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RICARDO, Ricky & wife, Lucy
(I Love Lucy)
( Murray Hill 5-9975 [or 5-9099 & Circle 7-2099]
Apartment 4A
623 East 68th Street
New York City, NY
(Upper East side of Manhattan)
Ricky is a singer at the Tropicana Club. His wife, Lucy is a wanna-be actress/performer. Later the Ricardo's moved downstairs across the hall from the Mertzes to Apartment 3-B when son Ricky Jr. was born and still later they moved to Westport, CT. They pay $125 a month rent (for 3B) to their landlords Fred & Ethel Mertz.

(The Immortal)
Somewhere in America
Ben is a test driver. One day the doctor told him he had a special type of "O" blood that contained an antibody which gave Ben immunity to every known disease including old age. Periodic transfusions of his blood can give other men a second, a third lifetime, perhaps more. Consequently, Ben Richards will live longer than anyone has ever lived, but a transfusion to the wrong man could make him a prisoner for all time. And so he runs "from the hunters...the human hounds who would cage him."

(The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
( 555-7862 [or 2321]
Apartment D
119 North Weatherly Avenue
Minneapolis, MN.
Mary is a news producer for WJM-TV. Mary later marries a US Congressman. After he dies, Mary returns to New York City as a journalist for a TV station. She now has a grown daughter [as revealed on the ABC TV-Movie "Mary & Rhoda" (2000)].

RIDDLER, THE  See - NIGMA, Edward E.

(Fast Times)
Ridgemont, CA
Faculty on staff include history teacher Mr. Arnold Hand; biology teacher Hector Vargas and life studies teacher Miss Leslie Melon. Students enrolled are Jeff Spicoli, Brad & Stacey Hamilton, Linda Barrett, Mike Damone, Barbara DeVille and Mark Ratner.

Apartment 2A
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Alex is a Jewish-American career cabbie who drove full-time for the Sunshine Cab Company. He has no other aspiration in life but to drive his cab and make a living. He is the eldest of the cabbies and is often ask for advice and his personal opinion. When not driving a cab, Alex likes to ski and play with his pet dog, Buddy. His family members included father Joe Rieger, a seaman; sister, Charlotte; ex-wife, Phyllis; and grown daughter, Cathy. Elaine Nardo, an attractive red-haired cab driver, is Alex's close friend.

(Mad About You)
New York, NY
Riff's is the favorite hangout of Paul and Jamie Buchman and friends. Ursula [the twin sister of Phoebe Buffay from TV series Friends] is a regular waitress at Riff's. The interior scenes of Riff's Bar were shot on Soundstage #11 at Culver City. The exterior shots are from the Old Town and Bar Restaurant located at 45 West 18th Street, between Park Avenue South and Broadway.


RIKER, William T.
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
c/o The USS Enterprise-D
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Riker is the executive officer aboard the starship USS Enterprise-D. His commander Jean-Luc Picard refers to him as "Number One." Riker was born in Valdez, Alaska in 2335. His family includes his mother [she died when Riker was two] and his father Kyle Riker [who abandoned him at the age of 15]. Will graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2357. He first served on the USS Potemkin as Lieutenant and on the USS Hood as executive officer before transferring to the Enterprise-D. Riker is handsome, confident and popular with the crew. His close friend is ship’s counselor Deanna Troi, with whom Riker had an affair a few years earlier when he was stationed on the planet Betazed. They call each other "Imzadi" [Betazoid for "beloved’]. Riker loves cooking, jazz music, and playing the trombone.

RILEY, Chester A. & wife, Peg
(The Life of Riley)
( Gladstone 9-989J [as heard on radio]
1313 Blue View Terrace
Los Angeles, CA.
Riley works as an aircraft riveter at Stevenson Aircraft [later Cunningham Aircraft]. He lives with his wife, Margaret "Peg," and children Babs and Junior. Their address later changes to 5412 Drone Avenue [at Grove St.] Del Mar Vista, CA. When their daughter Babs marries Don Marshall, the newlyweds moved to Apt. #3 at 1451 Blue View Terrace, CA

c/o Captain Edward Parmalee
Texas Ranger Headquarters
Laredo, TX (late 1800s)
Joe is one of three Texas rangers stationed in the town of Laredo. His fellow officers included Reese Bennett, Chad Cooper and latecomer rookie ranger Erik Hunter. They all reported to Captain Edward Parmalee.

RILEY, Michelle "Mickey"
(Dear Phoebe)
34 West Sunset
Los Angeles, CA
Mickey is a sportswriter for The Daily Star. Her boyfriend is Bill Hastings who writes the "Dear Phoebe" lovelorn column

RINGO, Johnny
(Johnny Ringo)
Velardi, AZ (1880s)
Johnny Ringo is an ex-gunfighter turned sheriff. He maintained law and order with a LeMat Special firearm. It has two barrels-one fired six.45 caliber rounds, and the other fired a shotgun shell. Johnny's friends included Cully, the town's deputy; Laura Thomas, Ringo's romantic interest; and Laura's father Case Thomas, the owner of the town's general store. The Le Met Special was designed by Johnny's deputy, Cason "Case" Thomas, to help Johnny "even the odds" when he came up against the bad guys. Called a "seven shooter" by Cason, the Colt .45 gun had a special seventh barrel located beneath the regular one. It was loaded with a .410 shotgun shell and activated when the gun's hammer was placed in the firing position.

( 555-8300
c/o Cody Allen, Nick Ryder and Murray "Boz" Bozinsky
Pier #56 Slip # 7
King Harbor
Los Angeles, CA
The Riptide Agency uses a motorboat ["The Ebbtide"], a robot ["The Roboz,"] and a pink helicopter ["The Screaming Mimi."]

(Perfect Strangers)
c/o Mr. Twinkacetti, Proprietor
627 Lincoln Boulevard
Chicago, IL
Support staff includes Larry Appleton and his cousin Balki Bartokomous. The building seen as the Ritz Discount Store is the Santa Rita Hotel, a four-story brick building located at 1100 S. Main Street on the southern edge of downtown Los Angeles, east of the Harbor Freeway and north of the Santa Monica Freeway

(Suddenly Susan)
c/o The Gate
San Francisco, CA
Luis is a suave Cuban-American photographer. He works for a trendy magazine called The Gate. Luis was the "kind of guy who thinks he's much sexier that he really is." Luis was a traditional macho Hispanic. His brother, Carlos, on the other hand, was a handsome, charming homosexual. On episode "The Me Nobody Nose," Luis studied for his citizenship; and on episode #37 "Car Trouble" Luis is refused a rental car based on his ethnic heritage. Luis and his coworker Todd attended a pottery class and invested $17,000 in a failed business venture when they sold yellow bell-bottom pants for women called "Lemon Legs."

RIVERA, Pablo "Paul"
(A.K.A. Pablo)
Los Angeles, CA
Paul is an up-and-coming comedian. His family includes parents Domingo and Rosa Maria; sisters Sylvia, Lucia and her husband Hector Del Gato, their children Anna Maria, Susana, Tomas, Mario and Elana; brother Manuel and his wife Carmen. Jose Sanchez Shapiro is Paul's agent.



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