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DO-RIGHT, Dudley
(The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show)
Somewhere in Canada's Wilderness
Dudley is a Royal Canadian Mountie Policeman. He reports to Inspector Fenwick. Fenwick's daughter, Nell is Dudley's lady friend although she is partial to Dudley's horse. Dudley's nemesis is the evil Snidely Whiplash who always gets caught by Dudley in the end ["A Mountie always gets his man"] but somehow escapes and returns for more mischief.

(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 (Ninth Floor)
Flem Building
Cincinnati, OH
Dr. Fever is the on-air name of spaced-out disk jockey Johnny Caravella.

(Married...With Children)
( 555-SHOE
Shoe salesman, Al Bundy creates this new telephone service to solve shoe problems, but no one calls.

(Doctor Who)
Planet Gallifrey
Doctor Who is an eccentric genius from the planet Gallifrey, whom among others of his race controlled the secrets of the fifth dimension—Time. Known as a Time Lord, the Doctor roamed through the centuries as sort of an intergalactic advisor & troubleshooter.

DODD, Eddie
(Eddie Dodd)
Sheridan Square
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Eddie is a streetwise defense attorney.

(The X-Files)
c/o The F.B.I.
Washington, DC
John is an F.B.I. agent. He was assigned by the Deputy Director to run the task force investigation the disappearance of agent Fox Mulder and then teamed with forensic expert Dr. Dana Scully to conduct investigations for the Bureau's X-Files. He is a by-the-book skeptic and believes that everything can be explained by hard work and standard police investigative techniques.

(The Monkees)
c/o The Monkees Rock & Roll Band
1334 North Beechwood Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Micky lives with fellow rock musicians Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones

(Nash Bridges)
( 5-George-31 [mobile radio]
c/o S.I.U. [based on a boat]
Hyde Street Pier
San Francisco, CA
Joe is a police inspector. He originally retired from the force to become a private detective but soon un-retired to work with his friend Nash Bridges, the head of the Special Investigations Unit. Joe and Nash cruise the streets of San Francisco in Nash's classic canary yellow 1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible. Joe's family included Inger, his Swedish wife of 17-years Inger; and their new baby daughter, Luisa. The Dominquez's family motto is "What ever Inger wants, Inger gets." On a number of occasion's, Inger has thrown Joe out of the house.

DOMINO, Johnny
Bay City, CA
Johnny Domino is a saxophone player-turned-superhero. He performed at the House of Soul owned by Jessica "Night Bird" Rogers. One day, Johnny was hit by a lightning bolt. The shocking experience enhanced Johnny brain waves so that he could now read the evil intentions in others minds. To put his new ability to good use, Johnny teamed with genius inventor Rollo who equipped Johnny [a.k.a. NightMan] with a variety of gadgets including an anti-gravity belt, an optical vision with a red light that gave Johnny X-ray vision, a bullet proof suit and an invisibility devise. When not battling the bad guys, Johnny cruised the streets of San Francisco in his fantastically sleek Chrysler hot rod, (a.k.a. "The Plymouth Prowler").

(Walt Disney Cartoons)
13 Quack Street
Town of Duckburg
Donald is a quick-tempered white duck in a sailor suit and French sailor's hat. The son of Quackmore Duck, Donald Duck first appeared in the Silly Symphony cartoon The Wise Little Hen (1934). Donald's girlfriend is Daisy Duck (originally Donna Duck). His relatives included nephews Huey (wears a red cap), Dewey (a blue cap), and Louie (a green cap) who were first seen in Donald's Nephews (1938) when Donald's sister Dumbella released her three youngsters into Donald's custody; Professor Ludvig Von Drake, a Austrian-accented relation who debuted on THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR on September 24, 1961; and Uncle Scrooge McDuck "the world's richest tightwad" who debuted in Uncle Scrooge Comics No. 1 in 1951. In the late 1980s the animated cartoon Ducktales followed the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, his grand nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and a bumbling duck pilot, Launchpad McQuack. Donald's birthday is March 13th. Note: Donald's nephew's Huey, Dewey and Louie were named after political figures Huey Pierce Long of Louisiana and Thomas E. Dewey of New York and Louie Schmitt, the friend of a Walt Disney artist.

