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(It's A Living)
Los Angeles, CA
Jan is a divorced mother [her maiden name is Frankel] and a waitress at the Above the Top restaurant. She shares an apartment with her daughter Ellen and a cat named Ralph. Cassie later married Richard Grey.

HOGAN, Colonel Robert
(Hogan's Heroes)
Stalag 13 POW Camp
c/o Barricks Two
Dusseldorf, Germany (1940s)
Hogan is an Army Air Corp pilot and an American prisoner of war. Being the ranking officer in the camp, he supervises a group of Allied prisoners including Frenchman Corporal Louis LeBeau, British Corporal Peter Newkirk, and Americans Corporal James Kinchloe, Corporal Richard Baker, and Sergeant Andrew Carter. With Hogan’s talent of misdirection, and manipulation the camp POW's constantly pull the wool over the eyes of their jailers, Kommandant Colonel Wilhelm Klink and his chief aide Sgt. Hans Schultz ["I see nothing, I know nothing"]. When Hogan communicated via radio he identified himself as "Goldilocks," "Papa Bear" or "Red Fox"; the submarine as "Papa Bear"; and London as "Mama Bear."

HOGAN, Michael & wife, Valerie Angela
(Valerie/The Hogan Family)
( 555-4656 [or 4192]
840 Crescent Drive
Oak Park, Chicago, IL.
Michael is an international airline pilot. Valerie [née Varone] is a manager at Forman-Lydell Antiques [later a graphic artist]. Married 17 years, they live with their children, 16-year-old David [he’s girl-crazy], fraternal thirteen-year-old twins, Willie and Mark and a dog named Murray. After Valerie died in a car crash Michael's divorced sister, Sandy Hogan [a high school counselor] moved from Minneapolis to live with the family. Note: The Hogan’s address was also seen as 46 and 540 Crescent Drive.

HOGG, “Boss” J.D.
(The Dukes of Hazzard)
Hazzard County, GA
“Boss” Jefferson Davis Hogg an unscrupulous business man. He’s short, fat, loves to smoke big cigars, and wear white suits. He controls just about everything in Hazzard County except for a few honest folks like Luke and Bo Duke. Daisy Duke, the Duke’s beautiful cousin works as a waitress at Boss Hogg’s roadside eatery “The Boar‘s Nest and gathers intelligence to thwart Boss Hogg‘s illegal activities. Early in his career, J.D. ran moonshine with the Duke’s patriarch, Jesse Duke, but their friendship has turned sour and they are now mortal enemies. “Boss” Hogg’s sidekick is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, whose sister, Lulu Coltrane had married “Boss.“ When the corpulent “Boss” Hogg died in February 1994, his criminal empire was turned over to dim-witted Rosco. P. Coltrane. Cleetus Hogg, the Boss’s blundering cousin [he’s got 1/8th Hogg blood] was Sheriff Coltrane’s deputy sheriff. He was fond of Daisy Duke and using the catchphrases “Buzzard on a buzzsaw!” and “Flapjacks on a ferriswheel!” Boss Hogg’s other relatives included Abraham Lincoln Hogg, his brother; Hughie Hogg, "Big Daddy" his father; Dewey Hogg; and Jaime Lee Hogg, a nephew.

HOLDEN, Captain Grey
Eastern America Riverways (1840s)
Grey is the owner and operator of the Enterprise, a 100-foot steamboat that roamed the Mississippi River of the early frontier. Ben Frazer is the boat's pilot [replaced by pilot Bill Blake who became a forty-nine percent partner with Captain Holden]. Other crew included Travis, Carney, Joshua, Chip, Pickalong and Terry Blake.

HOLDEN, Stephanie
c/o Los Angeles County Lifeguards
Malibu, CA
Stephanie is a Lieutenant Lifeguard. She is single, catholic, a Democrat, and aspires to be the first female captain in the Lifeguard Services. Stephanie graduated from Long Beach State with a degree in Public Administration. Besides her rigorous athletic endeavors on the job, Stephanie also enjoys windsurfing, golfing and bowling. She can also speak Spanish. Stephanie is the oldest of six children. Her sister Caroline came to live with Stephanie and her roommate C.J. Parker [a fellow lifeguard] after divorcing her husband. In the romance department Stephanie dated a number of men but she held a strong attraction to her coworker Mitch Bucannon, a lifeguard Lieutenant. On February 7, 1997 Stephanie married a doctor named Tom. Sadly, she died on her honeymoon when the mast of her storm-tossed schooner crushed her. Her last words [spoken to Mitch] “I love you.”

