6 Common Myths Male Sex Toys That People Still Believe In – 2024 Guide

Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular, but you can still come across many myths. This false information affects people and their choices a lot, and it shouldn’t. Mostly, everyone is shy or worried that something is wrong with them or their partner. Remember that these things can only please you if you are in the mood for something new in the bedroom.

Don’t think that you are perverts, weirdos or freaks because of that. What you are using is just help to experience an even stronger and longer orgasm and to satisfy your fantasies. There is nothing wrong with that. Read some of the most popular myths below.

1. Anal stimulation is only for gay men

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Not everyone likes the same things. The fact that someone has a penis or vulva means absolutely nothing. Sexual appetites are a very individual thing. Our bodies and minds do not respond the same to the same type of stimulation. So people are unique and different in everything. If you are guided by stereotypes and not by your partner’s reactions, you can only turn off his excitement. So get rid of one of the common myths like this. Straight guys can also enjoy anal stimulation even though they do not have a tendency towards the same sex. The reason is the prostate or P spot located inside the rectum. It helps to create an intense orgasm. The vibrator is only made according to the model of the penis, but a man does not come with this toy. It exists in various forms and with different functions.

2. Only lonely people use sex toys

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We present you another myth that affects the shell psyche a lot. Because of this, many men do not have enough self-confidence to buy the sex toy they want so much. They are afraid that someone will think of them as lonely and not good enough lovers. This is mostly associated with a sex doll, because a man who cannot find a woman for sex uses various alternatives. However, it is wrong to think in this direction. Sex toys are not just for people who don’t have a partner. They are equally used by people in relationships, people with disabilities, the elderly and others. Keep in mind that the sex toy trend is constantly increasing which means more and more people are experimenting with them this has long been the case not only for people who are lonely.

3. Sex toys can hurt you

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Today there are different models of sex toys. Many of them may look very strange at first glance. However, keep in mind that they are designed for different needs. People are quite different in their sexual interests. One thing is universal, they can’t hurt you in any way. If you use them for their purpose, you can just have great fun. They are made of fine material and texture that suits the human body. Since they go to the deepest erogenous zones, you need to be picky about the material. So, just pay attention to the fact that it is the appropriate material and quality. At uusexdoll.com you can see sex dolls are made of very safe materials.

4. If a woman wants to use a sex toy it means that something is wrong with you

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If your girlfriend wants to give you pleasure with a vibrator, it does not mean that something is wrong with you. Maybe he just wants to try something new with you. You should be grateful that she told you the truth and showed her sincere feelings. Of course, if you are not comfortable enough to engage in such a relationship, feel free to decline. However, if your only problem is a lack of self-confidence, relax. Everything is fine with you. Your girlfriend just wants a little extra fun. Things like this can give you the most pleasure, because this is a way to stimulate one of the erogenous zones. Science says you can experience an extremely strong orgasm.

5. Sex toys are indicators of a bad relationship

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Sex toys are one of the most fun things. When couples have been in a relationship for a long time it can become a bit monotonous for them at one point. This can indicate problems in the bedroom, but also that you just need something to break the monotony. In any case, sex toys are always a good option. Don’t be guided by myths like this, because that’s what people who are mostly not imaginative when it comes to sex say. Instead, focus on personal satisfaction and partner satisfaction. We promise you that you will have a crazy time and you will want more.

This is an opportunity to get even closer to your partner, because sharing a new experience together is a very intimate thing. Try to overcome shyness if you want to try new things with your partner. You will not offend your loved one if you explain to them exactly what you want in the bedroom. The truth can only improve your relationship, and you may realize that you want the same things. You won’t know until you try.

6. Anal sex is always painful

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Most people who have not had anal sex or used sex toys for these purposes have a negative opinion in advance. Mostly the first association is pain or discomfort. True, not everyone is happy to do this. However, there are people who enjoy this game. There are also products that make the whole process easier, such as various lubricants. So, nothing has to hurt you if you prepare properly and release the fear.

When it comes to sex toys, they are designed to absolutely fit our bodies. Don’t worry about getting hurt or anything like that. Simply indulge in pleasure according to your interests. All you need is a little preparation and patience. You can find great guides on the internet to help you cope better in this situation.


We hope you have overcome these and all other myths. So, they are nothing but misinformation that began to spread by people with a lack of understanding.