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RO, Laren
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
c/o The USS Enterprise
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Born on the planet Bajor in 2340, Ro Laren was raised during the Cardassian occupation of her home world that was responsible for the death of her father [she was force to watch him tortured to death]. She later joined the Federation Starfleet and attained the rank of ensign. She received a court-martial for disobeying orders and subsequently was recruited by the Federation for an undercover assignment aboard the Enterprise-D to flush out Bajoran terrorists in 2368. Completing her assignment, she was asked to stay onboard the Enterprise-D by its commander Jean Luc Picard. Ro agreed but with one condition. She must be allowed to wear an earring on her right ear. [Starfleet policy forbids its recruits to display personal items like jewelry while on duty and Bajoran tradition dictated the wearing of such ornaments.] Ro later defected to the Maquis, a group of rebel forces at odds with the Federation. Note: Bajoran custom also dictates that a person’s family name is first, followed by the given name. Therefore, Laren would be called Ro Laren.

(Fantasy Island)
c/o Fantasy Island Cottage
Mr. Roarke is the mysterious owner of a remote tropical island resort on Fantasy Island. No one quite knew whom Mr. Roarke was nor did they know from where he came. However, they did know he fulfilled people's life long dreams. Roarke could take a timid man, afraid of the opposite sex and show him what it would be like to be a playboy. He could arrange to have a person relive a certain moment of their life, to find out if the choice they made years ago, was the right one. And he could even send people back across the boundaries of time and space to any period of history. If you wanted to be a frontier outlaw, POOF! the next minute you'd be on a horse, six-gun in hand pursued by the authorities. Simply put...Mr. Roarke could grant you your hearts desire. However, he did warn all his quests of the dangers involved in their fantasies and that he could not be responsible for their outcome. He realized that sometimes wanting was not always as good as having (sentiment expressed on STAR TREK episode "Amok Time"). Assisting him on his tropical paradise was a cute dwarf known as Tattoo, who rang a tower bell alerting the island residents of the approach of a new load of arrivals. In a heavily accented voice, he cried "The Plane, The Plane." When Tattoo left the island, an English manservant named Lawrence took over his duties.

(Remember WENN)
c/o Barbican Hotel for Single Women
Pittsburgh, PA (in 1939)
Betty is a script writer at radio station WENN in Pittsburgh.

(Good Sports)
c/o The Landmark Building
Los Angeles, CA
Gayle is a newscaster. She is single, 40-year-old, a former super-model and works as a sports journalist for the All Sports Cable Network [ASCN] owned by the Rappaport Broadcasting System. Gayle hosts the programs Sports Central, Sports Chat and Sports Brief with her 42-year-old co-anchor Bobby Tannen [an ex-football jock whom she once boinked in college]. Luckily, the duo’s past relationship added spark and spice to their on-air performance which helped the ratings. After Gayle mentored the less-experienced Bobby in the ways of sports news, he fell in love with her and proposed marriage. Psst! Gayle is allergic to goat cheese. Her real last name is Gordon. Carl Sandburg is her favorite poet. Before falling for Bobby, Gayle dated Nick Calder.

ROBIN HOOD  See - LOCHSLEY, Sir Robin of

ROBINSON, Det. George
(The Partners)
Apartment #302
1103 West 4th Street
Los Angeles, CA
George's partner is 33rd Precinct police Det. Lennie Crooke.

ROBINSON, Dr. John & Family
(Lost in Space)
c/o The Jupiter II
Lost somewhere in outer space
John is a professor in astrophysics. Together with his biochemist wife, Maureen, their three children Judith "Judy," age 19, Penelope "Penny," age 11 and William "Will," age nine, and the ship’s pilot and radio astronomer/geologist Major Don West, the Robinson’s embarked on a 98 year mission [frozen in suspended animation] on October 16, 1997 to the Alpha Centauri star system in the saucer-shaped spacecraft, the Jupiter II. Unfortunately, the flight was thrown hopelessly off course by a saboteur and reluctant stowaway Dr. Zachary Smith. A mechanical man called "Robot" served as their group’s protector as they try to find their way home.

