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(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
c/o Quark’s Bar on DS9
Orbiting the Planet Bajor
Quark is the owner of a bar and gambling casino aboard the space station Deep Space 9. Quark is a Ferengi and has a bulbous brow, large protruding ears (Ferengi ear lobes are sites of sexual intimacy) and badly overgrown teeth. Like most Ferengi, Quark exhibited a greedy nature and never did anything without a profit margin in mind. Despite his enthusiasm for capitalism, at times, Quark, his tender-hearted brother Rom and his son, Nog discarded profit to help friends in need. Quark, as all Ferengi’s, religiously followed "The Rules of Acquisition," a collection of 285 societal guidelines for making a profit.

(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 [Ninth Floor]
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Bailey is the billing and traffic manager at radio station WKRP - "The Mighty 1530 AM." Bailey is single, enthusiastic and wears oversized square-framed glasses. With the support of Andy Travis, the new program director Bailey began to take on more responsibility as assistant news reporter for news director Les Nessman. When Bailey left the station she was replaced by the cynical Claire Hartline.

QUEEN, Ellery
(The Adventures of Ellery Queen)
212-A West 87th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Ellery is a writer and criminologist who beats the police to the punch in solving crimes. His widowed father, Richard Queen is an inspector with NYPD’s Center Precinct, Third Division.

c/o Peggy & Grant Mitchell
Walford E20, London (East End)
Peggy runs the Queen Vic with her son, Grant. Pauline Fowler's niece Mary Flaherty lives at the Vic and also tends bar. The Vic was previously run by the womanizing Den Watts, his vixen wife, Angie; then Frank and Pat Harris; Eddie Royle, and Sharon Watts (Den & Angie's daughter).

(The Steve Allen Show)
( Butterfield 8 - 3000
The Question Man was a recurring skit on the program in the 1950s.

Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Quincy is the Medical Examiner for the Los Angeles Coroners Office. He lives aboard a small sailing boat moored in the harbor.
Married once to a woman named Helen [now deceased] Quincy remarried to psychiatrist Dr. W. Emily Hanover. Danny’s Place, a bar adjacent to the marina, is Quincy’s favorite hangout.

QUINN, Dr. Michaela
(Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)
Colorado Springs. CO (1860s)
Michaela "Mike" is a single female physician from Boston [she graduated from Women’s Medical School in Pennsylvania] who moved west to set up practice in the Colorado wilderness following the death of her father and medical partner. With the help of Byron Sully a widowed mountain man [her future husband], Sully's pet wolf and a group of orphaned children [their mother Charlotte Cooper died of a snake bite], Dr. Quinn tackled the rigors of frontier life.

QUINN, Sam & Molly
(It Takes Two)
( 555-6060
Apartment 1110
Chicago, IL
Sam is a chief of surgery at Rush-Thornton Medical Center. Molly is an assistant district attorney. They live with their two children Lisa and Andy.



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