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Walter is a mild-mannered police computer expert who developed a program of fact and personality traits which described the ultimate crime fighter. Because of a freak accident (where would sci-fi be without the "freak" accident), the circuits of Walter's computer overloaded and out jumped a shimmering holographic humanoid creation called Automan, who was the embodiment of the perfect crime fighting statistics previously fed into the computer banks. Since Automan was the ultimate in crime fighting Walter used him to help solve police investigations.

(The Brady Bunch)
( 762-0799 or 555-6161
c/o The Brady Family
4222 Clinton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Alice is the Brady's live-in housekeeper. Her boyfriend is Sam Franklin, the owner of Sam's Butcher Shop.

NELSON, Anthony "Tony"
(I Dream of Jeannie)
1020 Palm Drive
Cocoa Beach, FL.
Tony is an astronaut. He shares his bachelor home with Jeannie, a sexy 2000-year-old magical genie who lives in a bottle. Capt. Roger Healy is Tony's closest friend and the only other person who knows about Jeannie's existence. Tony & Jeannie later marry. Note: Tony’s alternate addresses are 1137 Oak Grove Street and 811 Pine Street. The Nelson's Cocoa Beach home with its ivy-covered-porch trellis (located on the Warner Brother's Ranch) was earlier used as the Anderson family's Springfield residence on the sitcom Father Knows Best (then called the Columbia Ranch).

c/o WNYX Radio
Dave Nelson is the a newly hired news director for WYNX, an all-news radio station in New York City. He is addicted to coffee, has a passion for Green Acres, plays the ‘Stargate Defender’ arcade game, has an old girlfriend named Nancy and carries on a secret office romance [that gets exposed] with producer Lisa Miller.

NELSON, Admiral Harriman
(Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
( 805 - 555 -1234
c/o The Nelson Institute for Marine Research
1 Nelson Drive
Santa Barbara, CA
Harriman is a retired Admiral in the US Navy. Nelson now supervises the NIMR a secret facility located off the southern coast of California. His staff included his secretaries Katie and Angie; Patricia "Tish" Sweetly, the radio operator; and Lois Hale, communications worker. Docked 500 feet beneath the NIMR is an atomic-powered submarine named Seaview. The Seaview’s current Captain is Lee Crane who served with Nelson on the Nautilus.

(Sea Hunt)
c/o The Argonaut
Mike is an ex-navy frogman. He searched the oceans for sunken treasure, stolen property and salvage. His cabin cruiser is called The Argonaut. Note: On the 1980s revival series Sea Hunt the boat is called "The Sea Hunt." Mike’s boat "The Argonaut," derived its name from the ancient Greek tale of Jason and his ship, the "Argo" constructed by Argo, a master ship builder. The Argonauts were the ship's crew members who traveled with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece.

NELSON, Ozzie & wife, Harriet
(The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)
822 Sycamore Road
Hillsdale, USA (Southern California)
Ozzie is retired bandleader. Harriet is a former singer. They share their home with sons, David [the oldest] and Eric "Ricky" [a.k.a. "The Irrepressible Ricky"] whose childhood catchphrase was "I don't mess around, boy!" The Nelson’s next door neighbor is "Thorny" Thornberry. When David and Ricky grew up and moved out Ozzie and Harriet rented their rooms to two college girls, Brenda Mackenzie and Susie Hamilton. Note: Ozzie Nelson's occupation was never revealed on the show but in the 1951 movie, Here Come the Nelsons, he was an associate at the H.J. Bellows Advertising Agency. On the show, however, there were flashbacks that showed Ozzie leading an orchestra and his wife Harriet singing, so I chose to give them musical professions (a TV fans prerogative). In real life, in the 1930s, Ozzie was a nationally known bandleader, and he married Harriet Hilliard, who was the singer for the band. Note: The Nelson TV house seen on the series (built on Stage 5 at General Service) is an exact replica of the front of their real-life home in Hollywood California, a colonial style shingle house with green shutters located at 1822 N. Camino Palmero Drive. The Nelson home address on radio was 1847 Rogers Road. The show's sponsor, the International Silver Company, made 1847 Rogers Silver.

