competition which primary goal is pure fun, whether online or not, is always a positive experience that can bring you a lot of benefits. You could meet new people, find out about other experiences, learn something new, and in the end you may win an award. With the popularization of the internet, online competitions have become a real trend. There are more and more participants in this kind of competition, both competitors and voters.

However, as the award began to change and grow, so the way of online voting began to be a real nightmare. If you once competed or at least were an observer of an online voting competition, you must have wondered at one point, how did he win the award despite such good competition?

This question is often asked. The whole science and many strategies are hidden behind online voting that reduces your chances of winning. So why are online voting competitions so hard to win? Below we will give you 6 reasons why many give up online voting competitions.

1. A small circle of voters

Source: cpomagazine.com

Whatever online competition you participate in, know that the number of voters is huge. Especially if the open ballot is in question. Will each person who joins the voting set aside their spare time to review each offer individually? It would be ideal if that were the case, but unfortunately that is far from the truth. People need an incentive or a return service to make you vote.

So your small, safe circle of voters can be family and friends and if the rules allow it, it could be competitors themself. The circle can be expanded if you have paid people to vote for you or you have an agreement with a certain group of people that demand from you to vote for them in a future competition, quid pro quo. The rest is just good luck.

2. Buying votes

Although vote-buying is not exactly inherent in the competitive spirit, this has become an unavoidable part of it. Competitors always react depending on the value of the main prize. The opinion is as follows: if the grand prize is valuable, what does it cost me to buy some votes and win the competition?

The main problem is that there are maybe even too many players who think like this. However, as we have already pointed out, if you want to get more votes than the safe ones, buy votes for contest. This is no longer an illegally option, and it could help you rank in a higher position. By learning more about this way of voting, the internet can help you a lot. To get safe and secured votes, take some time and search more about it.

3. Fake voters

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We can all witness the growing popularity of internet scams today, from those that do not harm anyone, to those more dangerous that can negatively affect others. If you are already a senior in online competitions, have you ever wondered where the voters from other parts of the world come from? It happens that one person can create dozens of accounts. Who can guarantee you in the end that the winner deservedly took the prize? Of course you have to be careful when searching for some content over the internet, just go to verified sites and try to avoid scams.

4. Leave fair dealing aside

Those who think they should fight for the prize in this competition in a fair way are greatly mistaken. Mostly these people will unfortunately be left without votes and victory. It is considered that those who truly believe in their work and who have given all their time and effort to make this project a success, do not have a high place in the final sum.

They do not have time to buy votes and do other voting tricks. This is one very humiliating thing, because people who deserve to win rarely go home with it. So in this game you have to activate the other things as well, like buying votes or arranging a vote with other players.

5. Cheaters

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Isn’t it weird that in competitions with similar themes you often hear the same names at the top? There are people so-called cheaters, who have built a network of voters behind them. They help each other during the online voting and win prizes. Sometimes the reward may not even matter to them, as much as it gives them the satisfaction of seeing their name at the top. Pay attention if you are a beginner in online competitions and you will notice that the same people are always ranking higher. How fair it is and how much you as a player without such thinking have a chance to win, it’s your call to decide.

6. Fear of computer scams

One of the reasons people refuse to participate in online voting is software viruses. The Internet is a global public network available to everyone, so there is always a dose of caution when it comes to interfering in online voting. Abuse and infection of your computer with malware is a common occurrence in this competition. Slightly less than 40% of the computers participating in this platform are thought to be infected with a virus. What is the purpose of this malware?

The goal is certainly to come to a victory in various ways. It can change the outcome of the final results or change the way a user votes. This software belong to geniuses who use their skills illegally and skillfully erase the trail. If you are participating in a competition like this, you must be aware of possible fraud and be very careful.

Do you see these reasons as pros or cons for online voting competition? There are certainly some who will say: why not if I can get to the prizes more easily, regardless of what I offer at the competition. But stop just for a second. Take another look. Would all these actions underestimate your effort on the project? Do you treat other players fairly? What about internet scams you may fall into?

If you are still guided by the sentence “I compete for victory”, go ahead! We’ve given you 6 tips that you should pay attention to, and it’s up to you to advance them in your favor. Good luck!