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(Richard Diamond, Private Detective)
( Murray Hill 4-9099
( OL 4-1654]
c/o Sam, the telephone operator
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Sam answers Richard Diamond's calls on the fourth ring. She calls him "Mr. D."

HICKOK, James Butler "Wild Bill"
(The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok)
Old West (in the 1870s)
"Wild Bill" Hickok is a frontier US Marshall. He maintain law and order in the Old West with the help of his plump, raspy-voiced sidekick, Jingles. Wild Bill rode a horse named Buckshot. Jingles’ horse is called Joker. Note: The real Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back by Jack McCall while playing cards in Deadwood on August 2, 1876. The cards he held (aces & eights) have since become known as "The Dead Man‘s Hand." See also - HUNTER, Teaspoon.

HIGGINS, Dorothy "Dot"
(It's a Living)
Los Angeles, CA
Dot is a waitress at the Above the Top restaurant.

HIGGINS, Ed & Eunice Harper
(Mama's Family)
1358 Pleasant Vista Lane Place
Raytown, USA (Midwest)

HIGGINS, Jonathan Quayle
(Magnum, P. I.)
(   N6DBZ [Car Phone]
( NR6DBZ [Ham Radio]
c/o Robin's Nest
11435 18th Avenue
Oahu, HA (North Shore)
Higgins is the British manservant at the estate of novelist Robin Masters. He shares the property with Doberman guard dogs Apollo and Zeus [a.k.a. "The Lads"] and Thomas Magnum, an ex-navy intelligence officer who provides security for the grounds. Magnum suspects that Higgins is really Robin Masters, but Thomas could never quite prove it.


(High Mountain Rangers)
( FROSTBITE [Base Radio Code]
c/o Jesse Hawkes
Lake Tahoe, NV
Based in the Sierra Nevada's, the High Mountain Rangers is a rescue organization assisting those trapped or in trouble. Rangers on duty include Jesse's sons Matt and Cody, T. J. Cousins, and Robin Corsairs.

(The Steve Harvey Show)
Apartment #1416
Steve is a teacher. He is single, black and teaches music at Booker T. Washington High School in room #104. Earlier in his career Steve was a member of the rhythm and blues group called The High tops.

(The Highwayman)
Southwest, USA
The Highwayman is a futuristic lawman. He patrols the highways of futuristic America working in secret and alone on behalf of the Justice Department for a test program called the "Stealth Project." His mission: to right wrongs where ordinary laws do not reach.

HILL, Dixon
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
( Prospect-4631
Office # 312
San Francisco, CA [in the 1930s]
Dixon Hill is a private eye. He charges $20.00 a day plus expenses. The Dixon Hill character is based on a series of detective pulp novels and short stories. The first Dixon Hill story "The Big Goodbye" was published on Earth in 1934 in Amazing Detectives Stories magazine. Note: On episode No. 13 "The Big Goodbye" Captain Jean Luc Picard, the commander of the starship USS Enterprise-D became fascinated with the Dixon Hill character and programmed a holodeck simulation of the fictional detective stories so he could act out an adventure. Dressed in the clothes of the period including a slant brim hat, the Captain entered the holodeck to find Dixon Hill's office and his sexy secretary, Madeline.

HILL, Hank & wife, Peggy
(King of the Hill)
84 Rainey Street
Arlen, TX
Hank is a propane salesman. He likes to drink beer, play golf and admires singer Willie Nelson. Peggy is a substitute Spanish teacher at Tom Landry Middle School. They shares their home with son Bobby and his live-in niece-in-law Luann Platter. Hank’s friends include divorcee military barber Bill Dauterive, paranoid Dale Gribble (a Government conspiracy nut), the gibbering Boomhauer and their Laotian neighbors, the Souphanousinphones. Hank is the recipient of the "Blue Flame of Valor" Award.


HILL, Tommy "The Hawk"
(Twin Peaks)
Twin Peaks, Northwest, USA
Tommy "The Hawk" Hill is a longhaired Native American Indian police deputy working in the Pacific Northwest community of Twin Peaks. Hawk, the son of a Zuni Shaman, was very wise and had the heart of a poet. Tommy assisted Sheriff Harry S. Truman and FBI agent Dale Cooper investigate the murder of Laura Palmer, a local homecoming queen.

HILLS, Irene
87 George Street
Walford E20, London (East End)
Irene lives with Terry Raymond. Her children are Tony & Sarah. Tony works as a reporter at the Walford Gazette.

(The Great American Hero)
( 555-4365 or 0463
Los Angeles, CA
Ralph is a high school teacher. One day, he encountered an alien spacecraft while on a desert field trip and was presented with a red costume with unique superpowers. The suit, that looked like a pair of tight fitting red pajamas with a black cape, bestowed fantastic powers [flight, incredible speed, telekinesis, clairvoyance, invisibility, invulnerability from bullets and super strength] to this blond, mild-mannered high school educator. Assisting our superhero in the pursuit of the bad guys was Ralph's attorney girlfriend Pam Davidson who along with FBI agent Bill Maxwell were the only other humans who knew the secret of The Great American Hero. Bill called Ralph's suit "The Jammies." Note: At the end of the series, Ralph's identity was inadvertently revealed and the Aliens advised Ralph to find another earthling to wear the suit. It was given to Holly Hathaway, who would become The Great American Heroine.

(Gilligan’s Island)
Uncharted Island
Somewhere in the South Pacific
[300 miles southeast of Hawaii]
Roy, a.k.a. "The Professor," is a high school science teacher. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he is a level-headed, a bookworm and in control of his emotions. In September 1964, Roy was shipwrecked on an uncharted desert after his three hour sightseeing tour on the S.S. Minnow got marooned on a tropic island. In October 1978, the professor and fellow castaways got off their island. Unfortunately, on the maiden voyage of the SS Minnow II, a storm shipwrecked the professor and all the original castaways back on the same island they escaped.



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