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REED, Officer Jim
( 1-ADAM-12 [car radio code]
( KMA-367 [car radio code]
c/o LAPD
Los Angeles, CA
Jim is a rookie cop [badge #2430]. He patrols the City of Angels with his senior partner, Officer Pete Malloy. They report to Sgt. McDonald [radio code: L-20 & L-90].

REED, Jimmy Lee "J.D."
(Concrete Cowboys)
Somewhere in America
Jimmy is footloose and fancy free cowpoke. He roamed the United States with his buddy Will Ewbanks in a dilapidated camper. Their mission: looking for adventure, and a fast card game or two.


(The Simpsons)
c/o Lionel Hutz, Broker
Springfield, USA
Other salespersons on duty: Nick Callahan, Cookie and newest associate Marge Simpson. Their slogan is "The 6% Commission People."

(Red Ryder)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Red Ryder is a frontier lawman. He roamed the Old West maintaining law and order assisted by his Indian friend, Little Beaver.

(Empire / Redigo)
c/o The Garrett Ranch
State of New Mexico
Jim is the ranch foreman at the Garrett ranch. He supervised the daily concerns of the half-million acre spread. Note: This drama was renamed Redigo when Jim Redigo left the Garret's ranch to become owner/operator of a smaller nearby ranch in the town of Mesa.

17 Somerson Road
Winnetka, IL
Georgiana "Georgie" is a 35-year-old real estate broker with the Maple Leaf Realties. She is married to John Whitsig who left his C.P.A. job to become a singer. They have two boys: Trevor and Ryan. Georgie has a PH D. in anthropology, is a Libra and is the third oldest sister of four siblings. She is the "the responsible sister." Her sisters included Alexandra "Alex" Reed-Haley, a 39-year-old; Theodora "Teddy" Reed-Margolis Falconer Sorenson, a 37-seven year old; and Francesca "Frankie" Reed", the youngest sister. After the Reed sister father died they discovered they had a half-sister Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett. She was the daughter of Thomas Reed and his mistress Isabelle "Belle" Ruth Annderle.

REED, Thomas & wife, Beatrice
17 Somerson Road or
17 Linden Avenue
Winnetka, IL
Tom is a doctor [now deceased]. Beatrice is a homemaker. They raised four girls Alexandra "Alex," Francesca "Frankie," Georgiana "Georgie," and Theodora "Teddy." Beatrice planted four rose bushes in the back yard, each plant named after one of her daughters. Because their father wanted boys, the girls names are decidedly masculine. Beatrice now lives at the Regency Condo.

REGAN, Det. Jack
(The Sweeney)
London, UK
Jack is a police inspector. He is foul-mouthed, unorthodox and the leader of an elite team of Scotland Yard detectives called "the Flying Squad" —rhyming slang for "Sweeney Todd," an infamous murderer. His coworkers included Sgt. George Carter and Inspector Haskins. When Jack investigated a crime, it wasn’t long before his suspects felt the brunt his violent insubordinate nature.

(The Crew)
Miami, FL
Regency Airline employees a crew of close friends including flight attendants Jess Jameson [she a smart-mouth] , Maggie Reynolds [she‘s Jess‘s gullible roomate, Paul Steadman [he’s gay and Jewish] and Randy Anderson [he‘s a superficial womanizer]. Their supervisor is Lenora Zwick who has the hots for Captain Rex Parker, a Regency pilot. They all hangout at an airport bar called the Mambo Mambo where their friend, MacArthur Edwards is a bartender [he’s in love with Jess].

REID, Britt
(The Green Hornet)
Britt is a crusading newspaper publisher. He donned a mask to become the Green Hornet, a mysterious underworld figure that was a scourge to the criminal element. The Green Hornet didn't use a gun that shot bullets but rather a Hornet "sting" gun that used sound waves that could shatter steel. He also used a cane that ejected a benign but incapacitating green gas. Kato, Britt's manservant and chauffeur used his martial arts knowledge of Kung Fu to subdue any criminals that got in his way. The Green Hornet and Kato drove a car called "The Black Beauty." Note: The Green Hornet is actually the great nephew of the Lone Ranger (the Lone Ranger's nephew's grandson).

