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Buster Brown and Tige the DogTige the Dog - Canine companion of Buster Brown the commercial mascot for Buster Brown shoes. Buster's catchphrase is ""I'm Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. That's my dog, Tige, he lives there too!" (referring to the company label inside their shoes).

In 1902, artist Richard F. Outcault created the Buster Brown comic strip (retired in the 1920s) about a "little Lord Fauntleroy" child and his playful dog. Buster was constantly getting into trouble, and being rescued from his predicaments the help of his little dog, Tige.

Tige (who's name is short for "Tiger") was modeled after Outcault's own pet. Outcault later franchised the Buster Brown name to a variety of companies, the most notable being Buster Brown shoes.

On the children's program SMILIN' ED'S GANG/NBC/CBS/ABC/1951-55 and ANDY'S GANG/NBC/1955-58 Buster Brown (played by Jerry Martin) and his dog (voice of Bud Tollefson) appeared during the commercial spots.

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