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EVANS, Barry
The Squat (Ground Floor Apt.)
No. 47A Albert Square
Walford E2, London (East End)
Barry works at a video shop.

EVANS, Dale  See - ROGERS, Roy

EVANS, Glenn
(Hong Kong)
24 Peak Road
Hong Kong, Mainland China
Glenn is an American journalist.

EVANS, James & wife, Florida
(Good Times)
( 555-8264
Apartment 17-C
963 (or 763) North Gilbert
Cabrini Green Housing Project
Chicago, IL
The Evans share a small project apartment with their children James. Jr. [a.k.a. "J. J."], an aspiring artist, Thelma and Michael. Their neighbor across the halls is Winona Woods. Nathan Buchman, a.k.a. "Buffalo Butt." is the building superintendent. Florida used to work in Upstate New York as the maid for Maude and Walter Findlay. [Note : In New York Florida’s husband’s first name was Henry].

EVANS, Max and sister, Isabel
Roswell, NM
Max and Isabel are teenagers. They are also descendants of aliens from outer space who crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. They were adopted and raised by the kindly Mrs. Evans, but even she doesn't know of their origins or special abilities. Max and Isabel later discover that local Michael Guerin also has an alien heritage. Together they kept their secret under wraps until they could figure out more about their extra-terrestrial roots.

EVANS, Pat & Roy
No. 41 Albert Square
Walford E20, London (East End)
Pat (née Harris) is a cafe manager. She formerly worked as the landlady at The Queen Vic, and as a cab company owner, a cleaner and a bookkeeper. Her husband runs a used-car business called 'Deals on Wheels'.

EVANS, Richard & wife, Susan
(Here We Go Again)
1450 North Valley Lane
Encino, CA.
Richard is an architect. His ex-wife Judy lives a half-mile away at 361 Oak Tree Drive.

EVERETT, Professor Harold
(Nanny and the Professor)
10327 Oak Street
Los Angeles, CA
Harold is a divorced professor. He lives with his children Hal, Bentley "Butch" and Prudence who are left in the loving care of Phoebe Figalilly, the Everett's magical nanny.

(Opposite Sex)
Northern California
Founded in 1835, Evergreen Academy just went coed. Traditionally, an all female institution of 200 girls, the academy opened its doors to three new male students. They included Jed Perry, Philip W. Steffan and Cary Baston.

(Concrete Cowboys)
Somewhere in America
Will is a footloose and fancy free cowpoke. He roams the United States with his buddy Jimmy Lee "J.D." in a dilapidated camper. Their mission: looking for adventure, and a fast card game or two.

EWING, Gary & wife, Valene
(Knots Landing)
Gary is a reformed alcoholic. He works as a used car salesman for Sid Fairgate at Knots Landing Motors. Valene is a homemaker and writer.

EWING, Jock & wife, Eleanor
c/o Southfolk Ranch
Braddock County, TX
Jock is a successful oil man. Eleanor, a.k.a. "Miss Ellie" is a homemaker and daughter of the former owner of the ranch. In Jock's early days (in the 1930s) he joined forces with partner Willard "Digger" Barnes and struck it rich. Now two generations of the Ewing family live comfortably on their sprawling Southfork spread.



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