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(Love That Jill)
c/o Jill Johnson, Owner
670 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jill runs an all-female modeling service. Her top models are Ginger and Peaches. Richard is the agency’s secretary. Jill's rival competitor is the Gibson Girl Agency run by Jack Gibson.

(Models, Inc.)
c/o Hillary Michaels
Los Angeles, CA
Hillary [the mother of Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place] ran Models, Inc. with her womanizing son, David. When David tried to open up his own agency J & D, and steal away his mother’s top models, she vanquished his attempt and David ran off to Europe. The roster of employees at Models, Inc included Teri Spencer [murdered]; Brian Peterson, Teri’s photographer boyfriend; Stephanie Smith, Hillary’s disturbed assistant who coveted Brian [she killed Teri]; models Sarah Owens and Julie Dante [two of David’s many sexual conquests]; Cynthia Nichols, the agency’s only black model; Carrie Spencer, Terri’s model older sister [she was locked away in a psychiatric ward and then drugged and sold into prostitution to a Latin American brothel]; Linda Holden, a childlike model; and Monique Duran, a dead ringer for the murdered Teri Spencer whom Hillary hired as one of her top models. When not on shoots, the models hung out at Stage 99 owned by Adam Louder. After Adam’s missing wife Grayson Louder returned and bought into Hillary’s financially troubled agency, Grayson used the models to run a call girl service and then hired a hit man to kill Adam just as he was to marry Monique.

(The Simpsons)
c/o Moe Szyslak, Proprietor
( Klondike 5-1239
Wood Street
Springfield, USA
Moe's is the favorite hangout for local Homer Simpson. His bratty son, Bart Simpson often phoned Moe and requested such bar patrons as Al Coholic (as in "Is there an Al Coholic here?") Moe's Tavern sells Duff Beer. Earlier in his career Moe was a boxer. He lost 40 straight fights under such names as Kid Good Looking, Kid Presentable and Kid Moe. When someone in the bar upsets Moe, he nonchalantly pulls out a shotgun to solve the problem.

MOLENSKI, Det. Joann
4535 North Sheridan
Los Angeles, CA
Joann's partner is Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter.

MONK, Adrian
San Francisco, CA
Monk is a private investigator. He is single, germaphobic, afraid of the dark, crowds, heights and milk. After the death of his wife Trudy Anne Monk (1962-97) who was killed by a car bomb, Monk began to fall apart. He got fired from his job as detective with the San Francisco police when he began to manifest an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Until he can get his anxiety problems under control, he won‘t be able to return to active duty. Meanwhile, Monk hires himself as a private consultant and uses his detective skills to solve crimes. His attention to detail and his Zen/Sherlock Holmes like demeanor enables him to read people and the environment, to see what others do not. Monk’s talisman is a set of keys that belonged to his wife’s car. He holds them close until he can discover the true facts behind her death. Monk occasionally will play his clarinet at the foot of his wife’s grave. Monk’s sidekick is a practical nurse named Sharona Fleming who monitors Monks progress and helps him cope with stressful situations. For instance, when Monk walks down the street, he will compulsively begin to touch and count each and every parking meter he passes. And meal time has a strict order: Tuesday is always chicken pot pie night. Adrian's regularly visits his psychiatrist Dr. Charles Kroger on Monday, Friday and every other Wednesday.

(The Monkees)
c/o Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, and Mike Nesmith
1334 North Beechwood Drive
Los Angeles, CA
The Monkees' address is also given as 1438 North Beachwood Street.

New York City, NY
Monk's is the favorite hangout of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his friends, George Costanza, Elaine Benes and Cosmo Kramer. The diner’s owner hires all his well-endowed daughters as waitresses [Sophia and Peggy, among them]. Note: The menu at Monk's features "Rost Beef" ("Roast Beef" misspelled). The exterior shots used for the series are actually Tom's Restaurant at the corner of Broadway & 112th Avenue. Tom's Restaurant was also the inspiration for the Suzanne Vega song entitled, "Tom's Diner." The Monks restaurant film set used on the show is on display at the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, N.Y.

MONROE, Clayt & Family
(The Monroes)
Wyoming Territory (1876)
Clayt is 18-years-old and an orphan. After his parents drowned, Clayt struggled to make a home in the Wyoming Territory for his waif brothers and sisters. They included Kathy; twin brothers Jefferson & Fennimore; and Amy.

