Can You Use Normal Gloves For Welding – a 2024 Guide

No matter what you have to weld together, the most important thing that you must ensure is that you purchase and wear protective gear that’ll keep your body safe. This includes things such as thick and flame-retardant clothes, safety goggles, durable and strong boots, and of course, gloves.

However, if you didn’t realize you need gloves while welding, you might be wondering whether or not you can use a normal pair instead of ones specifically designed and manufactured for such processes. To answer this question right away, no, you cannot and absolutely should not wear normal gloves while welding. Why? Well, here is everything you should know:

Welding Gloves: Explained


Normal gloves, such as the ones you might wear for gardening or other DIY projects aren’t manufactured to protect your hands from flames, heat, electric shock, as well as sparks that might occur while fusing two pieces of metal together.

Because of this, the ANSI Standard Z49.1 requires all people that work in this particular industry to wear protective gloves and the ones you’ll require will heavily depend on the task and process you have to complete.

What Are Their Main Characteristics And Features?

As we mentioned, you’ll most likely require specific welding gloves depending on the process you need to complete, however, there are some general characteristics that they all need to feature.

This includes that they’re electrically & heat insulated, that they can resist moisture which will keep your skin dry, they must be flexible so that you can easily move your fingers, the materials must be high-quality, and they have to be resistant to wear and tear and punctures.

Are There Some Benefits I Could Gain?


As you can see, there is a wide range of characteristics that they have, which means that they can provide you with various benefits. For starters, wearing them will protect your hands from burns, which can easily occur during a specific process.

Sparks, molten metal, and hot components can all cause incredibly painful burns to your hands, meaning that such burns could result in an emergency trip to the hospital. Besides protecting you from burns, they’re also capable of protecting you from scratches, cuts, and injuries.

Now, even though the cuts might not be deep, they could lead to infections, which can, again, result in your visiting the ER. This is why wearing a pair that is specifically designed and manufactured for these tasks is incredibly important, especially since they can prevent some serious injuries that can actually easily be avoided by wearing the right equipment.

How Can I Choose a Suitable Option For Myself?

If there is one thing that you must take away from this article, it’s the fact that you must choose the right option for yourself. What does this mean? Well, for instance, choosing the wrong size can influence your speed, safety, and skills, which means that you need to opt for something that is suitable for your hands.

Some of the most important things that you must consider when browsing for a pair are the following:

1. They Must Fit You


There is nothing more important than you can focus on than choosing an option that fits you perfectly. After all, you don’t want to wear something that feels awkward and uncomfortable, hence, one of the most important things that you need to guarantee is that they’re your size.

2. Different Types Are For Different Processes

If you’re working on a MIG attachment process, you’ll have to purchase and use a high-quality goatskin that is resistant to heat and flames. Other material options for MIG processes include cowhide and deerskin.

TIG welding will require you to wear goatskin or any other option that is manufactured from a thinner material since they’ll provide you with the movement you need. Lastly, there are also stick welding tasks, which means that you need elkskin, goatskin, or pigskin.

3. Choose The Right Supplier!


We cannot stress how important it is that you choose the right manufacturer and supplier of the gloves you’re thinking about purchasing. Keep in mind, the company needs to be reputable, experienced, and they also have to offer a wide range of options as does. Trust me, you don’t want to purchase ones made from low-quality materials, mostly because they can lead to injuries.

4. Comfort is The Key

Yes, it’s important to choose an option that is manufactured for specific processes, however, it is also important that you opt for something that is comfortable. In fact, this is extremely important since you’ll want to be able to move your hands freely, hence, it might be wise to try them on before purchasing them. To choose the right fit for you, you should measure your dominant hand.

When Should I Replace Them?


No article on this particular topic would be complete without mentioning a few things that can help you learn when is the right time to replace your welding gloves. Although they’re more durable than some other options, they won’t last forever, hence, they must be replaced according to the recommendations from the manufacturer. However, there are other instances when you’ll have to purchase a new pair.

For instance, if you cut, damage, notice holes, or see burnt areas on your gloves, you must replace them as soon as possible, even if you think that they can protect you for a few more weeks or months. Damaged materials can get additionally damaged quickly, thus, don’t risk your well-being just so you could save some money. Also, if you’ll be working with electricity, holes won’t protect you from shock.


Although you might have thought that you can use normal gloves for welding, you shouldn’t, especially since it can lead to some serious injuries. This is why you should follow our 2024 guide from above, especially since you’ll be capable of choosing a suitable option for yourself.

Since you’ve now learned everything there is about welding gloves, you really shouldn’t waste your time reading more articles on the same topic. Instead, while keeping all of the things we’ve mentioned in mind, start searching for high-quality gloves that’ll protect your hands properly.