(I Spy)
Somewhere in the World
Kelly is a US government spy working for the Pentagon. He used the cover of an world-class tennis champion to travel on assignments around the globe. Kelly was born in Ohio and raised by a single mother. He is a drinker, a smoker, a womanizer and a former Princeton student who played on two Davis Cup teams. Alexander Scott, his Afro-American espionage partner poses as Kelly‘s trainer. Note: Scott refers to Kelly as "Hoby." This is an insiders reference to the fact that the actor who played Kelly [Robert Culp] originally played the role of Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman on the western series Trackdown.

(Who's the Boss)
( KL 5- 6218
3344 Oak Hills Drive [also given as Madison Avenue]
Fairfield, CT (Fairfield County).
Mona lives with her divorced daughter, Angela Bower and her grandson, Jonathan. Mona encourages Angela to get romantically involved with their live-in male housekeeper, Tony Micelli. Mona was born in Texas on May 18th. Her husband Robert Robinson died when Angela was 14. When Mona got pregnant with Angela, she dropped out of college but later returned. Mona has two brothers: Archie and Cornelius.

(What's Happening!!)
Second Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Rob's Place (originally called "Robert's Place") is a hamburger/soda shop and the favorite hangout of teenagers Roger "Raj" Thomas, Dwayne Clemens and Freddie "Rerun" Stubbs. Their waitress is a wisecracking female called Shirley Wilson who is always at odds with Rob, the joints owner. Once in a while Shirley gets fed up and quits her job, but she always finds her way back to Rob who always rehires her because she is such a good waitress. Shirley worked at Robs Place for 11 years. Additional support staff included Maurice Warfield, a busboy/waiter. According to Rerun, "the burgers served at Rob's aren't meat but a combination of everything left over from the day before and anything brown." Other items on the menu: Apple Pie ($.60), Peanut Butter and Jelly ($.70), Bowl of Chili ($.95), Chili Dogs ($1.00), French Fries ($.25), and Hot Fudge Sundae ($.80) and Shirley's 'Chocolate Heaven' cookies ($.25). According to Shirley Wilson, they have three rules at Rob's Place: Rule #1: Never reveal the secret of the secret sauce; Rule #2: Never stop trying to find the secret of the secret sauce; and Rule #3: No one is allowed to throw food at Rob's except the chef. Note: On the sequel 'What’s Happening Now!!!', Roger and Shirley buys Rob's Place (slated for demolition) and become business partners. To market their new business Raj does a TV commercial on Channel 77 dressed as "Mr. Good Chef." Rob's Place also sponsors The Rangers, a local little league team.

ROCHESTER  See - JONES, Rochester Van

ROCKFORD, James "Jim"
(The Rockford Files)
( 555-2368 [or 2867 or 9000]
c/o Rockford Private Detective Agency
The Paradise Cove Trailer Colony
2354 Pacific Coast Highway
Los Angeles, CA [Malibu area]
Jim is an ex-con turned private detective. A veteran of the Korean war, Jim served five years of a twenty year sentence in San Quentin until new evidence earned him a pardon. Most days Jim would rather be fishing, but he’s got to pay the bills and so he charges $200 a day plus expenses for his private eye services. Jim owns a gun but kept it in a coffee can in his mobile home ["I don‘t shoot it. I just point it"]. Jim drives a bronze Firebird Esprit [License Plate # 853 OKG]. Jim fields his personal and business messages on an answering machine. The recorded message proclaims "This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave a name and message. I'll get back to you." TRIVIA NOTE: Jim's address is also referred to as 29 Palm Road or 29 Cove Road or 2356 Pacific Coast Highway.

(Cimarron City)
State of Oklahoma (in 1890s)
Matthew is cattle rancher and Mayor of Cimarron City, an oil boom town located in Oklahoma during the 1890s. His friends included Beth Purcell, a boardinghouse owner; and Lane Temple, the town sheriff.

