The Phenomenon of Sex Dolls

Technology can be thought of as a possible figure of otherness, renewed with each application and novel element with which it surprises us. It presents itself to us as another, with all the conflicts that bonding implies. Another that exceeds us, that generates uncertainty, that explodes our ideals, that breaks our schemes. The successful inclusion of new technological artifacts transforms the world and if this change has a place, it is insofar as the subjectivity of the moment can accommodate it.

They have a hyper-realistic character, both in dimensions, appearance, feel and weight. Some have sexual organs that store body temperature. They can be built at the request of the buyer following his tastes, choosing aspects such as eye color, breast size, height, clothing, particularity in the hands, etc. The sales websites specify that they are intended for an audience of all ages, social classes and various professionals. Although they have become popular for sexual use, they can also be used for other purposes, such as artistic or decorative.

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They often represent an affective presence; they become an admired object and respond to a sexual need, from the mannequin to the artistic model, from the decoration to the fetishist object. They are made for everything you can imagine with them. They present themselves as “excellent sexual partners” for men in various situations. In fact, especially in the East, many of these dolls are being bought by women who give them to their partners with whom they do not have sexual encounters.

Their commercial discourse presents them as useful insofar as they can please sexual fantasies without the need for agreements or understanding of tastes, free from the “demand for emotional connection”, from the need for explicit or implicit negotiation about the times and forms of sex. Thanks to hyperrealism, “they seem true”, they reproduce the interior of women in terms of the orifices of the body and “the breasts bounce as if they were real.” They appear to be authentic women but by not being one they allow to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Access to sex is free of ethical and legal limits, which places them in an ideal prostitute place.

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They are also sold as “companions”, “it is about the difference between returning to an empty house and returning to a house where there is a doll with whom you are excited to spend time”. They are offered “as the ideal of a perfect woman”; thanks to the customization options “each man can build his own dream woman”. They are extremely well made, and are very realistic in appearance. So, if you fancy a dream girl with small perky breasts or prefer luscious big boobs, with today’s beautifully engineered sex dolls, all is possible.

Among the advantages it is mentioned that it can enliven the sexual life of the couple with experiences of three, preserving from jealousy and romantic complications. In Japan “the Love Dolls”, the name by which they are known, began to be manufactured thirteen years ago, intended for men with various physical difficulties. Today they are also presented as ways of covering various emotional handicaps; “Real women can hurt you, dolls love me one hundred percent.” Currently there are companies dedicated to this business also in America and Europe.

They can be bought or rented; the rental has its restrictions of use. They are sent discreetly to the home address or the customer can pick them up at the store, they are delivered with a set of accessories: carrying case, clothing set (lingerie type), beauty kit (hair brush, perfume powder), cosmetic kit, and so on.

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