MONROE, John & wife, Ellen
(My World & Welcome To It)
130 Post Road
Westport, CT
John is a writer and cartoonist. Ellen is a homemaker. John lived in the fantasy world of his own cartoons, safe from the clutches of his wife, and his daughter, Lydia who in his mind were fulfilling the inbred nature of all women-to make his life miserable. Note: The series was loosely based on the works of James Thurber. See also - KELLOGG, Walter

MONROE, Det. Max
(Max Monroe: Loose Cannon)
( 3-Henry-18 [Car Radio Code]
4320 Melrose Avenue
Bel Air, CA
Max works at Police Precinct 157. His police code name is "Charlie Blue Dog."

(Northern Exposure)
Cicely, AK
Mike is an attorney. He suffered from the modern day condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and lived in virtual isolation in an antiseptic Buckminster Fuller-like geodesic dome near the town of Cicely This earned him the nickname "The Bubbleman." When venturing outside, Mike wore an astronaut suit. If anyone visited his home they were asked to dress in germ free gowns and gloves. When Mike first met pilot Maggie O'Connell he asked "Are you wearing makeup...eyeliner, perfume, shampoo, conditioner, baby shampoo? How about synthetic clothing?" Maggie says "I think this shell has some nylon in it." Mike responds "Just leave it on the hook, please." Mike eventually overcame his affliction and left for Russia to work with Greenpeace. Note: The 1976 made-for-TV movie The Boy In The Plastic Bubble told the story of a boy forced to live in an isolation bubble because he was born without immunities. On the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, episode "The Bubble Boy" standup comic Jerry Seinfeld was pressured into visiting an obnoxious fan who was hermetically cocooned in a sterile environment.

MONROE, Sally "Slick"
(Fly By Night)
Loft 283
1755 Vasser Road
Vancouver, British Columbia
Sally owns Slick Air, a one-plane airline.

MONSOON, Edina/Edwina
(Absolutely Fabulous)
34 Claremont Avenue
London, W11 4BS.
Edina is divorced and lives off the income generated from her two businesses, a PR firm and furniture store, and alimony from her ex-husbands. She shares her home with daughter Saffron. Edina's best friend is Patsy Stone, a fashion executive.

MONTGOMERY, Greg & wife, Dharma
(Dharma & Greg)
San Francisco, CA
Greg is a Harvard-educated U.S. Attorney with the Justice Department. Dharma is a dog walker/trainer and a yoga instructor. They met one day on a subway and it was love at first sight. They married immediately, and ever since have been trying to understand each other and keep the quickly conceived marriage together. Greg and Dharma are complete opposites. Greg is conservative, level-headed and not much of a risk taker [he is competitive, however]. Dharma, in contrast, is spontaneous, free-spirited and lives in a world all her own.

(The Exile)
Paris, France
Danny Montreau is a French intelligence agent and Colonel in France's Special Directorate who coordinated covert operations of special undercover agent John Phillips, a former spy branded a traitor who lived in Paris, France. His comrades were Nadia Fares, Phillips' beautiful landlady and artist who operated a garage specializing in exotic cars; and Charles Cabot, Cultural Affairs attache to the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

MOON, Daphne
c/o Martin Crane
Elliot Bay Towers Suite 1901
Seattle, WA
Daphne is the live-in-caregiver and physical therapist to Martin Crane, a retired cop who lives with his psychiatrist son Dr, Fraser Crane. Daphne hails from London, England [originally from Manchester]. She is practical, efficient and a borderline psychic. When Daphne prepared to get married in 1999, her family from Britain arrived for the event. They included Daphne’s mother, Mrs. Moon; and Daphne’s mooching brother, Simon [her other brothers: Steven, Billy, Nigel and David]. Daphne eventually married psychiatrist Dr. Niles Crane [Frasier’s brother] who had lusted after Daphne while he was still married to his now ex-wife Maris Crane. Daphne’s ex-boyfriends included Clive, a lazy lay about turned successful businessman; Joe, a handsome handyman; and Donny Douglas, a divorce attorney [whom Daphne left at the alter to run away with Niles]. Some Daphne facts: She is a great pool player; loves her privacy and as a child she played a TV character named Emma who attended a boarding school on the series Mind Your Knickers.

(Star Cops)
( 002-7373-155 [Earth to Moon]
Star Cops Headquarters
c/o Nathan Springs, Commander
The Moon (planet circling Earth)
The Star Cops is a space police force created by the European Space Liaison to protect colonies on the Moon. Officers on duty include commander Nathan Spring, and inspectors David Thoreaux, and Colin Devis.