REID, John
(The Lone Ranger)
Southwest, USA (late 1800s)
John Reid is Texas Ranger and the survivor of an ambush by the Cavendish Gang who was found by an Indian named Tonto and nursed back to health. Recovered from his injuries, the Ranger donned a black mask, and vowed to avenge the death of his fellow rangers. Attaining his goal, he continued traveling with his faithful Indian companion to lead a fight for law and order in the early days of the Old West. The Lone Ranger's trusty white steed is called Silver. Tonto rides a horse called Scout. The Lone Ranger's trademark silver bullets were made from the silver ore taken from a mine once owned by his brother Captain Daniel Reid, who was killed by the Cavendish Gang. An old retired Ranger named Jim Blane worked the silver mine [located under an old cabin] and fashioned the silver ore into the Ranger's bullets, which he used sparingly. He chose silver as his medium to emphasize that silver, like life, was precious and should not be wasted. The silver bullets became a "symbol of justice to all honest men and a cause of fear to the lawbreakers." In the motion picture remake The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981) Tonto advised the Lone Ranger to use silver bullets because Tribal chiefs used silver tips on their arrows to make them fly straighter and longer and because "Silver is has been a symbol of justice since the year of the sun." Note: The Lone Ranger character was based on the radio program created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker which debuted on January 30, 1933.

REID, John
(Shell Game)
17112 West Dawson Drive
Santa Ana, CA
John works for KJME-TV Channel 6 as consumer advocate program producer for "Solutions."

(Remington Steele)
( 555-3535 [or 9450 or 9548]
c/o Laura Holt and Remington Steele
Century City Towers
Suite # 1157
606 West Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Laura Holt owns the agency. Mildred Krebs is the firm's secretary. A mysterious con-man poses as the company's fictitious founder, Remington Steele. The exterior shots of the Remington Steele Detective Agency building are actually scenes of the twin office towers known as the Century Plaza Towers at 2029 and 2049 Century Park East off Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City.

(The Renegades)
Los Angeles, CA
The Renegades is a special police undercover group. They consisted of several gang members from around the city who were recruited by Lieutenant Frank Marciano to help fight crime in Los Angeles. Members included Bandit of the Aces Gang; Eagle of the Chiefs Gang; Tracy the Satin Dolls Gang; Dancer of the Bombers Gang; Dragon of the Shanghai Shieks; Gaucho of the Wild Cats Gang; and J.T. of the Romans Gang.

RENFREW, Douglas
(Renfrew of the Royal Mounted)
Yukon Territory (late 1800s)
Douglas is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He patrolled the wilderness of the Yukon with the help of Constable Kelly. Note; The series was based on the stories written by Laurie York Erskine.

REYNOLDS, Mike & wife, Liz
(Me and the Chimp)
Southern California
Mike is a dentist. Liz is a homemaker. They have two children Scott and Kitty. Oh yeah, they also have a pet chimp called Buttons. One day the Reynolds kids found a runaway Air Force test chimp in a park and convinced third dad into adopting it as a pet. The family named the chimp "Buttons" because of his persistent habit of pushing anything with buttons.

(Cover Up)
c/o Danielle Reynolds
36 North Dutton Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Danielle is a spy. She poses as a fashion photographer while doing covert undercover work for the US government.

REYNOLDS, Terry/Gwen Leonard
(Fired Up)
Apartment #406
671 Duwane Street
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Terry is a secretary for Gwen Leonard, a public relations executive. When Gwen Leonard loses her job, the two move in together and open their own agency.

(My Friend Irma)
c/o Richard Rhinelander Investment
113 Park Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

RHOADES, Doralee
(Nine To Five)
102 West 72nd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Doralee is a secretary at Barkley Foods.

RHOADES, Marcy & husband, Steven
(Married...With Children)
9674 [& 9476] Jeopardy Lane
Chicago, IL
Marcy is a loan officer at Kyoto National Bank. Steven Bartholomew Rhoades works as a loan officer for the Leading Bank of Chicago. Their sex life is active and often kinky. Steve and March wore matching wedding bands. Marcy’s inscription read: "To our everlasting love, Steven" Steve later lost his job for giving a bad $50,000 loan to Al who started a failed phone line called "Dr. Shoe": 555-SHOE. Steve then took a job with Slither’s Pet Emporium and eventually became a Forest Ranger at Yosemite National Park. After Steve left Marcy, she married a handsome, but lazy ex-convict named Jefferson D‘Arcy.



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