7 Safety Rules That Should Be Followed When Building a Playground

Playground safety is very important. Since this is a space that should offer the child fresh air, friends, fun, and exercise, it is necessary to meet certain conditions. This means that faulty equipment, inappropriate surface, and bad behavior should not be accepted as part of this space. Unfortunately, research confirms that many children have been injured on the playgrounds in recent years precisely because of such poor conditions. In order to prevent such situations in the future, the playground needs to be arranged so that it is fun and safe for children. There are a few rules that will guide you through this project.

1. Area of ​​use

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Therefore, it is necessary to mark the space that is intended exclusively for play or use. This is certainly the most important safety advice you should consider. Accidents mostly happen when you don’t pay attention or when you run around. In order for others to pay attention to safety, it is necessary to mark the area of ​​use.

In that case, injuries will be prevented, because you will avoid accidental collisions or hitting each other. Situations like this are very easy because too many people change, which means that you have to take care of the equipment. It is important that too many people do not use the equipment at the same time. As long as others follow this rule, the playground will be a safe place.

2. Design

If you are still considering which location you want to use for your playground, you should focus on safety first. Then, consider all other factors such as the path to the playground. The routes that children will take to your playground are extremely important. Avoid all places that contain potential hazards. For example, it can be tree roots as well as uneven surfaces. If you can’t remove unsafe barriers, look for another location. Also, consider potential hazards nearby, as your site may contain heavy traffic, a lake, ponds, or cliffs. In that case, it is important to set up thick hedges and prevent children from wandering into dangerous areas.

Don’t forget the supervisor’s place. The sun can be another big problem for you. Estimate the effect of the sun, because you have to provide enough shade if it does not already exist. There are many ways you can provide shade. The equipment on the playground must be cool enough to the touch while children and supervisors must be protected from UV rays during the time spent outside. Another factor that affects the safety of the playground is drainage. In order not to have a bad experience, make sure you choose a location with good enough drainage. That way, water will not collect under the equipment. Our advice is to avoid steep slopes.

3. Spacing

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If you keep this in mind all the time, you will get a beautiful look and a functional space. This means that you will provide sufficient access to various elements such as the surface, track, etc. There should also be a gap when it comes to age groups. Since the equipment is not suitable for all ages, there should be signs that are easy to read. They need to be encouraged in different areas. Thanks to this, there will be no conflict activity, because you will separate highly active areas from a quiet place.

You will also arrange the equipment correctly so that you do not put too much popular equipment in one location. Don’t forget to look, because the design of the playground should not contain any visual barriers. Otherwise, teachers, parents, and other supervisors will not be able to have a good overview. Lastly, signaling is an important part of your project. Post as many important signs, park rules, and contact information as possible.

4. Enough space

Consider the size of the equipment, because there are different models that are very demanding. For example, a swing requires a lot of space to be used safely. In addition, waterfalls, climbing equipment, and other equipment also require a lot of planning. You need to take care of the whole area where the equipment is located.

Large equipment requires great coverage in front of and behind it when moving. However, more space should be left to make sure there is no risk of injury. It is best to have instructions for use nearby because they contain all the necessary rules. This mostly refers to the position of children’s bodies.

5. Adequate playground surface

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It is not enough to choose the right equipment. The surface on which the equipment is located is equally important because it is one of the biggest factors in reducing injuries. If children experience a fall, the surface will absorb the impact and there will probably be no serious injuries. If you visit here you can find more about playground surfaces.

6. Equipment selection

The most important thing is that the equipment is adapted to the age groups. So make an effort when choosing not to neglect your child’s developmental needs. Children of all ages have different abilities, and equipment must stimulate children and encourage their overall development. This means that it must not be too heavy or too easy to use. Pay attention to the design, material, and dimensions of the equipment. Also, consider the equipment that will suit children with disabilities, as this will encourage integration within the playground.

7. Holiday rules

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In addition to the fact that the playground should contain rules of conduct while using the equipment, it is necessary to refer to the rules for rest. Otherwise, crowds can form very quickly. Children are very impatient, especially when they are younger. That is why it is important to organize a space that is in accordance with the rules of the playground. For example, children need to follow some simple steps such as waiting in line, respecting zones, and the like.


If you are planning to build a playground, your priority is safety. This means that you should first think about all the security rules that this space must contain. Remember that a playground must be a safe environment for children to really enjoy the game.