(Chico and the Man)
Los Angeles, CA
Chico Rodriguez, a young wisecracking Chicano who worked with a cranky old garage mechanic in the barrio of East Los Angeles. Chico’s acquaintances include his friend Ramon a.k.a. "Mando"; Ed Brown, a crotchety auto mechanic who gave Chico a job; Louie, the garbage man. Note: When Freddie Prinze who played Chico took his life in 1977 (he shot himself in the head), Gabriel Melgar was introduced as Raul Garcia, a 12-year-old runaway from Mexico who had stowed away in a car crossing from Tijuana to the U.S.A. The vivacious Charo played his Aunt Charo, a talented entertainer who had arrived from Spain to work in Southern California. Freddie Prinze was actually part Hungarian and part Puerto Rican. He called himself a "Hungarican."

RODRIGUEZ, Jesse & wife, Maria
Southern California
Jesse Rodriquez is a successful Latino landscaping businessman who lived in a condo right next store to a WASP insurance salesman. Jesse’s family members include his wife, Maria; their daughter, Linda; and Jose Montoya, a friend of the family. The next store neighbor’s white son Scott Kirkridge later married Linda Rodriguez, which created more tension between the culturally divergent families.

(Charlie’s Angels)
c/o Charles Townsend Investigations
Los Angeles, CA
Julie is a private detective. She is single, brunette, and comes from a top modeling school. She was hired by Charlie Townsend to replace departing Tiffany Welles. Julie had done investigations work with another private eye and Charlie got her a detective badge after her first case with the Angels. Julie’s news colleagues included John Bosley [Charlie’s assistant] and detectives Kelly Garrett and Kris Munroe. To get around town, Julie drove the orange Pinto once used by ex-Angels Sabrina Duncan and Tiffany Welles.

ROGERS, Mr. Fred
(Mister Rogers' Neighborhood)
4802 Fifth Avenue
Gateway to the Make Believe.
Mister Rogers' entered his TV home singing "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." and followed-up with the invitation "won't you be my neighbor?" After changing from his street clothes into more casual sweater and slippers, the soft-spoken Mister Rogers explored the wonders of the world interacting with such lovable characters as Lady Aberlin, Handyman Negri, Chef Brockett, Mr. McFeely "the Speedy Delivery Man," Robert Troll, and Police Officer Clemmons. Puppet characters in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe included King Friday the XIII, Queen Sara Saturday, Prince Tuesday, Lady Elaine Fairchilde [who ran the Museum-Go-Round], Henriette Pussycat, the shy Daniel S. Stripped Tiger [who lived in a clock], X the Owl, Donky Hodie, Cornflake "Corny" S. Pecially [who owned a rocking chair factory], Henri de Tigre [Grandpere], William Duckbill Bagpipe Platypus the IV, Dr. Tadpole Frog, Harriet Elizabeth Cow and a ventriloquist dummy, Hischer Booptrunk. Mr. Rogers' philosophy towards his children viewers was comforting. He constantly reminded them "There is only one person in the whole world exactly like you, and people can like you just the way you are."

ROGERS, Major Robert
(Northwest Passage)
Upstate New York (1754)
Rogers is a famed explorer/Indian fighter who searched for the Northwest Passage, a water route thought to link the eastern and western portions of North America. His companions were veteran explorer Sergeant Hunk Marriner and Ensign Langdon Towne, a map maker. Rogers reported to General Amherst. The program focused on their trek to the Northwest Passage during the French and Indian War (1754-59) interspersed with battles with the French and Indians of the period. Note: The real Major Robert Rogers lived from 1731 to 1795. He formed "Roger's Rangers" an early wilderness guerrilla unit created to fight Indians and other parties not loyal to the crown of England.

(The Roy Rogers Show)
Double R Ranch
Mineral City, USA
Roy a.k.a. "The King of the Cowboys" is the rough and tumble sheriff who maintained law and order in the town of Mineral City with the assistance of his girlfriend Dale "Queen of the West" Evans; and a bumbling deputy sidekick Pat Brady who drove a dilapidated Jeep called Nellybelle. Animal sidekicks included Roy's horse, Trigger; Roy's German shepherd dog, Bullet; and Dale's horse, Buttercup. Note: The Double R Bar Ranch was in reality part of the 138-acre tract of land in Chatsworth, California owned by Roy Rogers. The rugged terrain of big rocks and hills and the convenience of nearby stables lent itself as an ideal setting for this cowboy adventure. Rogers' home was occasionally seen in some of the program footage.

