TOEFL Writing Simple: Advanced Writing Course for TOEFL

TOEFL Writing Simple: Advanced Writing Course for TOEFL Tasks 1 & 2: Achieve a TOEFL writing score of 5/5 in 7 days! (Essay writing & Summary Writing) by Marc Roche (Author)

The TOEFL Writing Tets

Prior to taking the TOEFL Test, many candidates are very sure of where their weaknesses lie. This is why they concentrate so much on reading and speaking in English.

Many students invest so much energy in watching American English films and talking to American English speakers. They read, they listen, they write down vocabulary… they invest such a great amount of themselves into reading and speaking in English that they forget about writing.

Recall your own particular TOEFL practice.

You may have avoided practicing your written work skills just because you suspected that reading, listening and speaking in English would get the job done. It makes sense that if you can effectively read and speak in English, then your written work skills ought to be good enough to pass. It also makes sense that if you feel nervous when you have to speak in English, you will be more motivated to perfect your speaking skills.

Unfortunately, writing summaries and essays in English is a skill that must be practiced separately from reading and speaking. It is connected of course, but just because a student can speak fluently in English, or because they can read and understand at a very high level, it does not mean that they can write. Writing is a very important part of academic and professional life, so it carries a lot of weight in the exam. From language and spelling standards to the art of building an essay, the TOEFL exam writing section will require all of your focus, mental energy, and English language knowledge.

Get ready to learn some powerful TOEFL preparation tips and systems.

This book is a complete TOEFL self-study book which focuses on practical English usage.

TOEFL Writing Simple-Advanced Writing Course.jpgYou will learn to hack summary writing and essay writing for instantly better English writing skills.

You will learn how to write the perfect English summary

You will learn how to write the perfect English essay

You will learn practical English usage in writing.

You will learn TOEFL vocabulary for TOEFL IBT

You will look at real TOEFL practice tests

You will look at TOEFL writing samples

You will learn structures and tricks for your writing.

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