DOWNLOAD the 9 Most Common Vocabulary set in IELTS

A rich vocabulary, besides helping you to be proficient, confident, increase knowledge in English but also help you achieve high scores in the IELTS exam. Therefore, teachers have selected vocabulary from different books according to common topics in the IELTS test.

Each document will contain extremely detailed sections as well as practice for better memorization. Download and learn from different topics to learn better!
This is the vocabulary set collected by Wiki Study English on 9 common topics in the IELTS test. Vocabulary is cut out from good books, please download and explore!

To download the book, follow the links below:

Link download full set of 9 vocabulary topics: CLICK HERE

1. Topic: CRIME



4. Topic: HEALTH

5. Topic: HOME

6. Topic: MEDIA

7. Topic: PEOPLE

8. Topic: TRAFFIC

9. Topic: WORK

IELTS vocabulary 9 most common topics
IELTS vocabulary 9 most common topics

Guide to effective learning materials
In order to learn English vocabulary well, you can use some simple but extremely useful tips:

  • Download the vocabulary to your computer and print it out on paper (using a thematic vocabulary set with all meanings and translations)
  • Write the words on a small piece of paper (memory stick) and stick them to the points of interest. (you will often be exposed to vocabulary and can easily memorize if you forget).
  • Use them often in your life, try to talk continuously. When you’re online, use the online dictionary tool to listen to pronunciation and practice it.
  • Combine other vocabulary words to practice.
  • Have someone test and learn these vocabulary words.
  • Apply it to the IETLS test during practice.

Thanks to that, I can memorize better. Don’t try to learn vocabulary mechanically and learn vegetarianism. Fortunately, this document is complete and detailed with vocabulary and exercises. You just need to do exactly what the manual is absolutely able to make documents extremely memorably!

 I wish you good study and conquer high IELTS score! If you have any questions, please do not forget to comment below the article! ^^