(The Secret Empire)
Cheyenne, WY (1880s)
Jim is a US marshal in the Wyoming territory. By accident he discovered a secret kingdom of aliens from outer space (a.k.a. Chimerians) living beneath the town of Cheyenne. The marshal formed an alliance with a rebel faction of the aliens known as Partisans to overthrow the evil Emperor Thorval who enslaved his people with a mind control device called the "Compliatron."

DONOVAN, Russell
(Gun Shy)
Quake City, CA (1869)
Russell is a frontier gambler. Lucky him, he wins two children [Clovis and Celia] in a card game and reluctantly struggles to give them a home. Russell's acquaintances include Amos and his friend Theodore, a couple of goofy town folk; and Homer McCoy, the town barber and sheriff.

(Steve Donovan, Western Marshal)
Wyoming Territory (1870s)
Steve is a frontier marshal. He maintained law and order in Wyoming Territory assisted by his deputy, Rusty Lee.

DOREAU, Det. Dori
(Sledge Hammer!)
102 Las Palmas Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Dori's partner is the unbalanced Inspector Sledge Hammer (who fires warning shots at jaywalkers.)

(Ned & Stacey)
New York City, NY
Ned is an ad executive at Kirkland & Haywood ad agency. In order to get a promotion he joins forces with Village Voice writer Stacey Colbert and participates in a sham marriage. Their agreement: Stacey gets to live in his fancy apartment and he gets to tell his boss he's married.

(Twin Peaks)
c/o Norma Jennings, Proprietor
Washington State (Five miles from Canadian Border) The Double R Diner seen on the series is actually the Mar T Cafe at 137 W. North Bend Way in North Bend, Washington.

DOUGLAS, Jim & wife, Susan
(Herbie, the Love Bug)
Southern California
Jim is the owner of The Famous Driving School. Divorcee Susan Maclane is Jim's new wife. She has three children: Julie, Robbie and Mathew. The other member of the family is Herbie, the Love Bug an enchanted Volkswagen Beetle automobile imbued with a spirit and mind of its own who adopted Jim Douglas as his new owner. To support his new family Jim (and Herbie) ran a driving school and taught a class in drivers education for a local high school.

(Sugar Time!)
363 Lindhaven Street
Los Angeles, CA
Maxx lives with Diane Zuckerman and Maggie Barton, her partners in the musical group "Sugar"

DOUGLAS, Oliver Wendell & Lisa
(Green Acres)
c/o Douglas Farm - 4 miles from town
Hooterville, USA 40616 and 1/2
(elevation: 1427 feet)
Oliver is a lawyer turned gentleman farmer. Lisa is a homemaker. Oliver's wife, Lisa was not that optimistic about the move to the country. She would have rather stayed in the Big Apple and enjoyed a "penthouse view" but she stays to help her husband fulfill his dream of being a farmer. To help him run the operation, Oliver hired local yokel Eb Dawson as a handyman to plow the fields. Local neighbors included pig farmer Fred Ziffel, his wife, Doris, and their talented pig pet Arnold [the smartest pig in the county]. When Oliver needed farming advice, he consulted with the scatter-brained local agricultural agent, Hank Kimball. In Manhattan, Oliver and Lisa lived in a posh apartment suite at 10016 Park Avenue.