(The Dick Van Dyke Show)
( Plaza 3-9098
New York City, NY
Sally is a comedy writer for "The Alan Brady Show." She lives alone with her two cats, Mr. Henderson and Mr. Diefenthaler. Her boyfriend is Herman Glimshire.

ROGERS, Zack & mother, Elizabeth
(Mr. Merlin)
( 555-5515
13761 Havenhurst Road
San Francisco, CA (High Park)
Zack works for Mr. Merlin's Garage at 61 Hope Street.

(One Day at a Time)
( 555-4142
Apartment 402
1344 Hartford Drive
Indianapolis, IN
Anne is a divorced ad executive. She lives with her teenage daughters, Julie & Barbara. Their building superintendent is Dwayne Schneider [Apt. #1]. Ann later moved to 322 Bedford Street when she married architect Sam Royer.

(T.J. Hooker)
c/o L.C.P.D.
Southern California
Vince is a rookie cop. He partners with veteran cop T. J. Hooker who teaches at the police academy. Their patrol unit it 4-Adam-30. Vince hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in nearly every episode he comments "You know, when I was a kid in South Philly..." Vince's partner T. J. Hooker refers to him as "Junior." [which he knew Vince didn't like]. Vince's girlfriend died in a car explosion in the parking lot of Sherry's Bar [the bomb was meant for his partner T. J. Hooker]. Despite the tragedy, the hunky Vince is still quite a ladies' man [you should have seen the girls go gaga when Vince went undercover as a male exotic dancer.]

ROPER, Stanley & wife, Helen
(The Ropers)
( 555-3099
c/o The Royal Dale
Condominium Town
Homes 46 Peacock Drive
Cheviot Hills, CA (near L.A.)
Stanley & Helen were formerly landlords at the Roper Apartment House in Santa Monica. Mr. Ralph Furley took over as landlord when they moved.

RORCHEK, Joseph "Joe" & Ann
(Code Red)
( 555-2364
9876 Temple Lane
Los Angeles, CA
Joe is a Fire Department Captain at Batallion 6, Station 1.

ROSE, Matthew
No. 25 Albert Square
Walford E20, London (East End)
Matt runs a music CD Stall in the Square. He lives with his Mom, Susan and his Dad, Michael.

(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Sunnydale, CA
Willow is a shy computer whiz with red hair and green eyes. Born and raised in Sunnydale, Willow attends Sunnydale High School [home of the Razorbacks football team]. Her Jewish parents are Ira and Sheila Rosenberg. Collectively, Willow's friends Daniel "Oz" Osborne [a musician with whom Willow gave up her virginity], Xander [Willow's friend since childhood]; Cordelia Chase [a preppy snob]; and Buffy [a vampire slayer] are called the "Scooby Gang" [a phrase coined by Xander to reflect the groups occult activities of battling ghosts, vampires and other such demons]. Willow began studying the occult and aspired to Wiccan beliefs. After Willow fell in love with a fellow Wiccan named Tara, a saddened Oz left town [he had turned into a werewolf and could no longer see a future with Willow].

(Coronation Street)
Number Eleven
Coronation Street
Weatherfield, England

ROYAL, Alfonso & wife, Victoria
(The Royal Family)
( 555-6739
973 Glenview Avenue
Chamblee, GA (near Atlanta)
Al and Victoria are retired. Just as they settle into retirement, their newly divorced and homeless daughter Elizabeth moves back into the house with her children. Kim, Hillary and Curtis.

(The Flintstones)
Bedrock, (Stone Age)
The Royal Order of the Water Buffalos was originally called the "Loyal Order of Dinosaurs" and later "The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes." Their membership roster includes quarry worker Fred Flintstone and his friend and neighbor Barney Rubble. The head of the organization is known as the Grand Pooh-Bah. The Buffalos headdress is a large furry beefeater-like hat with a set of horns protruding from it. The lodge's secret password is "Ack Acka Dak...Dak Daka Ack"

ROYER, Sam & Anne Romano
(One Day at a Time)
322 Bedford Street
Indianapolis, IN
Sam is an architect. Anne is an advertising executive who has two grown daughters [Julie and Barbara Cooper] from a previous marriage.



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