Why Are Crypto Price Prediction So Hard?

The market of cryptocurrencies is getting more popular in recent years, and a lot of people are interested to start trading with digital assets. The leader in this market is Bitcoin, with a current price of around $46,000. On the other hand, the great feature of this market is high flexibility since there are over … Read more

Can I Make Money Day Trading? – 2024 Guide

You’ve probably heard the statistic that 95% of day traders lose money, and you’ve probably also seen a bunch of people online showing off their day trading gains. So, either we’re seeing the 5% of successful traders, or someone is lying to us. Let’s dive in to the world of day trading. There are hundreds … Read more

5 Biggest International Trade Fairs in the World

Every year, numerous trade fairs are held in different countries around the world. Trade fairs are exhibitions that provide opportunities for companies within different industries to present their products and services to customers and potential partners. This is a great way for companies to improve their brand, to give customers the opportunity to get to … Read more