Do you think that there is nothing young people can teach older people?


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? There is nothing that young people can teach older people.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sample Essay:

Many of us believe that young people have nothing valuable to teach older people. However that is not always the case. Young people can teach older people about technology, young culture, and young-related social issues.

Young people are usually better at using new forms of technology than older people can learn to use computers from young people. This is true of other technology too. For example ,I taught my grandparents how to use a  video cassette recorder when I was thirteen years old. They didn’t know what it could do? Showed them. Now they use it regularly.

Older people are usually not familiar with youth culture, and younger people can help here too. This is important because it can help older people live a more enjoyable life. For example, popular music is generally youth oriented, and older people don’t always listen to it. However, when young people teach them about it, they may come to enjoy it. My

 Grandmother, for example never listened to popular music before I introduces her to it. Note she and I listen and dance all the time. I plan to teach her about another piece of youth culture —rollerblading—-very soon!

Of course, there are more serious issues about which younger people can teach older people. As with computer, today’s children have grown up knowing about AIDS and school violence. That is not true for older generations. Here, again, children can teach older people about things that are important to everyone.

I know there are people who would say “you can’t teach an older dog new tricks.” However, it’s plain to me that the young have plenty to teach the old if they take the time to try. When they do, I think both gain a new appreciation for each other.