TOEFL IBT Listening Practice Test 04 from Barron’s TOEFL iBT

Listening 4 Students on Campus

18. What is the purpose of this conversation?
CD The man wants to borrow the woman’s lab notes.
CD The woman is helping the man to write a report.
CD The man asks the woman to study for their test with him.
CD The woman and the man are performing an experiment.


19. What is the study about?
CD Reaction times for drivers drinking alcohol in comparison with those of nondrinkers

CD The effects of drinking beer as compared with those of drinking gin and tonic

CD The time that it takes to stop a car going 35 miles per hour when the brakes are applied
CD The problems of riding bicycles on college campuses that have 35 mile-per-hour speed limits


20. According to the man, why is it important to mention that the subjects were randomly selected?
CD The random selection explains why the results were so general.
CD This information allows another researcher to repeat the experiment.
CD The lab assistant included it in the example that the students received.
CD Randomly selected subjects assure researchers of an accurate outcome.


21.Why does the woman say this:
CD She is not sure about her observation.
CD She is insulting the man with this comment

CD She is certain the man agrees with her.
CD She is asking for the man’s opinion.


22. Which section includes the conclusions?
CD Discussion

CD Results

CD Chart

CD Introduction


Listening 5 “Biology Class”

23. What aspect of blood does the professor mainly discuss?
CD An explanation of stem cells

CD A process for blood transfusion

CD A method for producing artificial blood

CD A discussion of blood typing


24. Why does the student say this:
CD She is apologizing for disagreeing with the professor.
CD She is interrupting politely to ask a question.
CD She is talking to herself during the lecture.
CD She is changing the subject of the professor’s talk.


25. Why does the professor mention fingerprints?
CD To demonstrate that blood types are different for individuals

CD To explain how most of the blood tests are performed

CD To explain why O blood is considered universal

CD To help students remember the different antigens


26. In cross matching, how does a compatible match appear under the microscope?
CD All of the cells are at an equal distance from each other.
CD The arrangement of the cells looks like two parallel lines.
CD The cells tend to group together in a large clump.
CD The red cells and the plasma separate in an irregular pattern.


27. Why does the professor mention artificial blood?
CD She is referring to the textbook.
CD She is answering a question.
CD She is reporting her research.
CD She is joking with the students.


28. What does the professor imply when she says this:
CD She is very uncertain about the risks of the research.
CD She is somewhat interested in doing research in this area..
CD She is withdrawing her support for future research.
CD She agrees that research should continue in spite of problems.


Listening 6 “Orientation Session”

29. What is this discussion mainly about?
CD Success in college

CD How to read faster

CD Academic study skills

CD Research on college students


30. How does the professor organize the discussion?
CD She cites research to support her arguments.
CD She gives a demonstration of her theory.
CD She debates the issues with her students.
CD She shares strategies that she developed.


31. Why does the professor mention running?
CD To digress from the topic with a personal story

CD To make a comparison between reading and running

CD To show that reading requires physical effort

CD To clarify the times two rule


32. Why does the professor say this:
CD She doesn’t think the point is very important.
CD She is trying to finish the lecture on time.
CD She thinks the idea will fit in better later on.
CD She doesn’t want the student to interrupt her. .


33. The professor mentions several negative habits. Match these habits to the explanations Click on the habit and drag it to the correct explanation.

Habit Explanation
Pauses that the eye makes
Reading the same words more than once
Moving your lips while reading

CD Fixating

CD Auditory reading

CD Regressing


34. What would the professor probably like the students to do?
CD Spend more time studying outside of dass

CD Use their dictionaries when they are reading

CD Take one of her classes at the college

CD Get help at the Learning Center