The Future of Printed Books


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Twenty years from now, students will no longer use printed books.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Some people say that students will not use printed books in the future. I agree with them. In fact, I think this will happen about twenty years from now for environmental and technological reasons.

First, people are going to use fewer books because of the environmental impact of making them. Nowadays, many people are highly concerned about preserving the environment. Deforestation is one of their chief concerns. Chopping down trees not only destroys forests, but it also has a negative impact on the animals and other plants living there. Reducing the number of printed books will help save millions of trees, animals, and plants. As people become even more environmentally conscious, they will start looking for different ways to print books. Making e-books on computers will be the most likely method.

We are living in a computer age now, so computers will completely replace books in the future. Computers can store much more information than books. Indeed, one computer can hold the information contained in thousands of books. In the future, therefore, students can carry one light laptop with all of their textbooks and reading materials downloaded on it. They will surely appreciate not having to deal with the burden of carrying heavy books. Also, by using computers, they will have instant access to every book they need. They will no longer have to search through their desks for a lost book or flip through a book’s pages to find a reference. The computer’s search function enables them to find everything quickly and easily.

I am positive that students will not use printed books in the future. The concern about deforestation will impel people to stop making printed books, and computer technology will encourage them to replace books with laptops. I wish my school would immediately replace printed texts with computers.

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