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RUBBLE, Barney and wife, Betty
(The Flintstones)
Cobblestone Way
Bedrock, 70777 (pop. 2500)
(Cobblestone County)
Barney is a quarry worker. Betty [nee Betty Jean McBricker] is a homemaker. Barney bought Betty's wedding ring at The Buddy Buddy Credit Jewelers. Barney and Betty adopted a towheaded little boy with super strength named "Bam Bam." When Bam Bam grew up, he married his next-door neighbor Pebbles Flintstones They had twins: Roxy, a towhead who inherited her father's strength and Chip, a redheaded boy. Before Barney worked at Slaterock Quarry with his pal Fred Flintstone, he had a jobs with the Pebble Rock and Gravel Company; in the Granite Building working for Mr. Granite; for a furniture repossession firm; with some kind of Government job possibly "top secret"; and later joint ventures with pal Fred Flintstone as travel agents and private investigators. Note: Barney grew up at 142 Boulder Avenue in Granitetown.

(Rumpole of the Bailey)
London, UK
Horace is a portly, aging barrister who defends clients at the 'Old Bailey' in London. When he goes to court he carries a red bag that contains his wig and robes. The red bag (awarded by a Queen's Counsel) signifies a lawyer has performed exceptionally as a junior barrister in some legal case. Regular novice barristers carry their robes and wig in a blue bag.

(Grace & Favour)
c/o Millstone Manor
Village of Great Tender
Rural England
Mr. Rumbold is a former employee of Grace Brothers Department Store in London. He retired to the country with a group of his former employees when they inherited the Manor in lieu of a pension upon the death of "young" Mr. Grace.

RUSH, Henry & wife, Muriel
(Too Close for Comfort)
Buena Vista Street
San Francisco, CA
Henry draws the cartoon strip "Cosmic Cow" for Random Comic, a subsidiary of Wainwright Publishing. Muriel is a former band singer turned freelance photographer. They live in a red Victorian building that once was an infamous brothel. At age 42, Muriel gave birth to a baby named Andrew. The Rush's pretty daughters [Jackie and Sarah] rent a downstairs apartment for $300 a month. Henry's hippie niece April lived with the Rush's for a year. Monroe Ficus is their annoying neighbor. In 1986 the Rush's moved North to Mill Valley when Henry purchased The Marin Bugler, a weekly newspaper.

(December Bride)
728 Elm Street
Westwood, California.
Widow Lily writes an advice column for the Gazette. She lives with her married daughter Ruth and her husband Matt. Her later address is 728 North Palm Drive.

(Uncle Buck)
Chicago, IL
Buck is a bachelor and the guardian of Tia, a boy-crazy sixteen year-old who attends Monroe High School; Maizy, a wisecracking seven-year-old who attends Livingston Avenue Grammar School; and Miles, a smart-alecky ten-year-old who also attends Livingston. Buck was given custody of the children five months after his brother Bobby and his sister-in-law Margaret died. Tia calls Maizy "Sprout" ; Maizy calls Miles a "wuss"; and Miles calls Maizy "Freckle Butt" [she has a birthmark on her rear end - Maizy calls them beauty marks.]. Buck loves the Chicago Cubs and drives a dilapidated smoke-belching sedan [license: 521-214] that complements Buck’s portly, cigar-smoking, beer-drinking persona. He hangs out at Rafe’s Place, a local pool hall. The kid’s grandmother is Margaret Hogoboom. She lived in Southbrook Indiana. Note: The series is based on the movie Uncle Buck.

RUSSELL, Samantha & sister, Patti
(My Sister Sam)
( 555-6687
c/o Russell Scouts Photography Studio Apartment 5-C
1345 Benchley Street
San Francisco, CA
Sam's neighbor, Jack Kincaid, lives next-door at Apartment 5D.

RUSSELL, Vanessa
(Hangin' with Mr. Cooper)
653 Hamilton Street
Oakland, CA
Vanessa shares the house with two friends [Mark and Robin] to cut down on expenses. Mark is a substitute teacher; Robin is a music teacher. When Robin left, Mark’s cousin Geneva and her daughter, Nicole took up residence. Vanessa and Mark eventually marry.

RUSSO, Blossom
465 Hampton Drive
Southern California
Blossom is 13-years-old. She plays the trumpet, sleeps with her Alf doll, keeps a video diary and attended Crestridge School for Girls and then Tyler High School. Her father Nick is a divorced musician [he remarried a British woman named Carol with a six-year-old daughter named Kennedy]. Blossom’s mother Madelyn left Nick after 20 years of marriage to become a singer in Europe. Blossom’s slow-witted, skirt-chasing brother Joey likes to say "Whoa!" [he later proposed to girlfriend Melanie]. Blossom’s eldest brother Anthony, a paramedic, is a recovering drug addict. He married a black girl named Shelly and had a child named Nash Metropolitan. And Blossom’s grandfather, Buzz Richman is a free-spirit going through mid-life crisis. Blossom’s best friend is 13-year-old Six Dorothy Le Meure. She talks extremely fast and has a boyfriend named Vinnie Bonitardi.

RUTHERFORD, Fred & Clarence
(Leave It To Beaver)
( 433-6733
Mayfield, USA
Fred is Ward Cleaver's boss. He lives with his son, Clarence, a.k.a. "Lumpy," who is a friend to Wally Cleaver.

( 213-555-1678
c/o Pete Ryan & Frank MacBride
1019 Florida Street
Los Angeles, CA
Maggie Philbin is their secretary.

( 555-8300
c/o Riptide Detective Agency
Pier 56 Slip No. 7
King Harbor, Los Angeles, CA
Nick is a former Vietnam veteran turned private eye. His partner is Cody Allen. Their arsenal of gadgets included a motorboat called "Ebbtide," a pink helicopter dubbed "The Screaming Mimi," and a klutzy robot called Roboz created by electronic genius Murray "Boz" Bozinsky.

RYNNING, Captain Tom
(Twenty-Six Men)
Arizona Territory (early 1900s)
Tom is the captain of a police force of twenty-six men who maintained law and order in the turn-of-the-century Arizona Territory. His recruits included Ranger Clint Travis. Note: Historically, this group of "26" men was established by a legislative act of 1901. It consisted of one captain, one lieutenant, 4 sergeants and 20 privates.



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