How Time Tracking Can Improve Your Freelancing Productivity

Freelancers have a huge problem focusing on work because they have a lot of distractions around them. One of those distractors can be a simple call or notification on the phone that can take us away from work and waste precious time. Fortunately, today many ways can help us track time to increase productivity. One of the ways to do that is to install an application that will allow us to monitor these activities. If you also want to improve your productivity, I highly recommend you install the application on your PC, phone, or internet browser and manage your work time better. You can do that on this website.

So let’s see what could be the benefits of using such a platform, that is, how time tracking can improve productivity in freelancing.

1. Better time management


By using such a platform, freelancers will be able to manage their time much more easily. They are constantly working on projects that are limited in time, so by installing the application they will be able to follow the deadline they need to do those projects. In the future, this could help them know approximately how much time they would need to complete the task they are working on. In this way, there will be no delay with the projects, and their deadlines would be completed on time.

2. They can track how much time they have procrastinated

When our attention is focused on an activity, it can be very easy to lose track of how much time we have devoted to that activity. However, if we make notes on an application or use a platform that shows us the results of the time we have spent, we can very easily realize that most of our time is spent on unimportant things. So they would become aware and make some kind of change. Why would we waste our time procrastinating when we could invest it in work and earn good money from it.

3. How much you should be paid


There are many freelancing jobs where workers are paid by the hour. It may happen that we don’t keep track of how long we worked on a project, so when it comes time to get paid by the company we say the average time it took us to complete the project. In these cases, you may be paid less than what you need. To get the real monetary value, you can attach the reports from the platform that helps you track your work activity. So at any moment, you will have detailed information about your time spent at work.

Time is money, and with every second that passes you either gain more money or lose money. Whether you win or lose would depend on how you manage to manage your free time. If you decide to divert it into work and productivity, you will surely get much more than what you expect. And if you decide that your time is running out in vain, being idle, then we suggest you go to the link above and immediately install the application that will change your life.