(Swamp Thing)
Huma, Georgia (in the swamps)
Alec is a research scientist. When an explosion in a laboratory forced a Alec to jump into a nearby swamp to extinguish the flames that were consuming his body, the combination of chemicals and natural living materials in the swamp transformed him into a superhuman creature known as Swamp Thing. His body, now mostly composed of vegetable matter, could absorb bullet fire; and could easily grow back a limb when torn off (with the help of sunlight and photosynthesis).

(This is Alice)
857 Elm Street
River Glen, NJ [also as Atlanta, GA]
Alice lives with her parents Chester "Chet" & Clarissa Mae, her infant brother Junior and her grandfather, Colonel Dixon.

(That Girl)
( Bryant 9 -9970
New York City, NY
Donald is a magazine reporter for Newsview magazine. His girlfriend is Ann Marie, an aspiring model/actress.

(Tombstone Territory)
Arizona Territory (1880s)
Clay is the Sheriff of Tombstone. He maintains peace in the territory with the help of Deputy Riggs and newspaperman, Harris Claibourne, the editor of The Epitaph.

HOLLISTER, Richard & wife, Paula
(He And She)
365 East 84th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Richard is a cartoonist. Paula is a social worker. Dick’s comic creation "Jet Man" had been turned into a live-action network program. Oscar North, a vain, egotistical actor who always tried to influence the series script played the role of Jetman.

HOLLYHOCK, Ginger-Nell & Family
(Apple Pie)
93600 Morning Glory Road
Kansas City, MO
Ginger is a hairdresser who created a family for herself by placing classified ads in the newspaper. Her fake relatives include Grandpa [he's blind], Junior [her son], Anne Marie [her daughter] and Eddie Murtaugh, [her husband].

HOLMES, Sherlock
(Sherlock Holmes)
221B Baker Street
London, England.
Holmes is a genius criminologist. His catchphrase is "Elementary , my dear Watson." Holmes shares his abode with retired army physician Dr. John Watson. Watson is the unofficial biographer and chronicler of Holmes' investigations. Mrs. Hudson is their housekeeper. There are 17 steps to his second story flat (first door up). Holmes previously lived on Montague Street near the British Museum. He moved to Baker Street in 1801. Note: The series was based on the Sherlock Holmes character created by author Arthur Conan Doyle.

HOLMES, Shirley
(The Adventures of Shirley Holmes)
Redington, Manitoba, Canada
Shirley Holmes is the 12-year-old great grand-niece of world famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes. She moved from England to Redington, Manitoba, Canada when her British diplomat father is posted to a Canadian embassy. Shirley attended Sussex Academy and pursued an avocation in criminology. Shirley’s family included her grandmother Peggy Holmes; and Peggy's son and Shirley's dad, Robert Holmes.

HOLSTRUM, Katrin "Katy"
(The Farmer's Daughter)
c/o Congressmen Glen Morley
307 Marshall Road
Washington, D.C.
Katrin "Katy" Holstrom is a sexy, Swedish-American farm girl from Minnesota who came to Washington, D.C. and ended up working as governess for widowed Congressman Glen Morley and his two children. Katy’s parents are Lars Holstrom and Mama Holstrom. Glen and Katy later married on November 5, 1965. Note: The series character was based on the 1947 movie The Farmer's Daughter.

(Family Law)
c/o Lynn Holt, Senior Partner
Los Angeles, CA
Lynn opened Holt & Associates after her law partner/husband, Michael Holt filed for divorce, left her for another woman and then stole the practice they built together. Her new associates consisted of Danni Lipton, an idealist junior partner and the only one who didn‘t defect with Lynn’s husband; Randi King, a hard-nosed civil attorney who did state prison time for murdering her husband; Rex Weller, a charming criminal defense lawyer with a penchant for greed; Joe Celano, a streetwise, Brooklyn-bred lawyer and labor relation expert who‘s not afraid to bend the rules; Viveca Foster, a sassy black associate; Naoise O’Neill, an ambitious cut-throat Irish associate; Emily Resnick, a feisty four-foot attorney who doesn’t let her short stature interfere with winning her clients cases; Andres Diaz, a handsome Hispanic assistant; and Patricia Dumar, the firm’s enthusiastic blond legal secretary/receptionist. Outside of the office, Lynn is the mother of two young children - Rupie and Cassie.

