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Coca-Cola Polar BearCoca Cola Polar Bears - Chubby, soft, lovable polar bear first introduced in the Christmas season of 1993 who replaced the traditional image of Santa Clause drinking the company's product. Wearing a bright red scarf, the Coca-Cola bear touted the goodness of this popular soft drink with the slogan "Always Coca-Cola." In later campaigns, the viewing public was introduced to the Polar Bear's family who were seen playing in the snow and slipping and sliding across the frozen tundra.

The Coca Cola Polar Bear debuted in an ad spot entitled "Northern Lights" by the Creative Arts Agency (and later Edge Creative). Created by freelance writer/director Ken Stewart (and the animation company Rhythm & Hues), the ads brought a group of polar bears to life as they sat on the frozen tundra, drank bottles of Coca-Cola and watched the Aurora Borealis light up the sky.

The campaign later created two ads for the 1994 Olympic Games in which a polar bear slid down a luge and soared off a ski jump and a holiday ad where baby polar bear cubs select a Christmas tree.

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