(The Monkees)
c/o The Monkees Rock & Roll Band
1334 North Beechwood Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Mike lives with fellow rock musicians Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones.

NESS, Eliot
(The Untouchables)
( State-1096
( Superior 7-599
c/o Federal Building
Room 208
913 Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL
Eliot Ness is a US Treasury agent fighting organized crime. His squad of incorruptible law enforcement agents ("a.k.a. The Untouchables") include Martin Flaherty, William Youngfellow, Enrico Rossi, Cam Allison, Lee Hobson and Rossman. Their primary target was Frank Nitti, who inherited the Chicago underworld after mobster Al Capone got sentenced to prison for tax evasion. On the 1993 series revival, Eliot Ness is based in a brewery at 4478 Racine Street.

(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 (Ninth Floor)
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Les is a radio station news director. He is single, a dedicated American who hates Communists, and the winner of the prestigious Silver Sow Award [for hog reports] and the Buckeye News Hawk Award [he’s won nine times].

(Max Headroom)
c/o Bryce Lynch,
Head of Research & Development
105th Floor
Suite IJ2FI
Network 23 Building
Location: "20 minutes into the future"
Edison Carter is Network 23's top journalist who hosts "The What I Want To Know " news program.

NEURO-BRAIN (the computer)
(Robocop: The Series)
Delta City
Neuro-Brain is a super computer that controlled all electrical functions in Delta City. It was created by Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo who integrated a key ingredient to the project: a living human brain. After killing Diana Powers, a beautiful blond former secretary at Omni Consumer Products (OCP), he harvested and then implanted her brain into Neuro-Brain's mainframe. Upon activating the Neuro-Brian, its creator remarked "What we have here is a new form of intelligence, a completely unique melding of human and machine. It's a miracle." The Neuro-Brain was designed to "reduce all decisions to an unimpeachable binary utopia." In the meantime the essence of Diane Powers lived in cyber-space and traveled about as a holographic ghost in the machine through all the circuitry in this futuristic metropolis, assisting whenever possible, police officer Alex Murphy, aka "Robocop." See also - HEADROOM, Max and ROBOCOP

(New Attitude)
( 213-555-7981
c/o Vicki & Yvonne St. James
41 South La Brea
Los Angeles, CA
A hair stylist named Lamarr runs the "Hair by Lamarr" section of the salon. Selena's Hair Affair is their main competitor.

NEWKIRK, Corp. Peter
(Hogan's Heroes)
Stalag 13 Prison Camp
c/o Barricks Two
Dusseldorf, Germany (1940s)
Newkirk is a British prisoner of War. He has a saucy manner, a good sense of humor and talent for scheming and picking pockets. Newkirk reported to American Colonel Robert Hogan, but was a leader in his own right. In his spare time Newkirk played poker, dreamed of beautiful women, and duped the German soldiers on guard at the camp.

NEWSTEAD, Violet & Tommy
(Nine To Five)
36 Fallon Avenue
Cleveland, OH
Violet is a secretary at Consolidated Industries. Tommy is her son.

NEWTON, Wood & wife, Ava
(Evening Shade)
2102 Willow Lane
Evening Shade, AR
Wood is a former pro football player [quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers] turned high school P.E. teacher. A graduate of the University of Arkansas, Wood now coaches The Mules, the football team for Evening Shade High School [that‘s on a losing streak]. Ava [née Evans] is 33-years-old and a prosecuting attorney. Wood and Eva share their home with their four children: Taylor, a 15 year-old who attends Evening Shade High; Molly, an 11-year-old who attends Evening Shade Elementary School; Will, a 4-year-old; and baby Emily Frieda [born 5/6/91]. The family dog is named Brownie. Note: The Colonial Revival home with a charming broad porch seen as the Newton home is actually a private residence built in 1883 and known as the Wilson-Mehaffy House after its former owners William Wilson and Tom Mehaffy who owned the property from the turn of the century through the 1940s. It is located at 2102 Louisiana Street (at 22nd) in Little Rock, Arkansas. Some of the exterior locations shots for the series were taken in the real-life city of Evening Shade, Arkansas in Sharp County but most of them were filmed in the towns of Little Rock and Fayetteville.



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