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(Welcome Back, Kotter)
c/o James Buchanan High School
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein is a curly-haired Jewish-Puerto Rican teenage member of a rowdy gang of students (known as the Sweathogs) who attended Buchanan High in inner-city New York. Juan takes history, social studies and homeroom classes with Mr. Gabe Kotter, a former student and ex-Sweathog who returned to Buchanan to teach. Juan acts like Groucho Marx and offers up phrases like "I refuse to testify on the grounds it might incinerate me." He is famous for bringing fake notes from his mother to explain why he was tardy, absent or couldn’t finish his homework assignments. His catchphrase is "I’ve got a note."

(Keebler Cookie Commercials)
One Hollow Tree Lane
Elmhurst, IL
Ernie the Elf lives in a hollow tree with a community of elfin creatures. He is their business spokesperson. Ernie the Elf has white hair, and wears a business outfit that included a red hat, white shirt with yellow tie, green jacket, red vest, and yellow pants with red socks. Other elves seen in the hollow tree include a pudgy Fryer Tuck, who touted the goodness of "Munch 'ems"; two teenage elves Zoot and J.J. who pushed pizza taste of "Pizzarias"; as well as Ma, Fast Eddie, Edison, Professor, Roger, Larry, Art, Doc and Leonardo. England].

Lily is a student at Kennedy High School. She is Hispanic, lives alone with her mother, is a vegetarian and works at Mr. Cluck's after school. Lily [a real cutey] and her friends school reporter Samantha McPherson and Carmen Ferrara are part of the "unpopular" crowd in school.

(I Led Three Lives)
612 Whitney Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
The secret FBI headquarters used by Herbert A. Philbrick, a Boston advertising executive who infiltrated the Communist Party during the McCarthy era.

(Ghost Story)
c/o Winston Essex, Proprietor
Ghostly mansion used as the backdrop for this supernatural anthology. The Essex House (also called The Mansfield House) is actually the Hotel del Coronado located on Coronado Island at 1500 Orange Avenue in San Diego, California.




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