Sierra National Park
Jack is the Chief Ranger stationed at Sierra National Park. His support staff included Rangers Tim Cassidy, Matt Harper, P.J. Lewis and Julie Beck. Cruncher, one of the park's bothersome bears appeared occasionally. Note: The series was filmed at Yosemite National Park.

MOOSE, Bullwinkle J.
(Rocky & His Friends)
Frostbite Falls, MN [Koochiching County]
Bullwinkle is a dimwitted brown moose. He is the president of Moosylvania, collects box tops, wears size 22 shoes, loves birdwatching, and has a birthmark of Rue Brittania on his foot. His best friend is Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel. Their nemesis are Pottsylvanian spies Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. Reading Bullwinkle's resume one discovers that our moronic moose worked for the Navy as a radar antenna and graduated from Wassamatta U (ochre & Alice blue are the team's colors). Once Rocky asked Bullwinkle "Do you know what a bomb is?" Bullwinkle replied "A bomb is what some people call our program." During each episode Bullwinkle said "Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat...Whoops. Wrong hat." (The Bullwinkle character was named after used car salesman Clarence Bulwinkle).

MORAN, Dr. Dick
(Tom, Dick & Mary)
90 Bristol Court
Southern California
Tom shares his apartment with Dr. Tom Moran and his wife, Mary.

MORGAN, Brian & Family
(Almost Home)
Seattle, WA
Brian is a lawyer, He is a widow, has two children, Molly and Gregory and runs the home-based business Molly-Gregory Fine Children’s Catalog [started by his wife]. To care for his mischievous children [who have already gone through six nannies] Brian hired Millicent Torkelson, the divorced mother of two kids who had recently relocated to Seattle from Oklahoma. Molly and Gregory attend Lincoln High School and are affectionately called Beelzebub and Mephistopheles by their father.

(Tales of the Texas Rangers)
Texas Frontier (1800-1900s)
Ranger Clayton Morgan and his fellow Ranger Jace Pearson appeared in a variety of historical adventures that surveyed a 120-year period in the history of the famed Texas Rangers.

MORGAN, Ellen Inez
(These Friends of Mine / Ellen)
Apartment #7
North Sweeter
Los Angeles, CA
Ellen is a book store manager. Born in Louisiana, Ellen graduated from Edgemont High School in 1979 and now owns the "Buy the Book" Bookstore. Her support staff includes Joe Farrell, a portly guy who manned the coffee bar; and Audrey Penney, the cashier and Ellen’s annoying but lovable neighbor who liked to wear pink. When an earthquake destroyed Ellen’s bookstore, she rebuilt the store but then decided to sell it so she could use the money to buy a house at 859 Citrus St. (on a cul-de-sac). Ellen sold the bookstore to the Tom and Larry Corporation but she stayed on as their assistant manager. Ellen’s pet goldfish were named Eric and Lyle.

(The Sheriff of Cochise)
Cochise County, AZ
Frank is a county sheriff. He maintained law and order with the assistance of his deputies Olson, Blake and Tom Ferguson. Note: When Morgan got promoted to US Marshall [which extended his legal authority over the entire state] the show's title changed to US Marshall.

(Me & Mom)
( 213-555-5631
c/o Kate Morgan, Lou Garfield &
Zena Hunnicutt, Proprietors
2936 Hampton Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

(Me & Mom)
137 Stepford Place
Los Angeles, CA
Kate is a beautiful private eye teamed with her socialite mother, Zena.

(The Tab Hunter Show)
Malibu Beach, CA
Paul is a swinging bachelor cartoonist. He works for Comics, Inc. and created the comic strip "Bachelor-at-Large" [whose character's lifestyle is a dead ringer for Paul’s own carefree existence]. Taking care of this wild playboy is conservative housekeeper, Thelma. Her eyebrows are in a permanent state of elevation from the going's on at her employer’s Malibu Beach apartment. Paul’s friends included his boss John Larsen; and best friend and fellow playboy Peter Fairfield III, who is Paul’s partner in crime when it comes to the beautiful ladies.

1111 Glen Oaks Lane
Lawndale, USA
Daria is a 17-year-old student at Lawndale High School. She is quite intelligent, likes writing, has a dry wit, low self-esteem and has a dim view of humanity. At school she is unpopular but darn proud of it. Daria's friend in all this high school madness is Jane Lane, a snide, antisocial, resentful artist who wears a bit more colorful clothes than her misanthropic friend. Daria prefers somber colors and simple clothing. Jane is more mod and wears 3 earrings in one of her ears. When Daria lived in the town of Highland, she wore a red shirt, yellow jacket and shiny spectacles as compared to her new Lawndale look of green jacket, black boots and large round dark rimmed glasses.