HOLT, Laura
(Remington Steele)
( 555-6235
( T-7328 [car phone]
Apartment 3A
800 10th Street
Los Angeles, CA
Laura is a private detective. Educated at Stanford, Laura apprenticed with Havenhurst Detective Agency to get experience in the field. Laura lives with a cat named Nero and has an obsession for chocolate candy (called the "Holt Curse"). If not kept under control, she’d pig-out and gain fifty extra pounds. After Laura opened her own agency [Remington Steele Investigations], she discovered that her clients preferred a male figurehead and so to stay in business she created a mythical boss named Remington Steele. Now the clients were happy but they always wanted to meet Remington Steele. In walked a suave, mysterious thief who assumes the mantle of Remington Steele and Laura now had a partner whether she liked it or not. Laura ran the office with the help of her assistant Murphy Michaels; receptionist Bernice Foxx; and later Mildred Krebs, a former IRS auditor. Laura’s family included her mother Abigail; her sister, Frances Piper and Frances’ husband, Donald.

HOOD, Robin  See - LOCHSLEY, Sir Robin of

HOOKER, Sgt. Thomas James
(T. J. Hooker)
c/o L.A.C.P.
Southern California
T.J. is a former detective-turned-beat cop. He gave up his "Gold Shield" and returned to the streets after his partner Johnny was killed. Hooker teaches at the police academy and reports to Captain Sheridan, who often overlooks T.J.'s unorthodox but effective methods.

(Hey Landlord!)
Landlord's Ground Floor Apartment
140 West 41st Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Charles is an aspiring comic. He shares living quarters with Woody Banner, the landlord and owner of the building.

633 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA
Harry is a cop. He lives with Bijoux, a yapping terrier dog.

HOOTEN, Bill & wife, Babs
(Guestward Ho!)
c/o The Guestward Ho Dude Ranch
State of New Mexico
Bill is a New York ad executive. Tired of city life, he purchased a Dude Ranch sight unseen and then proceeded to drag his wife and son, Brook to New Mexico to find a dilapidated business in much need of repair. Lonesome, the ranch foreman helped these city slickers adjust to western life. The Hooten's neighbors included Hawkeye, a local Indian chief and owner of the trading post; and Pink Cloud, his assistant.

(The Bad News Bears)
c/o The Hoover Bears Baseball Team
1647 Lorraine Court
Los Angeles, CA
Morris Buttermaker is their Little League coach. Dr. Emily Rappant is the school’s principal who assigned Morris to the team.

HOPKIRK, Marty & wife, Jean
(My Partner the Ghost)
( Vincent 6-3840
Apartment E
36 Paddington Street
London, England
Marty is a private eye. He works for Randall & Hopkirk, Private Investigators with his partner Jeff Randall. Jean Hopkirk is their secretary-receptionist. Unfortunately, Marty died [killed by a hit & run] and returned as ghost. Being a new ghost he broke all the basic rules of ghostdom. Consequently he was cursed to remain on Earth for one hundred years.

HOROWITZ, Mel & daughter, Cher
2232 Karma Vista Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90200
Mel is a wealthy, widowed lawyer. He owns Mel Horowitz & Associates. Cher is his perky teenage daughter whom Mel showers with affection and money to buy the latest in fashions. Cher calls herself "a semi-beautiful blond from Beverly Hills." She attends Bronson Alcott High School with her best friends Dionne "Dee" Davenport, a stylish African-American and Amber Princess Mariens, Cher‘s fashion rival. All three have been friends since their days at Rodeo Drive Pre-School and Rodeo Drive Elementary School. They hang out at the Koffee House and regularly visit the local clothing shops to pursue their passion with fashion.

