Top 10 Most Common Idiomatic Expressions with ‘Like’

?Sleep like a log

✅Sleep very deeply, sleep very well

?Sell like hotcakes

✅Sell very well, very quickly

?Like a fish out of water

✅Completely out of place, not belonging at all

?Feel like a million

✅Feel very happy

?Like a bump on a log

✅Do not react in a useful of helpful way to the activities around them

?Read someone like a book

✅Know exactly someone’s thinking or feelings without having to ask

?Watch someone like a Hawk

✅Watch someone very carefully, especially because you expect them to do something wrong

?Fit like a glove

✅It fits exactly

?Eat like a bird

✅Eat only small amount of food

?Know someone or something like the back of one’s hand

✅Know very well, in every detail