DOUGLAS, Steve & Family
(My Three Sons)
( Larson 0-6719
837 Mill Street
Bryant Park, USA (Midwestern City)
Steve is a widower aviation engineer. His wife Louise O'Casey passed away the night before their youngest son's first birthday. He lives with his three sons Michael "Mike" the eldest Robert "Robbie," the middle son [he enjoys playing the trumpet, guitar and dating girls] and Richard "Chip", the youngest [he attends Webster Elementary]. Also sharing their home is Steve's balding father-in-law Michael Francis Aloysius O'Casey affectionately called "Bub" [later replaced by crusty ex-merchant marine Uncle Charley O'Casey when Bub traveled to Ireland for his Aunt Kate's 104th birthday and never returned]; and a small orphan boy from the King's County Children's Home named Ernie Thompson [adopted by Steve] whose parent's were killed. The Douglas family moved to North Hollywood, California in fall of 1967. In 1969 Steve married Ernie's schoolteacher Barbara Harper, a widow with a headstrong, outspoken young daughter named Dodie [her best friend is a doll named Myrtle]. Also living with the Douglas' for a time was Steve's look-alike cousin Fergus McBain, a Scottish nobleman who traveled to America in search of a bride.

DOYLE, Tracy
(Eye to Eye)
120 Waverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Tracy is a private eye. Her partner is Oscar Poole.

          COLLINS, Barnabas;
          LUCARD, Alexander;
          MUNSTER, Grandpa; and
          VON COUNT, Count

(The Cases of Eddie Drake)
( 346-1622
c/o Edward "Eddie" Drake
130 West 45th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Eddie is a private eye. His assistant is criminal psychologist Karen Gayle.

(Danger Man)
Somewhere around the globe
John Drake is an international security investigator who worked with governments of the world in affiliation with NATO. See also - "Number Six."

DRAKE, Sir Francis
(The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake)
Sir Francis Drake is a 16th century seaman, pirate and explorer working for Queen Elizabeth I.

DREBIN, Det. Lt. Frank
(Police Squad!)
14 Cherry Street
Unidentified town [known as the "Tuba Capital of the World"]
Frank is member of a special unit called "Police Squad." His apartment is located at Galena Avenue next to the Military Millinery Store.

c/o Miles Drentel, Executive Officer
Philadelphia, PA
Miles owned 30% of the firm. His nickname is "The Mortician."

(Drexell's Class)
603 Essex Drive
Cedar Bluffs, Iowa
Otis is a grammar-school teacher.

DREW, Carson
(The Nancy Drew Mysteries)
c/o Carson Drew, Attorney
Municipal Building
River Heights (New England)
Drew and his daughter Nancy (his part-time investigator) live at 8606 Bainbridge Street.

DRUM, Jefferson
(Jefferson Drum)
Mining Town of Jubilee (1850s)
Jefferson Drum is a crusading Old West newspaper publisher living in the 1850s mining town of Jubilee. Drum's family and friends included his son, Joey [Joey's mother was murdered when vandals destroyed his father's newspaper in another town]; Lucius Coin, the newspaper's typesetter [his former boss was murdered]; and Big Ed, the local bartender.

(Diff'rent Strokes)
697 Park Avenue
30th Floor Penthouse
New York City, NY
Phillip is a wealthy businessman who lives with his daughter, Kimberly. When Philip's black housekeeper dies, he adopts her two sons, Arnold and Willis Jackson. Housekeeper Mrs. Edna Garrett (and later Adelaide Brubaker and Pearl Gallagher) supervise the daily activities of the children.

(The Beverly Hillbillies)
c/o The Commerce Bank
Beverly Hills, CA
Milburn is the president of the Commerce Bank. His loyal secretary is Miss Jane Hathaway. Milburn's chief worry in life is losing the $25 million dollar account of his chief depositor, Jed Clampett, a nouveau riche hillbilly from the Ozarks who lives next-door to Milburn at 518 Crestview Drive. Milburn's family included his fretting, socialite wife, Margaret; her pampered poodle Claude; and their son Sonny Drysdale, a perpetual college student [for 19 years now] who mooches off the good will of his parents; Margaret's scamp of a father Lowell Reddings Farquhar; and Milburn's nephew, Milby Drysdale.



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