Planning for the Future When Young


The best way for a good future is to plan carefully when you are young. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


My best friend’s parents have been carefully planning her life since she was five. They have been wasting her time. You do not have to plan for the future when you are young to ensure success later in life.

People are only young once, so they should enjoy their youth and not worry about the future. I firmly believe people should enjoy life. The best time to do that is as a child. I spent my childhood years playing with my friends and having fun. My best friend, however, always stayed home and studied. She spent her childhood preparing for the distant future. That is the wrong attitude. There is nothing wrong with kids acting like kids. Indeed, young people often change their minds about the future. As a young child, I wanted to become a teacher. Now I want to be a doctor. Maybe tomorrow I will want to be a CEO. Perhaps my friend will change her mind, too. Then all her preparation will have been wasted.

Besides, people can succeed in life without any careful planning when they are young. In fact, many people are late bloomers who did not perform well in school but still became successful later in life. Remember that Albert Einstein once got a D in physics yet became a great physicist. Thomas Edison was thought to be a slow child yet became a great inventor. Preparation as a child does not guarantee success, nor does non-preparation as a child guarantee failure. My uncle got terrible grades in school and always played around. Now he is a millionaire with his own company. There are countless people like my uncle.

Preparing for your future while young to guarantee success is not necessary. Instead, people should enjoy their youth and should remember that some individuals develop later in life, not in their youth. I do not believe I cannot be successful since I spent my childhood playing and not preparing.

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