3517 Grand Concourse (near Fordham Road)
New York City, NY (Bronx)
The Morgenstern daughter's Rhoda and Brenda are a constant concern to their parents, especially Ida, who is Queen of "guilt trips." Martin & Ida later divorce.

(The Mary Tyler Moore Show / Rhoda)
c/o Attic Apartment
119 North Weatherly Avenue
Street Minneapolis, MN
Rhoda Morgenstern is an insecure, slightly overweight Jewish-American window dresser living in an attic apartment in Minneapolis. She works at Hempell's Department Store. Rhoda and her close friend/neighbor, Mary Richards, another single over thirty career woman often wondered whether they would met "Mr. Right". Rhoda eventually slimmed down and moved from Minneapolis to her hometown of New York City where she shared an apartment with her sister Brenda. Rhoda then met and married Joe Gerard, a divorced Wrecking Company owner on October 24, 1974. They lived at Apartment 9B, 332 West 46th Street in Manhattan. However, the marriage which was so ballyhooed soon went into the dumpers. Both divorced and Rhoda moved to Apartment 6G (also given as 4G).

Apartment 2-D [also given as 9-E]
332 West 46th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Brenda is a bank teller at First security Bank in Manhattan [midtown branch]. Her sister is Rhoda Morgenstern. Brenda’s friends included platonic friend Gary Levy; love interest Nick Lobo, a Las Vegas musician; and her later boyfriend Benny Goodwin.

(Mork & Mindy)
1619 Pine Street
Boulder, CO.
Mork is a smiley-faced alien from the planet Ork. He landed his spacecraft, "The Flying Egg," near the town of Boulder, Colorado. His assignment: to act as advance scout for the Orkan race who might migrate to Earth in the future. He reported back to his superiors via mental telepathy. His weekly communiqués were called "The Scorpio Reports." His contact was Orson, a rotund (heard but never seen) space executive, whom Mork routinely insulted with wisecracks like "Yes, Oh Laser Breath" and "Your Immenseness." See also - ALIENS - "Mork"

MORLEY, Congressman Glen
(The Farmer's Daughter)
307 Marshall Road
Washington, D.C.
Glen lives with his mother, Agatha. Their Swedish governess, Katrin "Katy" Holstrum cares for Glen's two motherless boys, Steve and Danny. Glen later marries Katrin on 11/5/1965.

MORRIS, Zachary "Zack"
(Saved by the Bell)
Palisades, CA
Zack is a student. He attends Bayside High School, plays guitar and is a popular fixture in Principal Richard Belding’s office for pulling pranks and assorted money making schemes. Zack hangs out with fellow students A.C. Slater, a jock; Samuel "Screech" Powers, a nerd; Lisa Marie Turtle, a fashion loving black teen; Jessica "Jesse" Myrtle Spano, a tall blonde dancer; Tori Scott, a tough chick; and Kelly Kapowski, a cheerleader with the Bayside Tigers football team and the "prettiest girl in school." NOTE: The Zack character first appeared as an eighth-grade student at J.F.K. Junior High School in Indiana on the Disney Channel series Good Morning, Miss Bliss which eventually became Saved by the Bell.

MORSE, Endeavor
(Inspector Morse)
c/o Oxford Police Department
Oxford, England
Morse is an Inspector for the Oxford Police [later promoted to Chief Inspector]. He is middle-aged, single, likes to listen to classical music [I‘m a Wagner man"], solve the Times crossword puzzles, consume beer, and is vulnerable to a woman‘s charm. As for his investigative skills, they are top notch. Morse’s whole life revolves around 9 letters [D-E-T-E-C-T-I-V-E] but he gets queasy at the site of a dead body.

MORTON, Harry & wife, Blanche
(George Burns / Gracie Allen Show)
314 Maple Street
Beverly Hills, CA
The Morton's were the next-door neighbors of comedians Burns & Allen.

MORTON, Morton M. & Debbie
(Rock Candy)
( 555-MORT
1115 Morton Drive
Sherman Oaks, CA
Debbie lives with her children Morton II, Morton III and Morton IV. Her best friend is Sherrie Waverly, a singer for "Rock Candy"

MOSBY, Major John Singleton
(The Gray Ghost)
Southern States (in 1860s)
Major Mosby is a lawyer turned Confederate officer with the 43rd Battalion of the 1st Virginia Cavalry during the Civil war. His lightning swift raids on the Union Army earned him the nickname "The Gray Ghost." Note: The program was based on the book Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders by Virgil Carrington Jones.



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