Toefl iBT Activator Listening – Intermediate

Toefl iBT Activator Listening – Intermediate with 4CD

Learning and Testing TOEFL iBT is a process of preparation on life skills and student learning in the University environment. TOEFL iBT and owns a ticket to come to the USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Finland, … is no longer a stranger, hard with Vietnam students. Not only is an English test, TOEFl iBT, in the subject often revolve around a dialogue between students with professors about homework, between two students about the issue of making more, or a lecture on lectures. Thus, the TOEFL helps students permeability are learning and living the American side will be like …

TOEFL iBT Activator series will help students prepare successful real exam at the same time improving the knowledge of English in the academic field.

The main characteristics of the book:

-Help students correct homework through the step by step training method in the section reading, listening, speaking and writing.

-Provide the lively exercises to familiarize students with the types of questions TOEFL iBT.

-Vocabulary and idioms required in the review.

-Develop the ability of its expression in speaking and writing.

-Provide more information about academic topics and activities in the University.

-Provides the important exam strategies in every section in the book.

-Provide practice CD.


TOEFL iBT Activator Listening Intermediate
TOEFL iBT Activator Listening Intermediate

Before you start

Part 1: Basic Comprehension

Chapter 1: Main Idea

Chapter 2: Details

Progress Test 1

Part 2: Connecting Information

Chapter 3: Organization

Chapter 4: Purpose

Progress Test 2

Part 3: Content Linking

Chapter 5: Relationship

Chapter 6: Inference

Progress Test 3

Part 4: Pragmatic understanding

Chapter 7: Attitude

Chapter 8: Function

Progress Test 4

Actual test


Answer Key and Audio Scripts

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