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(Six Million Dollar Man)
c/o Oscar Goldman
Washington, DC
The OSI is a special government agency that develops technical gadgetry and secures scientific information for the US Government. The OSI provided secret funding to repair the injured body of US Air Force test pilot, Steve Austin with bionic replacement parts. Dr. Rudy Wells is the OSI bionic surgeon. The acronym "OSI" is also listed as Office of Scientific Intelligence.

O’GRADY, George
(The George Carlin Show)
Apartment 4C
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
George is a taxi driver [#397193]. He is single, sarcastic, sports a ponytail and lives in a brownstone apartment. George attended Georgetown University and now works for the New York City Cab Company. His personality is best summed us as "curmudgeonly." When not cruising the streets looking for fares, George hangs out at Moylan’s Tavern where he enjoys friendly banter and philosophizes about life‘s woes.

(Pros & Cons)
Apartment 705
455 Lane Street
Los Angeles, CA
Mitch is a private eye. He teamed with Gabriel Bird, a former cop and ex-con unjustly sent to prison. Their agency is called O'Hannon & Bird.

O'HARA, Tim & Uncle Martin
(My Favorite Martian)
21 Elm Street
[also 1436 Greenhill Road]
Los Angeles, CA
Born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in Southern California, Tim graduated from UCLA and works as a reporter for the Los Angeles Herald/Sun. He is a swinging bachelor but spends most of his time at his apartment with his Uncle Martin, who is actually a Martian that crash-landed on Earth. Besides his Uncle martin, Tim relatives included his cousin Harvey and his great uncle Seamus. Tim’s landlord is Lorelei Brown who is unaware of the outer alien living on her property.



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