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MICELLI, Tony Morton
(Who's the Boss)
c/o Angela Bower's Residence
3344 Oak Hills Drive [also given as Madison Avenue]
Fairfield, CT (Fairfield County)
Tony Micelli is an Italian-American widower and ex-baseball player (2nd base) for the Saint Louis Cardinals. Born April 23, 1952, Tony left the tough inner city of Brooklyn, New York to work as a male housekeeper in Connecticut to give his daughter, Samantha a better lifestyle. Tony became a father image to the son of his divorced female employer, ad executive Angela Bower with whom he later fell in love. Occasionally, Tony visited his old neighborhood to see such family acquaintances as Mrs. Carmilla Rozinni who often cried "You're so thin! Manga, Eat!" Tony later adopted a 5-year-old boy named Billy Napoli after he promised the boy's elderly grandmother that he would care for the boy. Billy returned to her after she got better. Tony’s relatives hailed from Sicily and Palermo. They included his ex-con father-in-law, Nick Milano; Tony's cousin, Anna; uncle, Aldo; cousin Maurio Micelli; aunt Rosa Micelli; and cousin, Dominic Micelli. Tony's wife, Marie Milano died in a car crash .

( 215-555-5104
c/o Michael Steadman &
Elliot Weston, Owners
Philadelphia, PA
Michael & Elliot both run this advertising agency and its 11 employees. When the company folds Michael and Elliot go to work for Drentel, Arthur, Ashley ad agency (DAA) headed by Miles Drentel (a.k.a. "The Mortician")


(Midnight Caller)
( 555-TALK
c/o Jack Killian, a.k.a. "Nighthawk"
Radio Station KJCM-98.3 FM
38th Floor
9009 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA
This late night radio talk program is hosted by former cop Jack Killian. Its producer and sound engineer is Billy Po.

(Johnny Midnight)
West 41st Street & Broadway
New York City, NY
Johnny is a musician turned private eye. He owns "The Midnight Theater." His houseboy is named Aki

(The Jim Backus Show)
146 West 57th Street
New York City, NY
Dora is a Girl Friday for Headline Press Service.

MILLER, Barney & wife, Elizabeth
(Barney Miller)
617 Chestnut Street
New York City, NY. (Manhattan)
Barney is a police Captain and chief of detectives at the 12th Precinct. Barney later moved to Room 45 of Hotel Greenwich, in Greenwich Village when he separated from his wife.

MILLER, Ben & wife, Rebecca
(My Life & Times)
323 Sycamore Drive
Seattle, WA
Ben is a retired journalist. He spends his days recalling his life and times. The Miller's later move to Washington, D.C.. When Rebecca dies of cancer, Ben moves to St. Louis.

MILLER, Don & wife, Sally
(The Charmings)
425 Oakland Boulevard
Burbank CA
The Miller's are next-door neighbors to the Charmings. Don sells Carpeting. His license plate reads: CRPT KING.

MILLER, Ellen & son, Jeff
(Jeff's Collie)
Route 4 Calverton
Near Capitol City, USA
Ellen is a widow and mother. She lives on a small farm with her ten-year-old son, Jeffrey "Jeff" and his granddad, a.k.a. "Gramps." Jeff's best friend is Porky Brockway. The Miller's later move to 311 Cedar Street in Capital City on the spin-off series Timmy & Lassie when Paul & Ruth Martin buy the Miller farm and adopt an orphan boy named Timmy. Jeff leaves his dog Lassie in Timmy's care.

MILLER, Hannah
(Anything But Love)
415 Van Nest Avenue
Chicago, IL
Hannah is a magazine researcher/writer at the Chicago Weekly. She lives in a building numbered 223. Her romantic interest is fellow magazine employee, reporter Marty Gold. Hannah and her girlfriend Robin Dulitski both call each other "Mrs. Schmenkman."

MILLER, Howard
(It's A Living)
Los Angeles, CA
Howard [born in Trenton, New Jersey] is the chef at the Above the Top restaurant. He lives with a dog named Bluto, and two fish [Ike and Mamie]. He later marries Nancy Beebee, the restaurant's hostess.

c/o WNYX Radio
News York, NY
Lisa is a news writer at WNYX. She is single, ambitious. hails from Boston and was once voted "The Cutest Reporter in New York." Lisa’s aspired to be the station’s news director but the station owner Jimmy James chose a Midwestern guy named Dave Nelson for the job. Despite her animosity for her new boss, she had a short but intense office affair with him. While dating Dave, she often mentioned her old boy friend Stewart [much to Dave’s chagrin]. Lisa finally married a homeless conman named Johnny Johnson [formerly an successful businessman]. Lisa produced a show called "The Real Deal" and once after an all night seminar on the secrets of management, Lisa sported a T-shirt that read: "I Can Go From Zero to Bitch in Sixty Seconds."

MILLER, Shirley
602 Kingsbeach Road
Lake Tahoe, CA
Widow Shirley lives with her children Debra, Hemm, Michelle, her stepson, Bill and a housekeeper named Charlotte.

(People's Choice)
c/o Paradise Trailer Park
New City, USA
Socks lives with his aunt Augusta "Gus" Bennett. He later moves with his new wife, Amanda "Mandy" Peoples to a rent free model home (#119) in a Barkerville housing development where he sold houses for $15,995. They share their home with their basset hound dog named Cleo.

(Grace & Favour)
Village of Great Tender
Rural England
Millstone Manor is a Country House Hotel owned by Captain Peacock, Mrs. Slocombe, Mr. Humphries. Mr. Rumbole and Miss Lovelock. They inherited the Manor from their late employer the "young" Mr. Grace, in lieu of a pension for long time service. Other staff at the Manor include groundskeeper/farmer Morris Moulterd and his grown daughter Mavis, the Manor cook. The exterior shots used for the series (also called Are You Being Served, Again?) were taken at Chavenage House, which is located about 3.5 km NW of the town of Tetbury, in southern Glouchestershire.

