ADVERTISING 1.Advert, advertisement or ad? All these forms of the words are correct but ad is mostly used in spoken English only. You should also be aware of a common pronunciation problem: advert advertise advertisement This means that you make an “iss” sound when say advertisement. This is a very common mistake and one way … Read more

Vocabulary 2: Government

GOVERNMENT 1.Forms of government Central government: this is the national government of a country Local government: this is the regional form of government that typically takes care of more local issues The authorities: this is a general term for all forms of government – note that we use it in the plural. Regulatory bodies: these … Read more

Vocabulary Practise 1: Addition, equation, and conclusion

This exercise will help you to review more of the important words that we use to join ideas in an essay, a verbal presentation or sometimes in everyday speech. Exercise 1 Put the following words and expressions into their correct place in the table depending on their function. Exercise 2 Complete these sentences with one … Read more