Run with Tights & Improve Your Performance

Running tights have been a popular article of sports clothing for women for the last 60 years or so and have just begun to gain popularity with serious male athletes as well. For the avid runner, male or female, it is important that their clothing doesn’t bunch, or slide, or feel in any way uncomfortable or painful. This holds especially true for running in bad weather. For serious runners, the gear they use is just as important as any other factor like endurance, health and nutrition.

There are a lot of issues a runner can experience that can be irritating, painful, or uncomfortable if they decide to head out in badly-fitting clothing. A good pair of running tights can remove these problems and support the muscles in a way that can enhance the runner’s performance and improve speed and stamina. They also look great too, which never hurts.

Benefits of running tights

Tight fit



While you are running, it is important that the clothes you wear are not too loose and baggy in certain areas so you don’t get painful chafing, scratching or burns on your skin. When you wear running tights, the skin is protected by a tight-fitting comfortable material that does not ride up or slide across the skin. You may think it sounds restrictive, but running tights are made of spandex and other stretchy materials, which allow for freedom of movement as well as reduce the effects of sweat. Some running tights also come with flat seams so there is no rubbing or irritation where the seams meet. A good pair of running tights will be contoured to fit your body so you never change your stride, no matter the weather, the incline, or the temperature.



Not all running tights contain compression materials, so you should always check the labels on any tights you are buying for performance purposes. Compression is an important quality because the fabric compresses the muscles which improve blood flow and blood circulation.

Studies have shown that compression tights will improve an athlete’s overall performance and reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from an intense run. Compression can also keep the muscle warm during colder weather and prevent injuries to the groin.

Protection against the weather


A high-performance athlete runs in all types of weather, so it is important to have running tights that reflect the different seasons. In the summer, running tights are lightweight and allow the skin to breathe when you start to warm up. The sweat-wicking technology allows for the body to stay cool even when running strenuously.

For the winter months, compression running tights can insulate your muscles from the cold wind while the sweat-wicking fabric will keep you feeling dry and warm. Some runners double up on their tights for even more insulation against the cold. When you wear tights instead of large baggy clothing, you are helping your body retain heat and improving the blood flow to the muscles.

Matador Meggings running tights are perfect for runners who face all kinds of different weather. The tight-fitting fabric won’t bunch or slide on the skin the way other baggier fabrics will which cuts down on uncomfortable chafing and scratching. The sweat-wicking technology will keep the runner cool and dry on hot days when the sweat glands are working overtime. On cold days, the tight fit of the Matador running tights will keep the muscles compressed to keep the blood flow moving and prevent stiffening or cramping. These tights come in an array of colors and patterns so you can look your best while on the move. The non-slip waistband and inner drawstring ensure you don’t have to spend any time adjusting your shorts while running so you can concentrate on the task at hand and not your clothes. This can also prevent chafing because the fabric won’t move while you are running.

Wind resistance

Like cars and bikes, runners can experience drag when running in windy weather while wearing baggy clothing. Running tights reduce that drag and make it easier to push through a windy day and still maintain peak performance and speed. The tights are contoured so your body moves in the most dynamic way possible and you never lose your stride which also helps speed and performance.

Reduce the chances of injury


Studies have shown that wearing compression tights while you are running can reduce the chances of groin pulls and other injuries. It is also believed that running tights can enhance performance and reduce muscle pain, inflammation and other damage which reduces the amount of recovery time an athlete needs. The fabric also reduces the fatigue felt by the muscle after intense exercise so there is less recovery time. A study done with football players showed that compression shorts reduce the intensity of groin pain compared to other types of sports clothing without affecting the players’ performance on the field.

Safe in inclement weather and low-light conditions


Most good-quality running tights will be made with some sort of reflective quality that helps drivers and other runners see you more clearly when conditions are not optimal. This is especially important if you tend to run on the sides of busy roads and streets. This material can also keep you protected by being waterproof so you don’t get soaked if it starts raining. Damp muscles while running can cause uncomfortable pain and irritation to the skin.

When you are looking to upgrade your sports clothing and want to improve your performance at the same time, a pair of running tights is your best option. Quality running tights will be made of light and breathable material with sweat-wicking technology, so you always feel comfortable, dry and light in any type of weather. Look at the label before you make your purchase to make sure the tights are made of materials that will support and compress your muscles, reducing recovery time and improving performance. They come in several different lengths and patterns, so you don’t just feel good while running, but you look good too.