HORSCHACK, Arnold Dingfelder
(Welcome Back, Kotter)
c/o James Buchanan High School
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Arnold is a geeky high school student. He is a member of the Sweathogs, an unruly group of hard-to-educate teenagers who takes history, social studies and homeroom with Mr. Gabe Kotter, a former Sweathog turned teacher. Arnold’s favorite expressions were "Hellooooo, How‘re ya? I‘m Arnold Horshack"; "G‘he. G‘he." [contraction for "Go ahead."]; Very impressive, Mr. Kotter."; and "Ooooooh, oooooooh!" when he wanted to get his teacher's attention. NOTE: The Horshack surname is "very old and respected name" which means "The cattle are dying."

(Hotel De Paree)
c/o Annette Deveraux, Proprietor
Georgetown, CO
Annette runs the hotel with the help of her niece, Monique and an ex-gunfighter called "The Sundance Kid."

HOULIHAN, Major Margaret
c/o The 4077th M*A*S*H Unit
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)
Margaret is an Major in the US Army [Serial No. RA31619185]. She was raised at Fort Ord, California. Her father is Alvin F. "Howitzer" Houlihan and her mother and sister were also Army nurses. Margaret is stationed as Head Nurse at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Korea. She earned the nickname "Hot Lips" after she cried "Kiss my hot lips" in the throws of passion with an affair with married Major Frank Burns [that was broadcast over the camp’s loudspeaker system.] Margaret later married then divorced Lt. Col. Donald Penobscott.

(Matt Houston)
c/o Matlock Houston, President
200 West Temple Street
[also 100 Century Plaza South]
Los Angeles, CA 90012.
Matt's millions are tied up in cattle and oil ventures. His hobby is criminal investigations.

(Matt Houston)
( 555-3141
c/o Matlock "Matt" Houston
200 W. Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012.

(Temple Houston)
Southwest, USA (1880s)
Temple is a circuit riding attorney and the son of famous Texan, Sam Houston. He traveled the towns of post Civil War America assisted by George Taggart, ex-gunslinger turned US marshal. Temple was proficient in the law and with a six-gun.

HOWARD, James & wife, Martha
(The Jimmy Stewart Show)
35 Hillview Drive
Easy Valley, CA
James is an anthropology professor at Josiah Kessel College. He shares his house with three generations of family members.

(Howdy Doody)
c/o The Triple B ranch
Doodyville, USA
Howdy Doody is a freckly-faced marionette who lives in the fictional town of Doodyville. Howdy Doody always dressed in western jeans, shirt and scarf. The Triple "B" Ranch was populated by such favorites as Buffalo Bob Smith, the show's host; John J. Fadoozle, America's Number One (Boing) Private Eye; Cornelius J. Cobb, the town's storekeeper; Flubadub, Howdy's pet; Chief Thunderthud who shouted "Kowabunga"; Indian Princess Summerfall Winterspring and Clarabell the Clown.

HOWE, Rebecca
c/o Cheers tavern
112 & 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston, MA (basement level)
Rebecca is an insecure, career woman. Born in San Diego, she majored in marketing at the University of Connecticut, and drives a Mercedes. Rebecca works as a manager for a corporation that purchased a popular Boston bar called Cheers and assigned her to manage their new holding. She reported to and had a crush on Evan Drake [who later transferred to Japan]. Rebecca’s workmates included bartender Sam Malone, the former owner whom Rebecca rehired as a bartender when Sam requested a job; Woody Boyd, another bartender and waitress Carla Tortelli. A sign in Rebecca’s office read: "This machine is for photocopying documents, not your butt."

HOWELL, Thurston III & wife, Lovey
(Gilligan’s Island)
Uncharted Island
Somewhere in the South Pacific
[300 miles southeast of Hawaii]
Thurston, a.k.a. "The Wolf of Wall Street," is a Harvard-educated businessman and owner of Howell Industries. He is married to socialite Lovey Wentworth. They are now shipwrecked on an uncharted desert after their three hour sightseeing tour on the S.S. Minnow got marooned on a tropic island.

HOWSER, Dr. Douglas "Doogie"
(Doogie Howser, MD)
( 555-9980
Brentwood, CA.
Doogie is a 16-year-old genius doctor. He still lives at home with his parents, Dr. David Howser and Catherine O’Brien Howser. Doogie’s best friend is aspiring filmmaker Vinnie Delpino. At the end of each day, Doogie types his thoughts into an electronic diary that is stored on his personal computer. Note: The exterior shot used for the TV home of Doogie Howser is located at 796 Amalfi Drive in Pacific Palisades.



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