(Milton the Monster)
c/o Horrible Hill, Transylvania
Milton is a Frankenstein-like monster created by a mad scientist who turned out to be as goofy as Gomer Pyle. To construct Milton, his creator mixed up a batch of monster formula: "Three drops of essence of terror, five drops of sinister sauce. And now for a tincture of tenderness, but I must use only a touch, for without a touch of tenderness, he might destroy me, Oops! to much...better hold my head I'm feeling sick." With the mistake irreversible, out popped a hulking, moronic monster that belched smoke from the top of his head. Its first words were "Hello daddy!, I'm Milton your brand new son."

(Northern Exposure)
P.O. Box 171
Cicely, Alaska
Maurice is a former marine and astronaut turned businessman and entrepreneur. He owns the KBHR radio station (57 on the AM dial)-part of Minnifield Communications Network and drives around town in a classic Cadillac convertible.

Note: MR. & MRS. - Found as if spelled "Mister" or "Misses."

(Our Miss Brooks)
c/o Philip P. Conklin, Principal
San Fernando Valley, CA
Staff on duty include English teacher Connie Brooks, athletic director Gene Talbot and gym instructor Clint Albright.

(Mister Ed)
c/o Wilbur & Carol Post
( Poplar 9-1769
1720 Valley Road
Los Angeles, CA.
Mister Ed is a talking horse who lives in the stable behind the home of architect Wilbur Post and his wife, Carol Post. The Post's address is also given as 17340 Valley Boulevard, 17290 and 17230 Valley Spring Lane. Mister had a number of phobias. They included water, fat men with whiskers, cockatoos, cats, prowlers, wooden carousel horses, and heights (he inherited a fear of heights from his grandfather who fell off a cliff while chasing a filly. Ed wrote a book entitled Love and the Single Horse, or The True Adventures of a Palomino Playboy published by Durvis Publishing Co in 1965. Some of Mister Ed's love interests included Chiquita, the Spanish filly; Daphne, a western movie star filly; Fatima, a foreign spy filly; Miss February, the Playhorse calendar filly, Flossy, the chestnut filly with great legs; Francesca, the Italian filly; Fujiyama, the Japanese filly, Gigi, a French filly; Flashaway, the pin-up filly; and Ilsa, Suzette, and Lady Linda.

(The Simpsons)
( Klondike 5 - 3226
Town of Springfield
Snow removal company owned by Homer Jay Simpson. His company jingle reads "Call Mr. Plow that's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow." Homer received the key to the city for helping keep the streets free of snow. Homer's competition is the Plow King, owned by friend Barney Gumble who used singer Linda Ronstadt as his company spokesperson. Her jingle sang "When the snow starts a-fallin', There's a man you should be callin', That's KL5-4796, Let it ring! [2nd stanza]. Mr. Plow is a loser, And I think he is a boozer, [Barney & Linda together] So you better make that call to the Plow King!" To compete against Barney successful TV spots Homer contemplates making a rappin' TV commercial. The proposed lyrics were "I'm Mr. Plow, and I'm here to say, I'm the plowin'est guy in the USA, I got a big plow and I'll move a lot of things, Like your cow if you have one."

MR. SMITH (the orangutan)
(Mr. Smith)
Washington, D.C.
Mr. Smith [a.k.a. Cha Cha, a circus orangutan] is a super intelligent talking orangutan. Cha Cha accidentally drank a bottle of experimental formula which transformed him into a genius with an I.Q. of 256. Cha Cha soon learned to read, speak and then taught himself the intricacies of chess, law, medicine and nuclear physics. Thereafter known as Mr. Smith, the US Government used his new found talents by bringing him to Washington and setting him up in a think tank office. Mr. Smith wore a three piece suit, and a pair of spectacles (but no shoes). He was monitored by Dr. Judy Tyson from the Institute for Primate Studies. Mr. Smith shared a suburban home with his owner Tommy Atwood. Later in the series, Cha Cha's ordinary orangutan brother, Bo Bo was introduced.


MITCHELL, Henry & wife, Alice
(Dennis the Menace)
627 Elm Street
Hillsdale, USA
Henry is an engineer for Trask Engineering. The Mitchell's young son, Dennis drives their retired next-door neighbor, George Wilson bonkers [and later his brother John]. The exterior shot of the Mitchell residence was actually a real house located at 830 S. Madison Avenue in Pasadena, California.

Queen Vic Pub
Walford E20, London (East End)
Grant is the landlord at the Queen Vic Pub. He lives with his little girl, Courtney. He was married to Tiffany (died in 1999). His first wife was Sharon Watts (now in America) who had an affair with his brother, Phil.

No. 5 Albert Square
Walford E20, London [East End]
Jamie lives with her twice divorced godfather, Phil Mitchell who runs Arches Garage.

Queen Vic Pub in Albert Square
Walford E20, London (East End)
Peggy was married to Eric Mitchell, a boxer who died of cancer in 1989. She has two sons, Grant & Phil and one daughter, Sam (she lives in Spain).

No. 5 Albert Square
Walford E20, London (East End)
Phil runs Arches Garage in Albert Square. His mother Peggy and brother, Grant run the local Queen Vic pub. Phil's wife Kathy moved to South Africa with his son, Ben.

MITCHELL, Sandra Sue "Abby"
(Eight is Enough)
1412 Compton Place
Sacramento, CA
Sandra is a guidance counselor. She later marries columnist Tom Bradford and moves into 1436 Oak Street with his family of eight children.



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