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Frank Bull - Silk Soymilk Cow CharacterSilk Soymilk Cows - Cattle characters who promote Silk brand soymilk. Their ad campaign featured actors wearing cow heads. Each cow promoted the companies product by talking about the health benefits of Silk soymilk. Characters named Frank, Connie, Amanda, Sandy and Maxine were the highlight of each ad. The ads ended with the tagline, “Silk. Beyond nutrition.”

  • Frank Bull is a sales rep for a large industrial container company. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and 2 kids and his goldfish (Rhonda and Felipe). His favorite drink is Vanilla Silk soymilk.
  • Connie Cow is a 45 year-old anthropology Professor. She is married and lives in Houston, Texas with her eight year-old twin boys. Her favorite drink is chocolate Silk soymilk.
  • Amanda Cow is a single, urban bohemian artist. She lives in East Village, New York with her baby ferret, two parrots, a potbelly pig and Simon (the greatest mouse ever). Her favorite drink is Silk Live! Mango Soy Smoothie.
  • Maxine Cow is a model, actress, boat show spokesmodel, and former magician assistant. Engaged six times, she lives in Santa Monica, California with a live, exotic saltwater sponge – “Sinclair,” a 4-pound miniature Pomeranian/Doberman mix, “Suisselle”. Her favorite drink is Silk Light Chocolate Soymilk.
  • Sandy Cow is Junior high school home economics teacher, volunteer storyteller and puppeteer (along with my helper, “Patches the Bookworm”) at the public library. Married 22 years, she lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama. with her husband, Carlos who puffs up like a blowfish anytime he gets near pet hair. Sandy's favorite drink is Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk.

Silk brand soy milk is distributed by White Wave Foods, which is a subsidiary of Dean Foods.

Disclaimer: No animals were inappropriately poked, tickled, jostled, laughed at or tossed about during the making of Silk.

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