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(Mork & Mindy)
1619 Pine Street
Boulder, CO.
Mearth is the Earth offspring of Mork, a zany alien from the planet Ork. In the fall of 1981 Mork and Mindy McConnell married and honeymooned on the planet Ork. Soon, Mork gave birth (Yes, Mork!). A small egg popped from his navel, grew, and cracked open. On Ork everything was the reverse from Earth. A child was born fully grown and lived their life continually shrinking in size. As they turned into a baby, they died. When Mork & Mindy's baby hatched from his egg, he was 6-feet tall, had the body of a 50-year-old (with three hearts), weighed a hefty 225 pounds and wore a size 42 pampers. They called him Mearth, the name being a combination of Mork, Mindy and Earth.

American Northwest (1600s)
Medard (just "Medard") is a frontier scout. He traveled America's northwest during the 17th century with his partner, Pierre Radisson.

(Saturday Night Live)
c/o Mel
Route 17
Paramus, NJ
Mel's sales pitch: "You select your cow. You stun it, you cut it, you charbroil it. Over 3000 stunned!"

c/o Melvyn Sharples, Proprietor
1030 (or 2128) Bush Highway
Phoenix, AZ
Mel's Diner is home to Mel's Famous Chili. Over the years, Mel's waitresses were Alice Hyatt, Florence Jean "Kiss my Grits!" Castleberry, Vera Louise "Dinghy" Gorman, Belle Dupree and Jolene Hunicutt. Mel's diner closed March 19, 1985.

MELDREW, Victor & Wife, Margaret
(One Foot In The Grave)
( 4291
19 Riverbank Road
Mudeford, near Christchurch, UK
Victor is a curmudgeon. He is 60 years old, a Virgo and recently made redundant [forced to retire as a security guard]. Margaret Meldrew, nearing her 60s, is Victor’s extremely patient wife of 34 years who now has to put up with her husband’s rants and raves since he no longer has a job to go to.

(Melrose Place)
4616 Melrose Place [Apt. complex]
Los Angeles, CA
Its original residents include Jake Hanson, Alison Parker, Billy Campbell Dr. Michael Mancini, Janet Mancini, Rhonda Blair, Matt Fielding, Sandy Louise Harling, Kyle McBride, Lexi Sterling, Megan Lewis Mancini and Amanda Woodward, the landlord). Note: There is actually a Melrose Place located off La Cienaga Boulevard and Melrose Avenue, but the TV series was filmed in Santa Clarita, North of Hollywood.

112 & 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston, MA [above Cheers tavern]
Melville’s is the seafood restaurant located above the bar, Cheers. There is a staircase in the basement that directs Cheers patrons upstairs to Melville’s. Vic is the restaurant [unseen and unheard] maitre‘d; Rubin, a gay waiter [unseen but heard] had a crush on Sam Malone, the owner of Cheers. Melville’s was later sold to John Hill

(The Simpsons)
13 Euclid Street
Springfield, USA
Members of this High IQ Society offered little Lisa Simpson membership. Members included Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy, Professor Brink, and Dr. Franklin. The group discusses Library Standards and challenges each other with difficult palindromes. Humorous statements like [C:/DOS C:/DOS/RUN RUN/DOS/RUN] are calculated by the Dennis Miller Ratio.

MERCER, Louise
(Dear John)
New York City, NY
Louise Mercer is a counselor with a British accent working as a group leader for a singles support group (the One-to-One Club) at a New York Community Center. Seemingly obsessed with the intimate problems of her self-help group, she often asked "Could it be something...sexual?"

(Mercy Point)
c/o Dr. Haylen Breslauer,
Director of Medicine
Jericho Colony (in 2249 A.D.)
Mercy Point is a deep space medical station on the far side of Saharctic Divide. Its support staff includes Dr. Grote Maxwell, a Primary Alien physiologist; Dru Breslauer, Haylen’s younger sister and the new resident physician; Dr. Caleb "C.J." Jurado, the Director of Extra-Vehicular Medicine; Dr. Rema Cook, Mercy Point’s psycho-surgeon; Dr. Batung, a hideous alien with a tall that curls over his shoulder; and ANI, an Android Nursing Interface that can work non-stop around the clock.

(Mr. Merlin)
c/o Mr. Merlin's Garage
61 Hope Street
San Francisco, CA (High Park)
Max is a 1600-year-old sorcerer. He lives incognito at 573 Arlington Avenue. His apprentice, Zack Rogers lives at 13761 Havenhurst Road.

(Time of Your Life)
New York City, NY
Sarah leaves her boyfriend Bailey (from Fox's series Party of Five) and her old life in San Francisco to search for her biological father in the Big Apple. She takes with her a Broadway Playbill from her late mother, who was an actress.

MERTZ, Fred & wife, Ethel
(I Love Lucy)
( Plaza 5-6098 [or Circle 7-2099]
623 East 68th Street
New York, NY (Upper East Side)
Fred and Ethel are the landlords and best friends of tenants Ricky and Lucy Ricardo. The Mertz’s later relocate to Westport, CT to live with the Ricardo’s when they buy a house in the country. Fred is known for his thriftiness (he's cheap) and Ethel is known for her love of food (she eats too much).

MEYERS, Russell & wife, Elizabeth
(Married People)
( 555-8274
Apartment # 2
Second Floor
862 Central Park North [at 73rd Street]
New York City, NY (Harlem)
Russell is a 37-year-old freelance writer. Elizabeth is a 36-year-old Wall Street lawyer. She graduated from Yale University and now works for the legal firm of Michaelson, Michaelson and Meyers. They live on the second floor of a brownstone owned by Nick and Olivia Williams, a stylish elderly black couple. Russell and Elizabeth later became the parents of a bouncing baby boy they named Max.



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