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(Fantastic Journey)
Bermuda Triangle
Liana is a beautiful survivor from the lost undersea kingdom of Atlantis trapped in a time warp on a mysterious uncharted island located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. She is the daughter of an Atlantean father and an extraterrestrial mother from the Arosian Galaxy. Liana struggled to escape the time warp's myriad mazes that had captured a variety of individuals from past, present and future ages. Her cat's name is Selel.

(Blake’s 7)
c/o Roj Blake
Somewhere in Outer Space
Found abandoned in space, the spacecraft Liberator was commandeered by escaping prisoners sentenced to exile on the planet Cygnus Alpha by the tyrannical futuristic government known as The Federation. Lead by resistance fighter Roj Blake, the new crew included Kerr Avon, a cold-hearted computer expert; Jenna Stannis, a smuggler and loyal supporter of Roj Blake; Vila Restal, a mousy, often complaining safecracker; Gan Olag, a burly man with an electronic device called a "Limitor" implanted in his head to prevent him from killing; and Cally, a telepathic alien trained on the planet Auron in Guerilla warfare who joined the crew soon after it was formed. The seventh member of "Blake's 7" was Zen, the master onboard flight computer which controlled the ships vital functions and took voice commands from whomever was in charge of the craft.

(My So Called Life)
Pittsburgh, PA (Suburbs)
15-year-old Angela Chase and her friends Rayanne Marie Graff and Enrique "Ricky" Vasquez attend this educational facility. Their faculty included Principal Foster, a true authoritarian; Angela's geometry teacher Ms. Renee Lerner; the boring social studies teacher Mr. Demitri; the lab coat wearing biology teacher Ms. Marian Chavatal; Spanish teacher Mr. Rinaldi; English teacher and yearbook moderator Ms. Mayhew; guidance counselor Cathy "Miss Crazy" Krzyzanowski; and the new English teacher and drama club moderator Richard Katimski.

(The Jersey)
1750 Lindbergh Way
St. Louis, MO
Mr. Lighter is the owner and operator. His daughter Hilary helps with some of the designs. Lighter provided 2500 yellow and ice blue colored sports shirts for a 34th Super Bowl promotion. The family secret: Their grandfather left the family an enchanted sports jersey with the letter “H” that can transform its wearer into the body of famous sports stars as they played at historic sports event. Nick Lighter and his friends Morgan Hudson, Eliot Rifkin and Coleman :Slaw" Galloway share the shirt and travel in time to famous sports events.

LINAHAN, Officer Kathy
153 1/2 Malibu Beach Road
Malibu, CA
Kathy works for the California Highway Patrol. She lives on the beach. Her apartment is at the back of the house and faces the Pacific Ocean. Once Kathy brought home a woman with amnesia who claimed she had been attacked by a sea monster. The sea monster (actually a man in a monster outfit and scuba tanks) later attacked the woman on the beach outside of Kathy's apartment. Of course, Kathy and two fellow officers visiting at the time gave chase and eventually uncovered the secret to the girl's attacker.

(How to Marry a Millionaire)
( Plaza 3-5099
Penthouse "G" 22nd Floor
Tower Apartment House
Park Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Greta shares her barely affordable digs with fortune-hunting career girls "Mike" McCall and Loco Jones.

LINDSEY, Peter & wife, Mary
(Peter Loves Mary)
130 Maple Street
Oakdale, CT
Peter & Mary are former USO performers. They now share a home with their children, Leslie and Steve and their housekeeper, Wilma.

LINDSTROM, Phyllis & Lars
(The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
119 North Weatherly Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
The Lindstrom's live in a large Victorian home with daughter Bess [Dermatologist husband, Lars is never seen]. They sublet apartment space to TV producer Mary Richards, and window dresser, Rhoda Morgenstern.

LINDSTROM, Phyllis & Bess
4482 Bayview Drive
San Francisco, CA
Phyllis moved from Minneapolis when her husband, Lars died. She works as a photographer's helper at Erskine's Commercial Photography Studio [later assistant for the Board of Administration].

LINK, Lancelot
(Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp)
c/o A.P.E.
Lancelot Link is a secret agent chimpanzee. He worked for A.P.E. (Agency for Prevention of Evil) headed by Commander Darwin. Their nemesis, the evil organization CHUMP (Criminal Headquarters for Underworld Master Plan) was headed by Baron Von Butcher. Mata Hari was Lance's girlfriend. NOTE: All the cast members of this animal adventure were live chimpanzees. The scripted voices were dubbed to match the chimp's mouth movements.

LISA (the computer genie)
(Weird Science)
c/o Wyatt Donnelly Residence
Lisa is a gorgeous electronically generated female. One stormy night two nerdy high school freshmen Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly programmed a home PC to "design a perfect woman." Gary insisted on making a total babe, while Wyatt hungered for an intellectual equal. In a strange turn of events, a bolt of lightning hits the computer and out popped an attractive redheaded computer super-babe named Lisa...a living extension of Gary and Wyatt's combined personalities

(Red Ryder)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Little Beaver is the young Native American Indian sidekick of western lawman, Red Ryder. Little Beaver’s catchphrase is "You betchum, Red Ryder". Note: This western adventure series s based on the radio program of the same name.

c/o K Company, Second Platoon
Somewhere in Europe after D-Day
Littlejohn is a Private First Class in the US Army. Raised on a farm in Nebraska, he is tall, kindhearted, good-natured and Protestant. He landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and was transferred to K Company under the commanded of Sgt. Chip Saunders.

(The Littles)
The Littles are tiny people (six-inches tall) with long ears and tails who live in the walls of houses owned by human beings. Henry Bigg, a human teenager discovers and befriends Lucy, Tom and Luther Little, the principal characters of the animated Saturday morning cartoon. Note: The series is based on the stories of John Peterson whose books have sold millions since 1967.

(Deadly Games)
Los Angeles, CA
Gus is a video game program designer. His latest experiments with pure energy, antimatter and computer games accidentally created Sebastian Jackal, an evil holographic form of life [modeled after Gus’ dad] who sought to conquer the planet. Gus' mission is to shut his creations down and save the world.



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